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    April 4th, 2008quarrygirlpizza, tofutti

    it’s rough coming home from a gig late at night, half drunk and too lazy to cook. luckily, tofutti has it all taken care of for us.

    in 25 minutes max (that is, if you follow the “for the best results” instructions) you can have a crispy mouth-watering pizza, with MELTING vegan cheese ready to suit any occasion.

    i highly suggest you stop into a retailer that sells tofutti pizzas and pick up as many as you can! whole foods used to sell them, but as the years have gone by, i’ve watched tofutti products grow less and less prominent in major retailers. honestly, other than “better than cream cheese” and “cuties”, the brand is pretty much obsolete. that’s why when i happen to run across these pizzas, i buy as many as i can carry.

    they don’t look like much frozen, but after 25 minutes they crisp right up and turn into damn good vegan pizza.

    fuck follow your heart cheese. it’s got NOTHING on tofutti. tofutti cheese melts like the real thing, and if they sold it in blocks, i’d surely buy it and add it into/on top of everything i cook. additionally, tofutti has an uplifting and inspiring back-story. created by the beloved mintz the prince, this is definitely a company i’d love to see flourish.

    read all about it here.

    quarrygirl.com couldn’t recommend a better late night snack!

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  • I LOVE this pizza. Reminds me of my childhood of eating Ellio’s pizza. This pizza tastes almost EXACTLY like the real rectangle deal pizza. I love adding toppings to it and if I have some on hand, more vegan cheese!

    SO GOOD!

  • Never had this or even seen it in my local grocery stores!!

  • where did you buy this!? I just moved to LA and would love to know where to find tofutti pizza!

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