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    March 31st, 2008quarrygirlquick meals, recipes

    i don’t like mondays! nothing is worse than waking up after 2 relaxing days filled with downtime, vegan meals, and alcohol, knowing it’s time to go to work and start a brand new week. luckily, today i knew i wouldn’t have to stress out about making dinner…i had all the ingredients on hand to make crescent pups, the perfect monday night meal that can be ready in minutes.


    tofu pups yum

    this is a really quick & easy recipe to make, and all the necessary ingredients have months of shelf-life. that being said, if you keep your fridge stocked, you can have crescent pups ready to go anytime as an impromptu appetizer, a hurried dinner, or an unexpected snack. they come in especially handy after weeknight gigs—-nothing beats coming home tired and half-drunk after rocking out and having pups to turn to.

    recipe after the jump…

    first, the ingredients! you’ll need:
    one package of 8 fake (vegan) hot dogs (i prefer tofu pups or smart dogs)
    one can of cooking spray
    one package of pillsbury crescent rolls (regular or reduced fat is fine, just be sure to double check the ingredients)
    cayenne pepper
    and of course, my favorite, frank’s hot sauce

    tofu pup ingredients

    now that you’ve got everything, set your oven to 375 degrees.
    spread some foil out onto a baking sheet and spray it with cooking spray.
    unwrap the whole package of pups and cut them in half, as shown.

    raw pup slice

    open the package of crescent rolls, and divide them into triangles along the perforated lines (there should be 8).
    roll one half-pup up inside each crescent.

    tofu pup rolling crescent

    and be sure to stretch the pastry to cover the entire pup! leave no pink exposed!

    wrapped raw pup

    when you have used up all the crescent triangles, line the 8 rolls along the tray (4 on each side).
    take the remaining pups and fit them onto the tray.
    almost time to bake! make sure the oven is ready!




    bake the pups for 6 minutes, then rotate them 180 degrees, and bake another 6 minutes.
    turn them again and bake for 3 minutes.
    now, depending on your oven, they may need another 3 minutes after that.
    in my oven they don’t. luckily, i get my pups golden-brown in just 15 minutes.
    just keep checking until the rolls look slightly crispy and not too burned, it may take a couple of tries to get this right.

    here are some pix of what a perfect pup looks like.




    lastly, enjoy your pups with the most expensive bottle of wine you have (treat yourself, this whole dinner costs like 7 bucks!) and some hot sauce, and be grateful that at least one thing didn’t suck this monday.

    remember, no matter how shitty your day is, if you keep your fridge stocked, you can be eating this in 20 minutes.

    have a great week.


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