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    April 1st, 2008mr meanerhealth, vegan stuff

    I have a busy office life. There’s always some lunch meeting to sit through, usually with the requisite pizza, Quiznos, Chinese food or (horrors upon horrors) KFC being delivered to tide ‘us’ over. Compounding that, I rarely get the time to go out and pick up a healthy snack for lunch so I’m often left to my own devices. I’ve learned over the years that desk drawers can be put to much better uses than holding files and the usual crap (cell ‘phone chargers, staplers without staples, boxes of staples that don’t fit in the aforementioned stapler etc.).

    MY desk drawer (real picture):

    Vegan Desk Drawer

    …contains a life support system for the busy office vegan. The things that meat-eaters dread (carbs and sodium) don’t really matter to us vegans as much since we tend to be less fat and have lower blood pressure through a lack of meat intake.

    Cholula Bottle So, whenever I’m in Ralph’s or Wholefoods I buy 5-10 instant noodle pots, packets of miso soups and when I have the misfortune to visit Costco I buy the biggest bottle of Cholula sauce to pour all over them.

    My lunchtime ritual consists of ripping open a lid, pouring in hot water, adding a liberal helping of Cholula and enjoying a fast, easy, low-calorie (but not low-sodium, I caution) ‘meal’. It literally takes under a minute to prepare this food, and tastes surprisingly good.

    Many times, people in my meetings are jealous of my food, asking me where I got the noodles from and can they have some.

    I always say ‘no’. Just for the fun of it.

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  • I am trying to become vegan. I found your blog while I was browsing the vega. la.com last night, I went to the resturantthah you interduced reseda ca/ and I love that vegan cafe. There are not much vegan rest/cafe in SFV but I am trying to locate them. My cholestrol is high, therefore, fried food is like poisening to my body…….still love them…..thanks for the info again and ….I was wondering what is quarry girl means? I mean ur email addresss…lol.

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