• you can go to chicago with native foods!

    July 25th, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, native foods

    with 7 locations and counting, a commitment to house-made ingredients, an impressive bottled craft beer selection, and a rotating menu of ridiculously appetizing specials, it’s no wonder that native foods is our favorite fast-casual vegan restaurant in southern california.

    well now it looks like midwesterners can get into the fun, because native foods is expanding to chicago with THREE locations opening up over the next few months…and the first one is scheduled for august 8th! to celebrate this joyous event, native foods is offering up a FREE TRIP TO CHICAGO for you and a friend with FREE FOOD, A FREE HOTEL ROOM, BONUS SPENDING $$$, and LOLLAPALOOZA TICKETS! all you gotta do is…

    “like” native foods on facebook AND post a comment on the native foods wall about why you love them and why they should select you.

    my advice is: get creative! kiss butt! post a video, drawing, organize a sing-a-long and turn it into a viral video…whatever! do it! the contest ends on july 30th at 5pm PST.

    here’s the official flyer:

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