• souley vegan brunch is no more: moving from sundays to weekdays!

    August 23rd, 2011quarrygirlbay area, more restaurants (not LA)

    RIP souley vegan sunday brunch. it was fun while it lasted.

    i guess you can file this under bad news and potentially good news?! the incredible sunday brunch we ate at souley vegan in oakland recently was one of their last. according to an email from the owner, the restaurant has currently ceased brunch service, but they plan on re-introducing it soon on tuesday through saturday mornings. let’s hope this plan takes off quick, because souley’s brunch is one of the best on earth.

    we’ve already raved about the lunch options at souley (EPIC), and their brunch menu was/is just as stellar. they offered a la carte options as well as a build your own combo plate for ten bucks. we shared a whole bunch of stuff including the tofu breakfast sandwich…

    breakfast sandwich: scrambled tofu, vegan cheese and tomato on an english muffin with toast. $4

    the 4 item brunch combo with scrambled tofu, smothered tomatoes, and 2 orders of biscuits and gravy…

    4 item brunch combo. $10

    plus an order of grits…

    grits! $2

    holy jeez, everything was amazing. absolutely stunning. by far the best grits i’ve ever eaten, an insane tofu sandwich, and potatoes that are not to be messed with. my only complaint was that i wanted more gravy because it was so awesome. i wanted like a vat of it.

    we ate like kings for under 20 bucks, and i’m dying to go back.

    while souley has temporarily discontinued their brunch, look out for it in the future. and go eat at this place whenever you have the chance, it’s fantastic.

    check out our previous review for their lunch options. oh, and they serve booze! weeee!

    souley vegan
    301 Broadway
    (at 3rd St)
    Oakland, CA 94607
    Neighborhood: Jack London Square
    (510) 922-1615


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  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    All three of those pics–the breakfast sandwich, brunch combo and the grits plate–look delicious!!

  • That tofu thingy looks so good. I really hope they start up brunch service again soon.

  • How dare you post these pictures and then tell us the brunch is no longer available! What the hell is Souley thinking?

  • Why did this happen 1 week before my bay area trip? Devastated.

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