• June 10th, 2010quarrygirlvegan bakers

    i’m happy to announce that there’s a new baked goods company on the los angeles scene, and it’s called merely “ingredients”. the small studio city-based business is run by shelley boyle, and produces amazing animal-free baked goods with simple healthy ingredients, as the name would suggest.

    shelley was kind enough to send me some of her treats to sample…and i was blown away by their deliciousness. she was also generous enough say she’d throw in a few sample bags of cookies to all quarrygirl readers who order from ingredients within a week of this post! but before you click away and start ordering massive amounts of sweets, check out what i tried.

    #3: almond butter, peanuts, and dark chocolate

    it’s worth noting that the snacks are numbered rather than named. ingredients explains the method to their madness on their website: “We might be considered an odd bunch, because we have an affinity for numerals. You know… those numbers that follow you wherever you go. Do you always look at the time when it is 12:34?? We’re those kind of people. So, when it came time to name our products, we gave them numbers instead. Essentially… if someone had a favorite treat, it was named from their favorite number. Who knows… maybe you’re like us and your number will be on a bag someday. You can always dream….” it’s a totally quirky and bizarre way to label the products, but i dig it! plus, on every bag there is a little personal story behind the number. so fun.

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