• major league vegan showdown: SF vs philly


    there’s a huge rivalry between the san francisco giants and philadelphia phillies, and i’m not referring to something as trivial as baseball. nope, i’m talking about which home stadium has the best vegan beer and food options. cititzens bank park in philly topped peta’s most vegetarian-friendly stadium list for years, only to be beat in 2011 by san francisco’s AT&T park. kevin of vegan brew brought us a vegan major league baseball report from philly in may, and he went to a giants game a couple nights ago just to do a firsthand comparison. let’s see how san fran measured up…

    garlic fries. $7.25 and beer. $9.75

    Here are the vegan options at Giants Stadium…

    Craft beer:
    Gordon biersch czech pils, marzen
    Widmer wit
    Sierra Nevada pale
    Laguntitas ipa
    Anchor steam
    Speakeasy big daddy (& maybe prohibition)

    Nachos sans cheese
    Super pretzels
    Veggie dogs (the interwebs say they are vegan)
    Veggie cheesesteak (actually uses zucchini instead of fake meat. not
    sure if vegan sans cheese)

    Portabello sandwich (not sure if vegan)

    Garlic fries (they seem to be Gordon biersch garlic fries, which this indicates are vegan)

    Apparently there is sushi – I could not find it on the main level.
    They don’t label what’s vegan and the lines are too long to waste time to ask someone.

    Prices are really steep! 9.75 for my gordon biersch beer, 7.25 for the garlic fries, 6 for the hot dog. Plus the lines are massive – I probably missed 25 minutes of the game waiting in line.

    The hot dog was very good…

    vegan hot dog. $6

    I didn’t recognize it as one of the vegan brands I can get in the store (whereas the one at Citizens Bank Park tastes like smart dog).

    They have minced onion jars that you can use tongs to scoop out to add to your food. They are scattered sporadically – ie I did not find one next to the stand I got my veggie dog at. I prefer the CBP fresh onion grinder.

    The garlic fries (pictured at the top of the post) were awesome! Probably worth a trip to Gordon Biersch just for those. I think I could still taste the garlic in the morning.

    For comparison’s sake, the dogs at CBP I think are only 3.50 & our signs say vegan on them. Our craft beer is 7.25; lots of styles from local craft breweries like Troegs, Sly Fox, Victory, Yards, Philadelphia Brewing Company, Flying Fish, Dogfish Head.

    I’m a little biased but I don’t think we should have lost our crown as peta’s number 1 veg friendly ballpark to the Giants. (Cheaper, more vegan options, vegan options labeled.) It’s bad enough that they beat us in the National League Championship Series last year!

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  • The garlic fries at AT&T park are NOT vegan according to the employee I asked. Apparently there is an allergen warning for dairy on them. No idea where they would be putting said dairy, but I wasn’t going to risk it. The hot dog is vegan, though (I asked an employee to check the box). And there are lots of topping to put on them, including fresh onion, relish, three kinds of mustard and ketchup. It was good!

  • As far as I know the fries ARE vegan. The only ingredients I can find are fries, garlic mixed with canola oil, parsley, salt and pepper. And they’re AMAZING!

  • I’m not sure allergen warnings are a great indicator of veganocity; I’ve had tons of things explicitly labeled “vegan” but also processed or prepared with the same equipment that may be used for dairy, which is why they have to add those warnings.

    I suppose there’s a chance that they use butter in the fries, but I doubt it. This is what I found when I went to the AT&T Park Food & Beverage Guide:

    “The fries are made with fresh garlic and parsley, which are cut daily, and prepared in oil containing no trans fat.”

  • That’s what they state in this video as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id4_3AtxmxE

    I’ve seen another one too (at a presentation last week in San Diego by Dan Gordon) where Gordon made the fries and named the same ingredient list as he was making them.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    That’s great they have these options for vegan sports fans.

  • I’m pretty sure the Chickie’s and Pete’s Crab Fries at Citizen’s Bank are vegan (at the stand where the only make fries), which basically is a dealbreaker. We win. Go Phils.

  • I’ve been curious about GB fries forever so I called and they graciously informed me that yes, the fries are made without any butter or other animal ingredients – but they are often fried in the same oil as everything else.

  • Pretty sure they are too, but waiting in that particular line at CBP means missing an inning or two as well.

    For the uninitiated, Chickie’s & Pete’s “crab fries” are basically fries with old bay seasoning on them. It is a good combo.

  • Honestly, the Bud Light at Dodger Stadium is $10, so ball park prices never surprise me anymore. I’d gladly pay that for a craft beer.

  • Always love me a beer and garlic fries at Dodger Stadium, though, yes, the prices are pretty steep. How can anyone resist those garlic fries though? So amazingly delicious, you’d swear they were made with butter.

    Anyone know anything about the veggie dogs at Dodger Stadium?

  • Not sure why PETA would even get involved with any sport, especially baseball where nearly every player is wearing half a tortured cow or pig on his hand as well as the ball which is made from animal skins. There must be several hundred thousands of harmless and helpless animal’s lives ended just to keep this silly game supplied with their equipment. Football, basketball, hockey and soccer do the same. Why can’t we have fun without the torture, pain, suffering and blood?

  • What is it like to have no friends?

  • I think QG did a post about the veggie dogs at Dodger stadium, which are vegan. Can’t remember if the buns are. I know the veggie dogs are only available at 4 different stands at Dodger stadium, not all the hot dog places.

  • You should know. I have billions, many of the 2 legged kind and many of the 4 legged kind as well. I thought this was a vegan blog. I better find one that is vegan.

  • Hey vegano, where are you located? Can we meet and have a vegan-off? We could see who is more vegan, I bet I am more vegan than youuuuuu!

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