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    here in los angeles vegan cookies and cupcakes are super easy to come by, but vegan donuts are a bit more elusive. it’s a crime! donuts are the perfect junk food—they’re sugary, often fried, and covered in frosting—and vegans deserve the chance to indulge. this is why i’m super jealous of people who live in the bay area, pepples vegan donuts are everywhere! the main “donut farm,” as they call it, is based in oakland…but pepples treats can be found in oodles of locations from berkeley to santa cruz.

    pepples vegan donuts!

    on a recent trip to SF i hit up the pepples stall in the ferry building, and had a rough time deciding what to order. they had loads of flavors on hand including salted caramel, orange creamsicle, and matcha green tea to name a few…not to mention a whole tray of FRITTERS!! i’m a self-proclaimed chocoholic though, so when i saw that they had a chocolate covered “chocolate cookie flavor,” i knew i had to have it.

    chocolate cookie donut. $2.50

    this thing was so damn delicious…it made me remember how much i love donuts, and i rarely get a chance to eat them. it was a cake style donut, and the inside was all moist and luscious. the frosting was top notch as well, an all around perfect treat.

    i can’t wait to get back to the ferry building and try all the different flavors. if you’re addicted to sweets like i am, definitely seek out pepples next time you’re in the bay area. you won’t be sorry!

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  • Why didn’t you list any of the LA options for the n00bs? Babycakes NYC (baked donuts), Amanda’s Bakery & Cafe (fried and baked donuts)

  • The Philz coffee one’s are delicious with my favorite being the chocolate coconut. I’ve heard the salted caramel is fantastic, but alas I’ve never visited them at the ferry building.

  • We just took a trip up to Berkeley/Oakland during 4th of July weekend. We did a veg tour of the area (Flacos, Pepples, No Worries, Saturn, Herbivore, Cinnaholic), and we thought that Pepples Donut Farm were some of the best vegan donuts we’ve ever had. We loved their great flavor combinations.

  • I love Pepples Donuts! I can’t help but try one (or several) whenever I’m in the Bay Area. Tried brunch last weekend–tofu scramble with toast, blueberry pancakes, coffee, and of course, a donuts–which was tasty, too. 🙂

  • A baked donut isn’t a donut in my book. It’s just cake.

  • $2.50? Really? Someone in California needs to take a page from Ronald’s in Las Vegas – real donuts, indistinguishable from every donut shop anyone else around, $0.75 each, and with dozens of vegan options.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    We need a huge vegan donut shop in Los Angeles. Preferably close to Pasadena since that’s where I’m located, hehehe:D

  • The vegan tax. There really is no reason for a donut to cost $2.50, other than the fact that they know they have us by the balls.

  • If you want vegan doughnuts go to Amandas Bakery in West Hills, she even has a maple bacon flavor, they are awesome!!

  • Amanda’s Bakery makes great donuts, you don’t have to travel to freaking bay are for that. I’m not sure why these people have theirs at $2.50!!! what the hell is in these fried dough? golden soy bean!!!.

  • This review doesn’t mention it but after looking at their website it says all the donuts are 100% organic which adds some to the price. They also use fresh, seasonal fruit. In your typical small donut shop they’re made assembly line style and sold in the same building so it’s kind of like buying them wholesale.

    From the information on their site they have raised donuts on weekends too.

  • Also, Madeleine Bistro had a donut on the menu when they were open (a real, non-baked one.)

    If you’re planning on going all the way out to Amanda’s Bakery make sure you go on the right day because they only have donuts on Saturday and Sunday.

  • I don’t understand all the people coming here going, why didn’t you mention such and such LA bakery? This is a post on a SF place, and QG has mentioned both Amanda’s and Babycake’s in other posts. Do you guys work at Amanda’s or something? I feel like a bunch of people commented about Amanda’s on the No Udders post as well. Suspicsious if you ask me!

  • I know this is completely my choice, but it’s gonna take a lot more than donuts to get me to make a trek to the west valley.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Agreed. There’s a theater that plays Bollywood movies a few blocks over on Fallbrook, which is why I’m in the area occasionally. Plus FYH is in the vicinity as well.
    Otherwise, yea, it’s a bit of a drive from Pasadena.

  • Ha… No..i dont work at Amanda’s… I actually just eard about them 2 weeks ago. She has a lot of options that other places in LA dont have like fried doughnuts. I know its a long drive BUT its coser than SF! Its just a recommendation, if you didnt want to drive that far. Totally nothing against any awesome bakery in SF 🙂

  • You must get the salted caramel donut from Pepples. It is a piece of heaven.

  • I don’t think anyone’s driving to San Francisco JUST for donuts. It’s more of an “if you’re in the area thing”.

    And honestly, I “just happen to be in the area” in San Francisco a lot more often than I “just so happen to be in” the valley. Funny, when you compare the distances, but true.

  • BabycakesNYCLA has the most amazing donuts and they are MUCH cheaper and FAR bigger then pepples.

    I love the babycakes donuts. they are available everyday and I usually buy 2 to 3 to gobble down on my lunch break.

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