• Vegan Chinese Food at Wok N Roll in Long Beach!

    September 21st, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, wok n roll

    hey dudes! time for a field report on vegan chinese food from a somewhat local spot, wok n roll in long beach. what?!?! how have i not eaten here? i go to LBC all the time, and this place wasn’t even on my radar until joel wrote to me about it. anyways, here’s what he said:

    Wok n Roll is easily my favorite spot in Long Beach, the city is a little lacking as I know you are aware. This place does something special; it’s a little vegan chinese fast food gem. Granted this place isn’t entirely vegan, they have a whole vegan-friendly vegetarian menu including ‘meat’ fried rice or chow mein, a couple of sandwiches, soups, and seriously THE BEST vegan chicken nuggets i’ve tried thus far.

    vegan chicken nuggets $6.69

    As for the main options, they pretty much can make you anything off their regular menu but vegan of course…

    vegan beef, vegetables, rice, vegan chow mein

    They use all vegan sauces and prepare all the vegan dishes in a separate part of the kitchen. It’s pretty awesome, I especially like the fact that the vegan food is prepared fresh to order and the real meat dishes just sit under a heat lamp, gross.

    I got a chance to talk to the owner not too long ago and it was great to hear that he is very proud of the vegetarian menu. He mentioned that when he first opened, the vegetarian menu only made up less than 5 percent of profits and now, it brings in more than 50 percent of profits! How awesome is that?! Long Beach has a relatively large Monk and Buddhist community, and he is determined to serve up meatless grub. Navigating a vegetarian menu can be pretty daunting when you’re a vegan, but word from Wok n Roll is that the “egg” rolls, veggie meats, chow mein, sandwiches, and nuggets are all vegan (dairy and egg free). Steer clear of the egg soup and wontons. (Please always specify that you’re vegan when ordering, just in case.)

    combo b: curry veggie chicken and curry garlic chicken with chow mein $7.99

    My relationship with chow mein was rekindled after I crossed paths with Wok n Roll and i love it! It was almost impossible to find it vegan. You can choose between Kung Pao Chicken/Beef, Broccoli Beef, Curry Chicken (one of my favs!), and Garlic Chicken just to name a few. This place takes me back, if you want to indulge on a massive amount of chinese food with no regrets other than you forgot to order the chicken nuggets.. GO NOW!

    Wok N Roll
    4756 East Pacific Coast Highway
    Long Beach, CA 90804-3241
    (562) 597-8783
    Open Daily 11am-9pm

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  • This looks freaking AMAZING!!!

  • You posted this at the perfect time!! I’m visiting some friends in Long Beach this weekend and we’ve been looking for things to do. 😛

  • where is the review for Happy Family Restaurant?

  • you should try secret spot in huntington beach!

  • Fantastic…I’m often just north of LBC (in Artesia) so I will stop by this place in future and try some of the vegan dishes.
    I already had dinner but now I’m hungry all over again looking at these pics haha:p

  • I have to say, this place isn’t so great. Go down the street to Sushi Studio and get some of their veggie rolls and a tofu salad.

  • I totally agree! I live right down the street from the one in Costa Mesa. The ambiance is pretty lacking, but they have a zillion menu items and friendly staff. I believe they are Buddhists, so they don’t cook with any onions or garlic, so some things might seem a little bland, but I think it’s all part of the experience!

  • Have you tried Udupi Palace? DROOL. I am obsessed.

  • The owners and staff at Wok n Roll are very knowledgeable. Every time i’ve been I order and then let them know I’m vegan and they are always happy and helpful. In addition to the above mentioned items, the fried rice has eggs in it, so when you order a combo (2 items) get either plain rice, brown rice, or chow mein.

    I don’t love everything I’ve had here, but the items that I enjoy are top notch. This isn’t healthy chinese food, this is TASTY chinese food that is very affordable. I’ve always felt confident that it is vegan as well, unlike at other chains, or unlike “vegan XXX” restaurants in LA.

    Bon Appétit!

  • Food looks good and I’m glad that this option exists for people, but man the food sure looks “heavy”. I can’t help but thinking “gut bomb” and early nap if I should eat a meal there. Thanks for sharing though!

  • Great job giving these guys some press… I used to live up the street many years ago while going to CSULB; I stumbled across the menu one day and couldn’t believe how delicious it was. The owner (and his two sons) have always been friendly and helpful, and EVERY dish I’ve ever had has been super delicious (and fresh).
    Keep up the good work, Quarrygirl!

  • I’ve eaten at this families restaurant for 20 years now and trust and enjoy the ever expanding menu. This family cares and it shows in taste and value. I can eat for about $6.00 and know I’m good to go…

  • Quoted: “They use all vegan sauces and prepare all the vegan dishes in a separate part of the kitchen. It’s pretty awesome, I especially like the fact that the vegan food is prepared fresh to order and the real meat dishes just sit under a heat lamp, gross.”
    Makes anybody wanna go VEGAN huh?

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