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    September 6th, 2011brittanyvegan events

    hey everyone! i’m so bummed i was outta town for FYF fest (aka LA’s best music event) this year, but our field reporter brittany was there and has your vegan wrap up. for more of her awesomeness, follow her on twitter and check out the daily kev. here ya go! -QG

    fyf fest finally happened after months of being tortured with an amazing line-up and dealing with emotional scarring from last year’s festivities. okay, that’s a TAD dramatic. last year was a total shitshow and it did make me question if going this year was worth it. but, i went, i saw some great performances, and i ate!

    first up was lunch from the yummy one truck. i saw the “bi bim burrito” on the menu and suddenly went from “eh i could eat” to “i’m fucking starving”. i ordered and was served faster than you can say… bi bim burrito.

    tofu bi bim burrito: mixed asian style salad with romaine lettuce, red onions, cilantro, tomato and cucumber with marinated tofu and sesame dressing.

    sadly this was a little underwhelming. it wasn’t BAD, it just a little on the bland side, even with the chili sauce. i’ve had a similar burrito from another korean food truck (the name escapes me, unfortunately), and that burrito was amazing. (QG note: brittany, how the hell could you forget an awesome vegan-friendly korean food truck? torture!) this one didn’t really compare, but it did keep me nice and full until my next meal several hours later…

    i saw the “try a plachinta!” sign from afar while scanning the food area for vegan options, and my immediate reaction was “WTF is a plachinta?” it wasn’t until a tweet from a fellow vegfriend also attending the show informing me of a vegan option that i actually went to investigate.

    plachinta is a romanian comfort food that involves stuffing stuff into flatbread. stuff like potatos and scallions! i was intrigued, so i got one with a side of beet salad.

    plachinta: roman flatbread stuffed with potato, paprika and scallion. served a salad of beets, carrots, red and green cabbage with orange cumin vinaigrette.

    this was pretty tasty. very flavorful but a little soggy, but that just allowed me to chew less. yep. i’m not sure how/where this stand pops up, but if you see it, i recommend it! (QG note: the plachinta joint is called anca’s romanian and you can follow them on twitter!)

    huge thanks to brittany for taking time from festivaling to send us a food report. and cheers to FYF fest for having loads of vegan options, along with the insanely awesome bands. already looking forward to FYF 2012! -QG

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  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Never heard of either of these items, good to know, thanks for the pics and info:D

  • I was at the FYF and that Romanian booth looked interesting since I’ve never had Romanian food. The other vegan options I saw were the Green Truck – vegan burger, Urban Green booth – hummus veggie wrap and jubilee quinoa chili, and Frysmith (I think?) in the VIP area. I thought Babycakes were supposed to have a booth since Erin’s niece is in Cults and they were there last year but I didn’t see them. I did see Clara, official or unofficial baker for No Age, but she wasn’t selling any food.

    Being super poor myself, I didn’t eat anything for the 13+ hours I was there but music has to take precedence over food. Well, the Ice Cream Man truck was giving away lots of Ben & Jerry’s and I got a Popsicle from them but it was pretty awful. I wouldn’t recommend the Airheads style Popsicle.

  • agree with the reviewer that this year’s event was much better than last year’s

  • “QG note: brittany, how the hell could you forget an awesome vegan-friendly korean food truck? torture!”

    i was really wasted at the time. i just remember the menu describing the burrito as being “edible rape”. come back to me, korean food truck!

  • britt, was that the night we left the verdugo and came back to my house to grub? i might have pictures somewhere….

  • that planchita was sooooo good!

  • planchita! that looks incredible. definitely gonna track some down.

  • edible rape is a stupid, gross, fratty thing to put on a menu

  • I know this is not the point of this post, but..I cant believe someone would market in such a disgusting way! Advertising something as edible rape implies that rape is something awesome and desirable. It also implies that people want to rape and therefore will love to experience it. Soo gross.

  • welcome to los angeles and a city filled with diverse cultures. edible rape is also known as green choy sum (a type of cabbage)

  • soooo, i found my pictures of that night and IT IS THE SAME TRUCK!!!! the yummy one! it appears they have changed their menu and/or were so busy that the food was not as tasty. i would be willing to try it again.

  • I just stuck with Green Truck because it’s usually hard get up front to even see what’s being offered, with the giant lines/crowds. I didn’t want to wait in a random line for 20 minutes before I could start asking vegan questions.

    Someday very soon I’ll have a magical, non-flip phone that gives me info about things…

  • Ever heard of rapeseed oil aka canola? Where the fuck do you think that comes from? Knee-jerk jackass.

  • I understand that QG commenters love to pick arguments with each other, but I think it’s pretty hard to defend a menu item called edible rape! It’s in poor taste, no matter how you look at it. And pulling the diversity card isn’t even relevant.

    I attended FYF fest and thought it was amazing, Girls especially! Someone above mentioned that they saw Clara from Clara’s Cakes in the crowd. I hope she decides to sell at FYF next year.

  • totally saw that coming. hahaha.

  • The plachinta folks are at the Echo Park Farmers Market nearly every Friday. They’re super nice and always have a vegan option. (When it’s chilly they make a swell bean soup).

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    This plachinta item, now that I think of it, looks somewhat similar to an Indian food we have, called a “parantha.” It can be made plain, but usually if you order it at an Indian cafe or deli, it will be stuffed with either potatoes (aloo) or cauliflower inside (gobi.) Or even sometimes grated white radish (we call this as “mooli”) and no matter what they put in it, it usually tastes quite delicious. My mom makes a vegan version of this that is extremely good. Anyway, just an FYI in case anyone was thinking to order the Indian style of this item. [This post is way too long, haha:p]

  • i thought it looked like paratha too! also, i always order aloo gobi, don’t like to separate the two.

  • I was at FYF both this year and last year. I had a lot of fun last year but i got an artist pass when i delivered shirts to Best Coast, so i didn’t have the problems everyone else did with bathrooms and such. This year i stayed mostly in the back stage areas, artist lounge and into VIP every once in a while.

    Altamont was a presenting sponsor of FYF and their trailer in the Artist lounge was awesome! Lots of vegan food there catered because No Age is vegan. I should have taken pictures but they had vegan pizza with Daiya, vegan bruschetta, lentil-eggplant salad, beet salad, barley-quinoa salad and other snacks. Two food trucks were in the artist area but none serving vegan items so FYF brought in these amazing vegan, chipotle-sized burritos that were vegan. I never found out who made them but they were excellent. Also they had tubs of ice-cold beer and a case of soju.

    I had to be there early to deliver shirts for two of the acts, and i ordered a beer while they were still setting up the VIP area. The one beer that looked to be about 10oz set me back $8 so at that point i decided i was going to just find the free beer and food. haha. But now i’m bummed i missed what else was out there. Next time i will venture out more for sure!

    If you go to the Toy Machine blog you will find a picture of Clara from Clara Cakes getting swallowed up by the crowed at the No Age set.

  • I dislike the festival trend of having most of the vegan food behind closed doors.

    Didn’t Coachella put a bunch of vegan stuff in the beer garden?

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