• the 2011 LA vegan beer fest

    June 27th, 2011quarrygirlvegan events

    on saturday we teamed up with our pals from tony’s darts away and the roxy to present the second LA vegan beer fest, and it was a blast! attendees enjoyed unlimited pours of craft beer from breweries such as stone, deschutes, eagle rock, north coast, and many more…live music from great local bands…and a huge selection of vegan food from doomie’s, seabirds, mandoline grill, fresh fries, veg it up, the frankenstand, the mad kettler, and luscious organic desserts.

    we’ve got loads of photos from the event, so sit back and enjoy. if you didn’t make it to the vegan beer fest this time around, seriously don’t miss the next one! doomie himself was wandering the fest dressed up like a rabbit and showing off his new vegan corn dogs. here’s a photo of him taken by little vegan planet

    doomie with a vegan corndog! photo by little vegan planet

    …and the vegan corn dogs were amazing!

    vegan corn dog by doomie's

    special doomie's menu for the LA vegan beer fest

    poquito potito by doomie's: mashed potatoes, cheese, bacon and green onions deep fried in a chimichanga. $2

    doomie's chilichanga: hot dog, chili, cheese and bacon deep fried as a chimichanga. $2

    mac n cheese from doomie's. $3

    below is another photo from little vegan planet. he wanted to take a picture with as many vegans as possible, and this lady heard about his mission from her daughter who follows me on twitter. how crazy, right?! technology!

    LA vegan beer fest with little vegan planet

    there was more awesome vegan food than we could keep track of…

    the frankenstand servin' up gourmet franks

    beer battered avocado tacos by the seabirds truck! these sold out, naturally.

    salsa burrito bowl from seabirds truck

    pourin' beers at LA vegan beer fest

    crowd hangin' out in the roxy beer garden

    the official shirt of the LA vegan beer fest!

    vegan shrimp chips from mandoline grill

    tofu banh mi from mandoline grill, one of the best sandwiches ever

    spring rolls from mandoline grill

    tofu taquitos from mandoline grill

    crowd chillin' in the food area

    the mowgli's on stage

    vegan cheese burger from the veg it up truck

    vegan burger from the veg it up truck

    philly cheesesteak from veg it up (they ran out of bread, so were serving these on buns)

    fresh fries!

    lots of kettle corn from the mad kettler

    kory from lovelikebeer.com!

    coolin' down with some luscious desserts in the VIP lounge

    the world famous roxy stage

    all tapped out!

    those are all the photos we took at the ‘fest…but we’ve gathered some more from around the net, starting with a few from our co-organizer nic adler.

    settting up at the roxy by nic adler

    loading in the food trucks by nic adler

    getting ready with the frankenstand by nic adler

    the frankenstand by nic adler

    cheers! by nic adler

    the mowgli's! by nic adler

    the crowd at the LAVBF by nic adler

    the drink eat travel crew was also at the LA vegan beer fest. check out their re-cap for some awesome photos and a video of the mowgli’s playing to the outdoor crowd. epic. here are a few of the shots from DET…

    fest organizers tony and nic, photo by drink eat travel

    killer live music at the LA vegan beer fest, photo by drink eat travel

    local beer buddies david stickel and hopheadjim, photo by drink eat travel

    becky bartkowski from metromix palm springs got a slew of great shots. here are a few of our favorites from her gallery.

    on the rox VIP lounge by becky bartkowski, metromix

    the stinky pinky at fresh fries by becky bartkowski, metromix

    grubbin! by becky bartkowski, metromix

    more fresh fries goodness by becky bartkowski, metromix

    team frankenstand by becky bartowski, metromix

    the doomie's table by becky bartkowski, metromix

    amelia's framboise cupcakes by becky bartkowski, metromix

    aj from queer vegan runner was also at the LA vegan beer fest, and she got some great snaps of her food and beverages…

    queer vegan runner and doomie!

    mandoline grill banh mi by queer vegan runner

    mandoline grill nachos by queer vegan runner

    coconut porter by queer vegan runner

    north coast brews by queer vegan runner

    seabirds beer battered avocado tacos by queer vegan runner

    …and lastly from QVR, seabirds’ bbq jackfruit sandwich of which she said, “not to be blasphemous, but it rivals pure luck’s!” bold statement.

    seabirds bbq jackfruit sandwich by queer vegan runner

    beer and fresh fries by sasha

    "I have to say that the highlights for me was the Stinky Pinky (the french fries done "animal" style with thousand island and grilled onions) and the Acai beer..." -sasha

    fresh fries and mandoline grill grub by sasha

    "the vegan ding dong brought me back!" - sasha

    the folks from the vegangelical blog won tickets from drink eat travel, and did a great blog post on the fest. here are some of their photos…

    the vegangelical crew at the LA vegan beer fest

    potito from doomie's by vegangelical

    first franken experience by vegangelical

    eating some vegan taquitos from seabirds by @kablades on twitter

    volunteers pourin' beers by jen

    volunteering at the LA vegan beer fest by jen

    posing with doomie! by jen

    chowin' down on some franks from the frankenstand by bunbunrabbit02

    fresh fries by @heina5531 on twitter

    crowd shot by alex

    setting up the LA vegan beer fest by carol elaine

    a frank from the frankenstand with homemade slaw topping by carol elaine

    deep fried goodness from doomie's by carol elaine

    live music in the roxy by brackisbright on flickr

    luscious organic desserts!

    crowd shot by antoanet

    huge thanks to our sponsors at follow your heart!

    wow, what an incredible day. i’m already looking forward to the next one. huge thanks to our sponsors at follow your heart, to the vendors, the brewers, the bands, and to everybody who came out!


