• green leaves’ new restaurant, sea minor! pescatarian/seafood/vegan/with real chicken…whatever that means.

    July 13th, 2011quarrygirlrants

    oh, green leaves, you never cease to boggle our minds! for those of you readers not familiar with the history of the dishonest establishment, i’ll make a long story short. green leaves is a “vegan” thai restaurant in los feliz. for ages, they blatantly lied to people about using vegan cheese (suspicions date back to 2008, see the review by happycow user brittany). when we proved that they were deceiving customers by passing off real dairy as vegan, they threatened to sue us. since then, they’ve been under scrutiny by the los angeles health department for displaying an ostensibly bogus “truth-in-menu” certification.

    cut to a few months ago. green leaves opened a new vegetarian restaurant on melrose and vine called green loves. basically a new outlet with the same menu and decor as the original restaurant. i guess that didn’t really work out for them—they reinvented themselves a pescatarian restaurant called sea minor…a pescatarian restaurant that serves real chicken, and specializes in vegan and vegetarian food. huh? i mean, have you ever seen such a confusing restaurant description?

    photo credit: queerveganrunner

    the online menu is even more baffling. they’ve got real shrimp, real calamari, real chicken (that’s not pescatarian!), soy chicken, real cheese served with soy ranch, fake crab with real cheese, and so many more nonsensical combinations that i can’t be bothered to type out. i called the restaurant to confirm—the chicken and seafood is real. but they do have some vegan stuff.

    hey, maybe this is a step forward for the green leaves crew. at least they’re ADMITTING that they sell animal products, instead of labeling everything as vegan like they’ve done for years!

    either way, i’ll be avoiding this place along with all of their other past and future establishments.

    special thanks to our friend who let us know about this, and to Aj from QueerVeganRunner for sending us the menu pic!


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  • This is the place that has a million buzzwords plastered all over the building: “Vegan! Vegetarian! Pescatarian! Gluten-free!” You name it.

  • I mean, if you want to reinvent your business as a pescetarian restaurant, that’s fine. But, um, chicken isn’t isn’t pescetarian.

    We shouldn’t be surprised, though, because they couldn’t figure out what “vegan” meant when they were Green Leaves Vegan Restaurant, either.

  • I just hope it’s Vegan Pescetarian Jumbo Shrimp. I don’t want any confusion…

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    I are confuzzled. What is this?!

    Too much for me and the one brain cell I’ve got left to figure out.

  • these people are such fucking IDIOTS.

  • We ate at Green Loves a couple of days before it changed to Sea Minor. I wish I would have done my research first. We had planned on going to Cafe Gratitude that night, but the line was out the door. So as we drove to find something else, we noted the gluten-free and vegan sign on Green Loves and decided to try it out.

    Once inside, we were very confused by the menu. There were gluten items AND eggs on the menu, even though the sign clearly stated “vegan” and “gluten-free”. But we stayed and ate anyways. Upon leaving, I began to experience a horrible stomachache that continued the entire night. I have not idea what I ate, but I had made sure when I ordered that the waitress knew I was vegan and gluten-free. Now things are making more sense, since reading this post!

  • i bet they do great, that pretty much sums up the ordinary idiots understanding of veganism. welcome to Idiocracy.

  • Sea Minor is the dumbest idea ever.

  • loathesome scammers. they know exactly what they’re doing. profiting off folks who don’t know or aren’t yet understanding what veganism is, BUT DECIDE TO GIVE IT A TRY because they see a sign that says “Vegan”. OManipulative & dishonest advertising, cheating) Then these folks are unsuspectingly fed the exact same crap that gives diabetes & cancer in the first place. Except they don’t know it, and walk out duped. green leaves or whatever they call themselves (sheisters!) are unscrupulous and shoul be ashamed. Thanks for continuing to expose their predatory asses and keep spreading the word some more more more!

  • one thing that they did lock down was a stellar logo that makes total sense.

  • if it wasn’t so disgusting, it would be hilarious. but sadly people will be confused by a sign advertising “vegan” food and may mistakenly – through very little fault of their own – eat something that is direct violation of their moral and ethical principles. gaaah!!!

  • hahahaha. Also, Sea Minor is a terrible restaurant name.

  • I’m starting to take over GL couple weeks ago.
    and i had an experience from restaurant for over 22 years. we known that you guys disppoint us for putting the VEGAN on the menu. and we’re very sorry and it will be removed from SeaMinor’s next printing menu. but we will be countinue serving vegetarian, seafood,and chicken(we serve it for special only). but i guarantee that every our ingredients is VEGAN. and again you have the right to come investigate our ingredients at anytime.

  • This ought to be good.

    In 3… 2… 1…

  • bahahahahahahaha!

  • “I’m starting to take over GL couple weeks ago.”

    Sounds good! I’ll come in a couple weeks when you started to take over. See you then?

  • Today I met a “I’m only vegan when I’m at home. Otherwise I’ll happily eat chicken” vegan (don’t try to figure it out, I think I had smoke coming out of my ears after he approached me because he heard I was “also” vegan. Sigh). I bet he’d love this restaurant!

  • Winny, if you’ve worked in the usa for 22 years, why don’t you speak English? Also do you understand what vegan means?

  • Mocking his language ability is needlessly petty and more than a bit ignorant. There are plenty of things to legitimately criticize about this situation, his English skills are not one of them.

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