• vegan “black banquet” this thursday!

    August 17th, 2011quarrygirlvegan events

    well, well, well. of all the food events i’ve ever posted about on the blog, this one is definitely the most interesting! on thursday august 18th (that’s tomorrow!), chef joshua ploeg is cooking up a black banquet vegan feast for $25 per person.

    what exactly is a black banquet? joshua explained it to me via email…

    the challenge of course is to have it be that single color palette without it being a single taste palette! there will be a fog machine and weird costumes and other such goings-on.

    the feast will feature a menu of anarchic vegan ‎soul food including “black chicken” + mole, eggplant, ”caviar,” mashed beets + thistle gray-vy, “smutty” huitlacoche empanadas, trompette de la mort soup (“death soup”), prune poppers, chocolate “bombs,” “demon’s hair,””black sarcophagus,” and “earth beetles”… to drink: black russians.

    sounds pretty crazy, right? it will take place at the sancho gallery on sunset at 7pm, and you must RSVP to RSVP@SEANCARNAGE.COM to attend!

    here’s the facebook event page.


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