• countdown: 10 days until the LA vegan beer fest!

    June 15th, 2011quarrygirlvegan events

    it’s almost here! do you have your tickets yet for the 2nd epic beer fest we’re hosting with tony’s darts away and the roxy?! here’s the vital info:

    the LA vegan beer fest will take place on june 25, 2011 at the roxy in hollywood from 1-5pm.

    UNLIMITED BEER is included with general and VIP admission. and not just any beer, i’m talking good stuff from craft breweries all over the country like stone, dogfish head, green flash, north coast, deschutes and many more! plus, there’s a non-drinker/staightedge admission this year! VIP tickets get you early entrance to the fest at noon, plus access to a VIP lounge with special beer. you can purchase tickets here. proceeds will be donated to ARME, who have been rocking it lately with their beagle freedom project!

    there will be loads of vegan food trucks and vendors, including the following:

    doomie’s home cookin’! (one of our favorite restaurants in LA will be serving up home-cooked goodness. not sure what’s on their menu this year, but at the last beer fest they had jalapeno poppers, buffalo legs, empanadas, taquitos, sushi, shrimp cocktails, chocolate covered bacon, and VEGAN BEER CUPCAKES! oh my!)

    seabirds truck! (california’s only all vegan truck! they’ve got burgers, nachos, jackfruit and beer-battered avocado tacos, taquitos and more…)

    the frankenstand! (delicious gourmet plant-based sausages with homemade toppings.)

    fresh fries! (the best fries in town with a variety of vegan sauces and toppings.)

    mandoline grill! (the popular vietnamese food truck makes the best sandwich in town and is going all vegan for the day. they usually have some surprises up their sleeve…whether they’re nachos, taquitos, or fried spring rolls, they’re always amazing.)

    luscious organic desserts! (luscious is one of our favorite vegan bakeries, and they’ll be on hand with loads of goodies including their new vegan ding dongs.)

    the mad kettler! (the mad kettler is coming up from the OC to serve freshly popped kettle corn.)

    the vegitup truck! (LA’s newest all vegetarian food truck will be on hand with an all vegan menu for the day.)

    in addition to all the great food and unlimited beer, there will also be live music from local bands including the silent comedy, the stripminers, the ferocious few, and the mowgli’s.

    seriously dudes, this is gonna be EPIC!!! whether you drink or not, everyone should come to this event. check out how much fun it was last year! a splendid time is guaranteed for all.


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  • Those beer cupcakes nearly killed me last time. In a good way! What’s the music lineup?

  • Wish I lived in LA!!!

    I’ve been watching Eat St. where they feature tons of food trucks and so far there has only been 1 veggie truck, it would be amazing to see more vegan-friendly trucks on there, maybe you could urge them to sign up, they have a link on their website. 🙂

  • it’s in the post ;D

    “in addition to all the great food and unlimited beer, there will also be live music from local bands including the silent comedy, the stripminers, the ferocious few, and the mowgli’s.”

    click on the links above to hear them. should be pretty awesome!

  • Oops, jeez I read it twice looking for that! My reading comp skills must be suffering today. Thanks!

  • no worries, i understand the vegan beer cupcakes can be blinding!! ;P

  • Wait so can people that are under 21 go or are the non-drinking tickets still 21+?

  • sorry, the whole event is 21+…

  • It says on the TickeWeb website: “This event is 21+.”

    And on the Roxy Theatre website it says 21+

  • Hi, I’m here to be a pain in the ass! 🙂

    I don’t suppose there could possibly be any option to be a KOVIP (Kind of Very Important Person)…. because, we would LOVE to be able to show up at noon and start feasting before a crowd arrives…. BUT, as I have previously stated, my husband and I both hate beer, so we will be using the “non-drinking” tickets. So, we don’t need access to the VIP Beer Lounge or anything, but if we could get let in early, that would rule!