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  • Geez,that’s one reason to fly out to L.A. next year…Hmmmmm.

    Congrats on what looks to be an amazing event!

  • Such a fun day, can’t wait till next year!

  • You can tell by the pics that we had a boring awful time. Ha!!! Can’t wait till next one!!!

  • WAIT!! Corn dogs??? I’ll take a dozen, please.

    Congrats on such a great event. Thanks for working so hard. I’m happy you had news coverage…getting veganism out there. YAY!

  • Dang! We thought we did pretty good on food but there was so much stuff we didn’t get to!!! Seriously, kudos on the event QuarryGirl!! Everyone looks like they had a blast! Thanks for including our post! We’ll definitely be vegangelizing about this event until next year! :)

  • I think we need to divide this event into “LA Vegan Food Fest, with beer” and “LA Vegan Beer Fest, with food” because there were some seriously competing needs because of the epic awesomeness of it all.

  • i had sooooooooooo much beeeeeeer and sooooooooooo much foooooooood. oooommmmmmgggggg…… yyyyyyuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm

  • I hope everyone had a fun time. I truly wish I could have been there but I was putting in the hard work at a Morrissey gig in York, UK instead. The whole event looks amazing. Congratulations to everyone involved. xx

  • So, so fun and delicious! Thanks Dudes!

  • So much fun. Great work on it QG, yet another awesome event :D

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Thanks for the photos QG, cool blog post.
    And congrats on another terrific LA vegan event!!:-)

  • so when’s the next one? haha. i had a great time, everyone was happy and friendly. this thing is going to get bigger every year. Soon i can see people having to really jump early just to get tickets.

  • I had an awesome time volunteering at the beerfest, even as a non-drinker! Thanks to all the organizers and sponsors.

    I was selling t-shirts in the booth between Doomie’s and the kettle corn. It was slow at first but got busier after 2pm. We were out of the normal dark green shirts by around 3pm and ended up selling the light green volunteer shirts and ran out of those around 4pm.

    After that I got to wander around a bit and tried some of the Doomie’s food. My favorite was either the gumbo or the poquito potito.

    I don’t have any vegan friends in LA so it was cool to meet so many vegan people too.

  • “cheers! by nic adler”

    I’m standing on the left in the background of that picture – purple sun dress and black leggings.

    Thank god for my husband, because we shared a ton of food: avocado tacos from Seabirds (I was literally the first person in line at Seabirds because I remember them being so good last year), nachos from Mandoline Grill, Bahn Mi from Mandoline Grill, chocolate covered bacon from Doomies, Framboise cupcake from Doomies, YeeHaw fries (buffalo hot sauce and vegan ranch – so good!) from Fresh Fries, and a cheese steak from Veg-it-Up.

    My friends had the chili changa and mac and cheese and tacos at Doomies (everything was such a steal at $1-$2) and they each got some other versions of the fries at Fresh Fries too.

    I did VIP for a second time and it was totally worth it. Early access to the food and beer, available seating inside (which was appreciated on such a warm day – eating our food in AC, nice), plus the VIP lounge to escape to with nearby restrooms when the crowds were bad.

    Though I will say I was disappointed that Solidary was on tap in the VIP lounge. If there’s one beer I dislike… I even told the Eagle Rock guy I like all his stuff except Solidarity! I even toured the brewery a week ago, but I just can’t get on board with the black mild. I remember the VIP beers being really good last year.

  • Ah, but it was Solidarity on Vanilla Beans! I am actually a really big fan of solidarity. When you think about it, just the amount of flavor that comes out of such a low gravity (low alcohol) beer and it’s impressive to me. It’s my favorite session beer, i could drink it all day.

  • Oh, in case it was not mentioned yet I want to thank Follow Your Heart, Tofurky and Earth Balance for those great coupons and freebies in the VIP. That was a really nice touch.

  • Such a blast!! My only criticism was about those damn nachos at Mandoline Grill. They are really pathetic–its just a ton of chips with about 2 quarter-sized dollops of sauce and mint and scallions on top. Just seeing them pictured above enrages me all over again. Everything else was perfecto tho!!

  • Agreed. The Mandoline Grill nachos were basically just a bunch of chips and mint. Kind of a ripoff at $5, especially when you consider all the other amazingness available!

  • I consumed:

    Seabirds: beer battered avocado tacos, soyrizo cheese taquitos

    Mandoline Grill: Nachos

    Fresh Fries: Crazy Curry Fries

    Doomie’s: chilichangas, mac ‘n’ cheese, chocolate-covered bacon and a beef taco

    Yeah, I nearly died and went to heaven!!

    VIP only got in about 5 min late this time (I heard last time it was half an hour) and the food trucks were ready to start serving!! It was nice having the VIP area to sit in air conditioning while we ate or needed a break from the crowd. However, the bartender up there (who I don’t think was a volunteer as she wasn’t wearing a green VBF shirt) was stingy on the pours. Like half the little cup, which was already small! So more often than not we had to leave VIP to go downstairs to get a decent pour, where the volunteers were much friendlier (especially the girls pouring that Acai beer, which was awesome!)!

    Other than that, amazing amazing amazing!! Can’t wait to go again!!

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