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    July 19th, 2011quarrygirlvegan events

    UPDATE 7/20: the first urban food crawl on 8/20 is officially sold out! wow! no worries though, it’s a weekly event and they are now selling tickets through october. i suggest you pick a date and act fast. this is a popular event!

    well now, this is exciting! there’s a new vegan adventure in town, and it’s called urban food crawl. the group plans to give weekly meat-free eating tours around the city, and the first one is on august 20th in downtown LA.

    this actually sounds really freaking cool. a great excuse to try new food, meet new people, and explore our city. they haven’t disclosed the menu for the first tour yet, but here’s what one of the organizers has to say about it…

    We’re going to start weekly tours August 20th, and the tour will be about three hours long, stopping at six different locations. The price includes all of the food, and tour attendees will also have the option to purchase any beverages themselves if they would like (a few of the stops will have excellent cocktails and craft beer available). Also, we are giving away vegan goodie bags to all of the tour attendees on the first tour. They will be packed with lots of vegan candies and snacks, and will be a great gift for our first tour attendees on August 20th.

    During the tour, we’re going to have a wide range of different vegan food from both establishments that are fully vegan, and places that have both vegan and non-vegan options–tour attendees will try lots of diverse
    dishes, including vegan menudo and artisan pizza. We are still finalizing our menu details, so we are not revealing the full lineup of eateries at this time. Tour attendees will get to enjoy a variety of delicious vegan food, all while exploring beautiful Downtown LA!

    sign me up! walking around, eating a wide variety of vegan food, drinking craft beer and cocktails…? sounds like the perfect saturday afternoon.

    tickets are $65 (which is a pretty good deal for food at 6 locations!), and you can purchase them here.
    for more info, check out the urban crawl website.

    yay for more vegan events in LA!

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