• vegan eats and ice cream at cool hand luc’s in fort myers

    October 1st, 2011brittanyflorida, more restaurants (not LA)

    i recently spent some time in fort myers, fl, visiting my parents. fort myers has pretty limited vegan options and i’d been to them all over the years. i was checkin’ around on my happycow app i found out about cool hand luc’s, a new ice cream shop/cafe that serves (GASP) vegan ice cream! i HAD to have it!

    i strolled on up to the ice cream case and one thing i noticed right off the bat – anything that HAS dairy is marked as having dairy. anything that is vegan is just labeled with the flavor. lovesssitttt. i got peanut butter, naturally. lemme tell you this: it was fucking delicious. super creamy and peanut-buttery. i’m even going to go so far as to say it’s better than local LA heroes, scoops. cool hand luc’s, why are you so far away from me?!

    my mom was hungry and decide to get the “burn after eating” – a pita stuffed with buffalo tempeh and vegan ranch.

    i had a bite and once again was impressed. i’m not sure if they make their own ranch or buy vegan ranch, but it was top-notch. the tempeh was also pretty fucking tasty. the meal seemed on the small side (i mean it was only $6) but it was fill-ing. it also came with a side of yummy hummus.

    the thing i liked about cool hand luc’s the most is… well, the ice cream, but i also liked that it didn’t feel like the typical fort myers establishment. anti-taco bell/pro-tomato pickers rights art lines the walls depicting what is really modern day slavery, there is a food not bombs donation box by the front door, they have bands play, stitch’n’bitch craft meet ups… increasing awareness AND it’s punk rock. AND they have amazing ice cream to back it up!

    cool hand luc’s
    2040 Collier Ave
    Fort Myers, FL 33901
    (239) 791 – 8666. Open 7 Days Noon – 9pm. [Map]

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  • I ate at Cool Hand Lucs last time I was in the fort. The ice cream and cookies were AMAZING- but the service we had was horrible and the ‘food’ was just blah to me.. but the ice cream is worth going for!

  • I grew up in Fort Myers. 13 years of time served. I don’t believe it.

    If I could go vegan in Florida and remain so for a couple of years, I can be vegan anywhere.

  • That vegan ice-cream looks great

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