• mohawk bend opens today at 5pm, and the vegan menu is insane!

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    UPDATE 8/12: the s’mores mohawk are now vegan! they make the graham crackers in house w/o honey. eat it up.

    UPDATE 8/2: turns out the graham crackers that come with the s’mores contain honey, but mohawk is seeking a vegan alternative. GRRRRRR.

    today is the day we’ve all been waiting for: mohawk bend in echo park is opening this evening! since the restaurant/bar announced that they’d have over 70 craft beers on tap and a 60% vegan menu, we’ve been tracking their progress with eager anticipation.

    72 craft beers to choose from.

    a couple weeks ago, we attended a press event to scope out the mohawk’s epic restored restaurant space and to whet our appetite for their local and seasonal cuisine…and a few days after that, we got the chance to sample even more vegan items from the menu. we’ve been waiting to share our second meal with you until mohawk announced an opening date, and fortunately they’ve decided to open tonight! here’s a look at some of the great dishes you can expect to find at echo park’s new vegan hot spot:

    tony’s favorite casserole: polenta, leeks, broccoli, vegan cheese

    i can see why this casserole is tony’s favorite—filled up with creamy polenta, roasted vegetables, and two types of vegan cheese, it’s served piping hot and is absolutely delicious.

    the vegan burger at mohawk is one of the best in town…

    v is for vegan: housemade quinoa and lentil burger on grilled rustic bread, avocado, grilled onions, romaine, basil. served with housemade pickle and horseradish slaw.

    the homemade quinoa and lentil patty is served on grilled bread with avocado, onions, basil, and vegan mayo.

    sera’s signature cauliflower with turmeric, herbs, pine nuts

    we’d had the cauliflower before, and it was just as good the second time around. tiny roasted florets coated in herbs and topped with pine nuts, the perfect amount of flavor and crunch.

    salad daze: avocado and lemon dressed lettuces on zucchini, caramelized onion and aioli

    on our first trip to mohawk, we tried their pizza with vegan cheese, which was excellent. this time we went with the cheeseless vegan option: the salad daze. this pizza comes topped with a generous amount of avocado, lemon-coated lettuces, zucchini, caramelized onion and creamy aioli. the cheese wasn’t even missed!

    vanilla bean daiquiri: charbay tahitian rum, housemade vanila bean syrup, fresh lime

    after dinner, i tried out one of mohawk’s signature cocktails—the vanilla bean daiquiri. i’m not much of a cocktail person in general, but this thing blew me away. the housemade vanilla bean syrup was stunning, and not overly sweet. i’d definitely order it again.

    vegan s'mores

    we finished off our meal with an order of vegan s’mores—one of the most memorable desserts i’ve ever eaten. it came with warmed graham crackers, toasted gelatin-free marshmallows, and hot fudge made with organic santa barbara chocolate. absolutely stunning!

    seriously, get over to mohawk ASAP. it’s the new best place to eat and drink in los angeles.

    Mohawk Bend
    2141 West Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026
    they officially open at 5pm, monday august 1st!
    according to mohawk on twitter, they won’t be open for lunch for another few weeks…but soon they should be open 7 days a week for lunch, dinner, and late night eats.

    PS: As a public service, we’ve taken the time to post all the vegan items on the menu for your benefit…just so you can start planning your first meal at Mohawk. You’re welcome!

