• March 2nd, 2010quarrygirlproducts

    do homemade vegan ice pops made out of natural produce sound good to you? …then you are gonna love the popshop.

    the popshop specializes in delicious and guilt-free snacks that are available in select locations throughout los angeles. they recently sent me some of their goods to try, and i was straight up blown away by the intense and memorable flavors. the varieties i got to sample were chocolate peppermint, cranberry clove, avocado vanilla, and lime mint mojito. each pop was beyond tasty, but i must say my favorite was avocado vanilla. the creaminess of the two main ingredients mixed with the cold smooth ice was definitely a winning combo!

    from the popshop’s website:

    “Popshop pops are a 100% natural, guilt-free indulgence. They are handmade with organic sugar and seasonal farmers’ market produce. There are no preservatives or dyes, and absolutely no high-fructose corn syrup. All of our ice pops are vegan and non-dairy, and our wrappers are also compostable.”

    look for these beauties at little barn, figueroa produce, locali, and the coop. give them a try, i promise you won’t be sorry!

    oh, and don’t forget to follow the popshop on twitter!

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