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    July 22nd, 2011quarrygirlcruzer pizza, LA restaurants

    just a few updates for you folks regarding cruzer pizza in los feliz, LA’s only vegan pizzeria!

    we’ve got their new whereabouts for this weekend, details on their frozen pizzas, and a reminder of what you already know…

    1.) cruzer is going to be selling pizzas this weekend at the 18th annual los feliz village street fair on sunday july 24th from 11am – 10pm. the fair takes place on hollywood blvd between vermont and hillhurst, so definitely check it out. there will be beer and wine gardens, bands, arts and crafts, rides, and most importantly cruzer VEGAN PIZZA!

    2.) you can now find frozen cruzer pizzas at viva la vegan grocery store in rancho cucamonga. if you haven’t been to socal’s only all vegan grocery store yet, you need to get over there. i still haven’t been, but from what i hear i’m really missing out! now in addition to a load of vegan clothing and grocery products, they also carry the kima, pepperoni, meat, and philly cheese cruzer pizzas.

    3.) cruzer pizza is awesome—they are the only 100% vegan pizza place in california, and their food is AMAZING. they’re under new management, and they keep getting better and better. plus, the quarrygirl pizza ROCKS. go order that if you haven’t already! it’s named after me, and it’s got loads of mushrooms, field roast sausage and garlic sauce. you won’t be sorry.

    cruzer pizza
    hit them up this weekend at the los feliz village street fair
    get their frozen goods at viva la vegan
    and order pizza at their restaurant:
    4449 prospect avenue
    los angeles CA 90027
    monday-saturday 11am-11pm
    sunday 11am – 10pm


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  • Cruzer is amazing. I like going in there and doing a “build your own” – the staff are so helpful and always give me good advice.

    So glad this place exists!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Good news

  • Someone should alert Cruzer to the Veg News debacle because their website most definitely has a REAL pizza on the main page. And I assume the pepperoni’s as well, but who knows?

    I don’t totally care, but there’s no way I’d order a vegan pizza and it would look like the one on….


  • Their pizza is amazing, and it is vegan. The street fair was great. I was able to try a slice of almost every pizza they have which is impossible in the store since you have to buy a whole pizza. Philly, Meat, Margherita, Hawaiian, BBQ Chicken, Quarrygirl, Kima, Cheese, Veggie were all there. The tent next door had great vegan tamales too. I expected more vegan options at other food tents but that was about it.

  • Ugh, I wish East Lansing had more vegan pizza!

  • You’re right, that’s definitely not a Cruzer pizza. So stupid. They obviously HAVE pictures of their own stuff, because they’re inserted on top of the fake picture.

  • cruzer vegan pizza is looks nice! Their pizza is amazing, and it is vegan. The street fair was great.

  • We just finally got around to trying out Cruzer pizza for the first time and WOW! I believe it was the best vegan pizza I have ever had:)

  • The food is alright but they have messed up my order twice without following thru with correcting it. First time they promised to deliver the missing item but never showed up or called. Today they angrily blamed me for the mistake then hung up on me when I complained. I can’t eat food made by folks with such angry energy even if it is tasty. Don’t want all that anger in me. Sorry, I won’t be back.

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