    Fire Roasted Artichoke two aiolis, red wine, meyer lemon and mint
    Fire-Kissed Vegetables
    Sera’s signature cauliflower with turmeric, herbs, pine nuts
    Potatoes, caramelized onions, roast garlic cloves, olive oil, sea salt and chili flakes
    Roasted Roots: Nantes carrots, radishes, dill
    Cazuelas: Little Casseroles
    Tony’s Favorite: polenta, leeks, broccoli, vegan cheese
    Grilled House Rustic Bread spicy white bean topping
    Herbed Flatbread with
    Sonoma olive oil, sea salt and dukkah / black-eyed pea hummus / California olive tapenade / peperonata / spiced roast eggplant
    Matchstick Potatoes togarashi or rosemary gremolata (ed note: i have no clue what that means!)
    Today’s Soup
    Add a Daiya and truffle olive oil sandwich
    The Local mixed leaves, Farmer’s Market vegetables, toasted pepitas, lemon-maple vinaigrette
    The Flash Gordon flash-grilled Little Gem lettuce, citrus, avocado, dill dressing, ume pickled onions
    Keenwah organic quinoa, shallots, herbs, romaine, wild arugula, pistachios
    JJ Kale salad served raw OR warm with garlic and chili, balsamic vinaigrette, topped with julienned jicama.
    Pub Grub
    V is For Vegan housemade quinoa and lentil burger on grilled rustic bread, avocado, grilled onions, romaine, basil. Served with housemade pickle and horseradish slaw.
    Squash and Chips tempura kabocha squash, potato slices, carrots and peppers, yuzu ponzu
    Holy Trinity (vegan option) tomato sauce, basil, vegan mozzarella
    Salad Daze avocado and lemon dressed lettuces on zucchini, caramelized onion and aioli
    C’est Cheese (vegan option) vegan cheese trio
    Bitter and Twisted (vegan option) rapini, lemon zest, garlic, chili flakes
    Abe Farmer housemade seitan sausage, peppers, fennel, vegan mozzarella
    A Beer in Provence (vegan option) caramelized onions…

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  • Do Want! WooHoo!

    The Salad Daze is calling to me (I’ve been on a serious avocado kick lately) as are the burger and that daquiri!

  • Looks so yummy!!!! Wish I had childcare in place so that I could indulge in all these awesomeness.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    ^ I was thinking that the Salad Daze looks really good too (huge avocado fangirl here.)
    And I want to try the vegan s’mores as well, those sound delicious.

  • I called them just now (8:09PM), and the message says they are not open. Hmmm…Maybe they haven’t changed the message yet?

  • Wow! Thank you QG, I live in Silverlake and walked over tonight. Amazing food and service and beer. I have a new favorite restaurant.

  • They are definitely OPEN. I live around the corner and they made parking an absolute nightmare last night. I am still pretty excited about their opening though because everything sounds soooo amazing! Although i hope the parking issue isn’t a regular occurrence for us folks that live around here. Please, please use the meters on Sunset. They are FREE after 6p and me and the rest of my neighbors will be so appreciative. We would use them too, but you’re not supposed to park down on Sunset overnight, so they’re not really an option for residents. 🙂

  • found out last night the graham crackers are currently NOT vegan (made with honey), but they’re working on it

  • The Vegan Burger was AMAZING! In fact, everything we ate was incredible: the Salad Daze, artichoke and casserole were all great. will definitely be eating here many times in the future. And as has been reported: INSANELY GIGANTIC BEER LIST!!!

  • that is so frustrating!!! especially since they were called “vegan s’mores”. ugh.

  • they’re working on it? just order the vegan grahams from vegan essentials, its not brain surgery


  • I went there tonight (Tuesday), their second night open. I loved the ambiance. The Abe Farmer pizza rocked, and the s’mores were amazing (sorry, I do eat honey, but I’d rather have graham crackers without honey — but our server DID warn us when we ordered the smores about the honey). However, the V is for Vegan burger was really small and unfilling, and our fries were brought out cold TWICE! The manager apologized personally about the cold fries (which she didn’t have to do, but did anyway) and took them off our bill. I found it a little irking that the servers kept trying to clear plates from our table, even when they had food on them. But, overall, good restaurant, glad I got to try it out on their second night open.

  • Nabisco makes honey free graham crackers, just get the original in the red box. Keebler also makes honey-free graham’s original and chocolate. So, I can’t imagine it being to hard for them to find some.

  • Meters by the Mohawk go until 8.

  • I would assume “working on it” probably means they’re ordering it.

  • Beer menu is great. I’m going back to try the pizza, for sure, but yeah, I found the servings to be a bit small and honestly, while they were good, it wasn’t anything I’d rush to have again (Tony’s Favorite Caserol and the potato things).

  • How late is their kitchen open on the weekends, does anybody know?

  • My sentiments exactly. The food was fairly tasty, but nothing better than stuff I’ve made at home. Also my stomach was totally growling less than an hour later. Beer menu IS awesome; I guess I need to think of this place as a bar more than restaurant.

    Still happy to have them in the neighborhood.

  • don’t worry, the graham crackers are going to be made from scratch soon, this week most likely. no honey added, so don’t fret!

  • any scoop on which DRINKS are vegan?

  • they almost all are. if it isn’t, it has a little “NV” next to it.

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