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  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    That’s fantastic!

  • That is a terrific menu and I am all for it, but I went there a few months ago and tried to order off their previous vegan menu and while the server was friendly as could be she looked at me like i was from Mars for ordering this stuff as if nobody ever does, and she had no idea what “vegan” meant and no familiarity with the vegan items whatsoever. I hope now that they are introducing an even more extensive menu they will at least take a little time to train their servers about it.

  • @No Meat
    it must have been a new server because i have been going there a lot in the last year and find the staff to be very knowledgeable about the vegan menu and even make sure i am aware of the FYH or Daiya options.

    so excited about this new extensive menu.

    ps. make sure you order the garlic balls when you put your name in for a seat as it takes a bit for them to make.

  • My girlfriend and I ate at the Pizza Cookery on Topanga Canyon a few weeks ago and got everything vegan. The menu is huge and very accomodating. The waitress we had was very friendly when we asked for everything vegan and the pizza was SO GOOD! Having eaten non-vegan there before (but vegetarian), I honestly think the vegan rolls and everything is way BETTER. it just tastes cleaner and fresher instead of slathered in butter. (They serve Earth Balance with the rolls)

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