• mendocino farms vegan sandwich summer showdown!

    July 18th, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, mendocino farms

    starting today and running through the rest of the summer our favorite LA sandwich shop, mendocino farms, is having a vegan sandwich showdown!

    the vegan spicy soyrizo is battling it out with the vegan shawarma to see who will get a spot on the permanent mendo menu.

    it’s up to you guys, so go buy whichever sandwich you prefer of any of the 3 mendocino farms locations. the restaurant will be reporting results on their facebook page, so we can all follow along and track the winner. fun!

    i’m actually a huge fan of both sandwiches, and i’m not gonna tell you which one i prefer…because i don’t wanna influence the results. this needs to be a fair fight!

    if you haven’t tried these sandwiches yet, be sure to hit up mendocino over the next few weeks and get them both because one of them won’t be sticking around!

    here are the menu descriptions of each sandwich to help you decide:

    The Vegan Spicy Soyrizo & Black Bean Wrap: spicy vegan soy-chorizo with black beans, vegenaise, red onions, cilantro, fresh jalapenos, tomatoes and shredded romaine on a grilled honey wheat tortilla wrap** (vegan tortilla available on request) $7.95

    Vegan Shawarma: Mediterranean chickpea shawarma, with a bean puree, vegan tzatziki, red onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, and shredded romaine on a grilled honey wheat tortilla wrap** (vegan tortilla available on request) $9.25

    **obviously, request the vegan tortilla when you order! why mendocino farms puts a “vegan” sandwich in a honey wrap is beyond me! i heard a couple months ago that they’d be phasing out the vegan tortillas…if that’s the case, get your sandwich on a ciabatta roll. trust me, the rolls are awesome.

    may the best sandwich win!

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  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Both sound very good

  • I went to the Mendocino Farms in the Marina a few weeks ago because I’ve seen it mentioned on here a few times and I was under the impression it was a vegan-friendly spot. Well, not so much.

    The employees approach you to take your order as soon as you enter. I told the very friendly woman that I was a vegan. She kind of made a face and said, “Oh, the only vegan item is the Soyrizo Black Bean Wrap.” I said, “I thought you had a bunch of stuff.” She said no. I said, “Is there stuff that can be modified to be vegan?” She said, “No, not easily, you’d have to take out so many ingredients from anything else.” She was VERY discouraging about attempting to do this.

    Then another employee overhearing this chimed in with “Some of our salads are vegan.” Well, I came for a sandwich. Not a salad. And not even a wrap. A sandwich. On bread.

    Turns out I went to the wrong place. I wind up getting a couple of their salads, which were both very good, but there are a lot of places with salads that work for vegans. And while the salads were, like I said, good, they certainly didn’t justify what may be the worst parking lot in the county.

    That said, the shawarma sounds tempting. Wish I’d have know about it Saturday, the only day when that parking lot probably wasn’t a complete and utter nightmare.

  • oh no! i’m sorry to hear you had a less than stellar experience. sometimes they only have one vegan sandwich, but i’ve been when they’ve had up to 3! they are all really good, too.

    also, in the salads case they usually have vegan pasta, vegan potato salads, vegan chili etc.

    if you go to the MDR location, parking is super easy. 🙂

  • Okay, I think i’ll have to go back and try the shawarma. You’re rarely wrong. And thanks for doing all you do.

  • I’ve never been to mendocino farms, but if I had to choose just from the descriptions, I’d go with the soyrizo wrap. I love mexican inspired food, and I love hot & spicy food. I also LOVE shwarama, but shwarama just isn’t shwarama to me if it doesn’t contain some kind of mock meat in it.

  • eep! now i’m nervous! i hope you enjoy the sandwich. 🙂

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