    Remember, I was running the ONLY Vegan Eating in LA website about 7 years before you even became vegan!!! Can’t I use my senior vegan status to start eating food at noon?!!??!! 😀

    And I really do deeply regret that this is a beer fest… because, I love to drink, and I live 3 blocks from the Roxy, and I cry that the fest is revolving around the one type of alcohol that I find undrinkable! I demand a Vegan Wine Fest or a Vegan Whiskey Fest!!! 🙂

  • Hi, i don’t want to drink beer or hear the bands. Can folks walk up to the food trucks for free and buy some food and hang out with fellow vegans outside?

  • no, i’m sorry! the food trucks are in an enclosed space and you need a ticket to get in.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Looks cool!!:-)

  • I went last year, and it TOTALLY ROCKED. Seriously, if you’re vegan and only marginally like to drink a beer while eating it’s worth going.

    The food selection is amazing, the beer runs cold, the bands are hot and the weather will be warm. This was one of the best things I did last year – a bunch of (mostly!) vegans hanging out together, eating and drinking all in the shadow of the historic Roxy, which they open up for the attendees so you can wander in and out as you like.

    I’ll be there. Words can’t do this amazing experience justice!

  • my boyfriend and i have our tkts:):) WAY too excited!!

  • I do have my tickets, and my babysitter. So, so looking forward to it.

  • Eeeeeeeeee! I don’t live in LA, but there’s a slight possibility I can be.

    Will tickets also be available at the door if I can somehow make it there?

  • I had a VIP ticket last year (and this year) and the food wasn’t ready until after 1pm, when the “regular” folks arrived.

  • You can get a “non-drinking” ticket for $15 for just this purpose.

  • saying you hate beer is like saying you hate fruit. have you even HAD every kind of fruit? A Beerfest such as this is a great way to sample many-many different and artisan styles of beer in one place. Give it a chance; the world of craft beer has a much more complicated, diverse and sophisticated flavor profile than both wine and whiskey.

  • Jeez Louise, over the past 24 years, I have tasted a wide range of beers, from the lights to the darks, and none of them were even remotely appealing to me. I can’t even tolerate hard cider or framboise. It’s just not my thing. Why on Earth is it upsetting to anyone that I just simply don’t care for beer? I don’t feel like my life is lacking because of this! And I’m not going to spend $40 to sip a bunch of beers that will just cause me to be unhappy and make terrible faces.

  • What you drink, or don’t drink is of no concern to me. However, this is a celebration of craft beer in the Los Angeles vegan community. A lot of us really love beer and this festival was organized by people that love craft beer. So, when you say things like you and your husband both “hate beer” and “deeply regret that this is a beer fest” and that you find beer, “undrinkable” it makes you come off as… well, not in the best light. Especially when you also try to pull some kind of vegan rank and ask for a “KOVIP” to a festival for something you so much despise, may i add with great prejudice.

    I was merely suggesting that there is a beer out there that you would like. It was a nice way of saying that i don’t believe you have had enough experience with beer to make a judgement of “undrinkable”. Too much beer exists out there for such. Of course i had not realized you had tried both the lights AND the darks. Nor a framboise and a cider which is, not at all beer but whatever.

    My point being, it is a little ridiculous to make demands or request certain concessions for an event centered around something you just love to shout your disdain for. Rather, it might be better use of your funds, time and experience to had taken this rare and unique opportunity to try lots of different beer styles and breweries in a vegan setting with great vegan food within walking distance of where you live. Because, like i said with so many different kinds of beer out there, saying you hate beer is like saying you hate fruit when you have only ever eaten apples. You might like bananas, or mangos, or saisons…

  • Thank you for reminding me why I should not comment on the internet, nor should I waste a moment of my life reading the internet comments of others. xoxox

  • SCVegan, I think you mean well, though you do seem a bit overly obsessed with beer. 🙂 You remind me of those kids in high school who say, “C’mon, all the cool people drink beer. Don’t you want to be cool?” 🙂

    I think what RandomGirl is trying to say is that for vegans, there are almost zero opportunities to participate in a large event that offers a wide variety of vegan food. And that it’s a bummer when LA’s one big vegan event – in your backyard, no less – is tied in with something she doesn’t care for. Imagine that you hate cigars – you actually might hate cigars in real life – and that it was the “Vegan Cigar Fest”! Then you might see where she’s coming from.

