• vegan chicago au jus at native foods this weekend

    August 12th, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, native foods

    you just gotta love native foods! as if that restaurant isn’t already awesome enough, they’re always keeping it interesting with new and appetizing specials. this weekend, to celebrate their newly opened restaurant in the windy city, they’re giving californians a taste of the chicago dip au jus.

    thinly sliced native peppered seitan piled high on a freshly baked baguette smothered with homemade "giardinera extrordinaire," au jus, and native fries. $9.95

    this dish is featured regularly on the wicker park location menu, but it’s only gonna be available here on saturday and sunday (august 13th and 14th). don’t miss your chance to try this tasty lookin’ sandwich.

    check the native foods wesbsite for locations.


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  • i’m jealous you guys have the reuben and we don’t here in chicago! bummer man.

    i went to native foods the other day and just had a cupcake (we were getting vegan pizza afterwards at the boiler room). it was amazing! i can’t wait to go back again since i live so close!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Very appetizing

  • I hope this one is better than the Native Food au jus sandwich of old. It was a pretty bland, unadorned roast beef sandwich, and the dip was straight-up soy sauce.

  • Looks yummy! Think I need to make a trip.

  • agreed. it was so bad, i forgot it was ever on the menu.

    thanks for the heads up, qg!

  • Just had it in Westwood and it was awesome! Got it with sweet potato fries and a chai tea. Mmmmmm mmmmm 🙂

  • Are you talking about the California French Dip. That was the best thing on the menu!

  • I’m glad you liked it, but I thought it was the worst thing there.

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