• simple pleasures: field roast & hot sauce

    April 11th, 2008quarrygirlfield roast, products, stores, vp discount, whole foods

    i used to love the holiday season. i’d look forward to it all year long, not because of the silly holidays themselves, but because every november through january, i could go to my local health food store and stock up on the recently deceased unturkey.

    since the unturkey’s passing, i’ve unsuccessfully been searching for a substitute. now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with tofurky, and i do appreciate the fact that it’s everywhere. it’s just that unturkey set such a high standard, i can’t help but search for something better to replace it.

    luckily, this january i stumbled across the celebration roast at my favorite whole foods. i had a good feeling about it, and i was wise enough to buy 3 roasts, which were all gone within a month! while it’s still not quite as good as the unturkey, it comes pretty damn close!

    the catch is, celebration roast is made by a company called field roast, and in los angeles their products are very hard to come by. as of this posting, the whole foods in el segundo (the mother of all health food stores) is the only place i’ve been able to find them.

    i suggest you make a trip out there and grab anything field roast you can get your hands on. while they no longer have the celebration roast (DAMN!), they do have some really tasty vegan sausages. again, not to dog on tofurky, but these are just SO much better. if only they were more widely available. not even this massive whole foods heaven carries all the products on the field roast website, which i imagine are amazing as well.

    for now, i’ll just have to look forward to the holiday season and get by with my sausages. they make a great breakfast atop some potatoes and smothered in hot sauce.

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  • I’m glad you mentioned that because I’ve been wondering why I can’t find their products!

  • You can get these sausages at http://www.spud.com

  • They also sell the celebration roast 🙂 I just bought a bunch of stuff from their website.

  • I just purchased some italian flavor field roast sausages at erehwon today. Delish.

    I also just found your blog today. <3

  • The Whole Foods near me doesn’t have this kind of stuff or any vegan baked goods but surprisingly the deli does offer a number of vegan sandwich options. I tried a vegan hummus sandwich in Pasadena WF recently, it was great for a quick and simple lunch. Next time I will maybe add avocado to it also 😀

  • QFC sells this product in the chilled vegan section. It really is a great product. I love my meat products, and though no meatless product could ever replace a great rib eye from Jack’s Grill, I must admit the chipotle sausage and the classic meat loaf was amazingly tasty! I Highly recommend trying it!

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