    In short, the best solution is for LA to have both a vegan beer fest and a vegan food fest. And while we’re at it, maybe a vegan wine fest, and a vegan cocktail fest, and a vegan root beer fest, etc. 🙂

  • People said that to you in high school?

    I’m definitely closer to the obsessed side than the apathetic side when it comes to beer. But, remember this is a BEER festival. One of the few settings where it is appropriate to be enthusiastic about beer. Beer is the topic of discussion; if this were a chili addiction post i would be talking about chili. I know a lot about beer, and lots of people like me are out there. Lots of those people came to the LA Vegan Beerfest. Lots of those people were not even vegan.

    I understand what RandomGirl is saying, and I am saying that the way she makes her point is not putting her in a very good light. I could say this several different ways, but if anyone is bummed out that one of several Los Angeles vegan events is a vegan beerfest then at the very least don’t go on and on about how much you hate the focus of the festival. Especially after all of that she didn’t even end up going. (Seriously, she lives THAT close to the Roxy and didn’t know that prices go up at the door? Even i know that, and she could have avoided it by grabbing them the day before at the window. the week before. anytime! I just can’t be sympathetic about that. Fact, if you are paying for any ticket to a beerfestival that does not include beer, then you are being overcharged. The non-drinker ticket is the worst deal by far. She should know that, and be prepared for that.)

    If this was a vegan cigarfest i might not go, i do not really know anything about cigars. But, if I were set on going because of all the vegan food available, i would not go on about how much i hate cigars. I would go and see why people are so into cigars. I would try and sample cigars, if that was the format. She doesn’t have to try new things if she does not want to, but the way she goes on these rants is annoying. If she makes her distaste for everything known, i can make my distaste for her attitude known. It’s not personal, i just think there is no reason to crap all over a great event just because it’s not what she is into. Dude, people were criticizing the vegan part because they love beer and wanted meat. A lot of them did not come, but lots of others did. I saw people there who i know from beer events that are big meat eaters and they even admitted the food was impressive. THEY had more courage to try the vegan food than a lot of vegans did about trying beer. And you know what? THEY supported the event better than the non-drinkers by purchasing a regular ticket and enjoying the entire festival. Just think about that.

    My first reply to her was to say that she should go and get the beer ticket. TRY the different beers. Granted, i am into beer more heavily than the average person. But, for this reason i know that it is quite impossible to say that all beer is undrinkable. Beer varies so much that you will find something that you will like; likely several beers that you will like even for the most discriminating person. Instead she comes back with, OMG 20-SOMETHING YEARS LIGHTS AND DARKS AND CIDERS RAWR!!! If everyone came for the beer instead of just buying a non-drinker ticket, you would not have felt that it was too expensive and you would have had a great time. Everyone that was sampling the beers had a blast. This is the entire point. If you are upset because you don’t want to drink beer at a beer festival then either change your mind about having beer or set your expectations low enough to the reality of what you are getting yourself into.

    Further, you and her and anyone else who want to can put on your own vegan festival. You don’t need QG to organize it and she doesn’t need to be bombarded with complaints from mostly people that don’t even like beer. If you want a vegan winefest, whiskeyfest, cigarfest, foodfest, saurkrautfest, musicfest, whatever just go and put it on. Just remember to be sympathetic to all of the people that will bombard you with requests, complaints and demands that they should be able to get in for free or supercheap because they don’t want to listen to the music or drink wine and so on. Maybe you will be even more accommodating, and think of the joy it will be when 30% or whatever of the attendees think the purpose of your event is lame.

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