• amazing vegan tiramisu at nite moon in los angeles!

    May 21st, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, nite moon cafe

    today is my husband’s birthday, and every year i try to track down a vegan version of his all time favorite dessert: tiramisu.

    vegan tiramisu is very difficult to come by, especially in los angeles, and on thursday i started to panic because i didn’t have a plan. after some extensive googling, i found a reference to the elusive dessert on nite moon cafe’s facebook page.

    i put a call in to the restaurant, and asked them to set two slices aside for me on friday evening. even though the cafe closes early on fridays, they’re located inside a yoga studio and were happy to let me pick up the cake at the front desk. everything went smoothly, and the massive slices of tiramisu were absolutely gorgeous.

    vegan tiramisu. $4.75

    wow, wow, wow—this tiramisu was incredible! the frosting was rich, and the sponginess of the cake was just perfect. they really nailed all the flavors and textures of the non-vegan version. the slices were giant as well, for under 5 bucks. in fact, there’s still one left over to eat tonight. i can’t think of anywhere else in LA that vegan tiramisu this good is readily available in LA. if i’m wrong, lemme know.

    next time you’re in hollywood, be sure to hit up nite moon and give this tiramisu a try. go, go! it’s absolutely fantastic.

    nite moon
    1357 North Highland ave.
    Los Angeles, CA 90028
    Monday – Thursday
    10:00 am – 7:30 pm
    10:00 am – 2:30 pm
    Saturday – Sunday
    10:00 – 2:00pm

    PS: let your sweet tooth go wild! all the desserts EXCEPT the carrot cake are vegan!


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  • This is my absolute favorite desert! I am not a huge sweets person and since going vegan have not found a tiramisu that tasted like the non vegan version. A plan to travel to LA is in order I believe! Thank you for pointing this place out!

  • Cheezy Pizza in Colton (which is not at all close, I realize) has also started carrying a line of vegan desserts. They have tiramisu and it is really good. But next year, if you want a tiramisu tasting for the Mr.’s birthday (and feel like driving all over hell and back), here’s another option!

    They get it from some other place – I don’t recall where, but it *may* be a tiny bit closer. You could always ask.

  • Offering a vegan tiramisu, but not a far-easier-to-veganize carrot cake seems rather silly.

  • Happy, happy birthday, Mr. Meaner! What an excellent way to celebrate!

    BTW, the tiramisu at Cafe Gratitude is amazing!

  • Some of the Thai places just got a new tiramisu on their dessert menu recently (Vegan House and Lotus Vegan are the ones I know so far). I know how you feel about the Thai places BUT just thought you should know veg tiramisu may be more present than you think 😉
    It’s good, too, though it doesn’t look nearly as epic as the one in this post.

  • Vegan tiramisu is always delicious, and I don’t even like coffee.

  • Wow, that looks really good! I have to get over to Nite Moon to try it. I’ve tried making tiramisu a few times but not in the last couple years. It’s a huge amount of work since you can’t get the ladyfingers and cheese pre-made.

  • I love tiramisu, this looks great. Also, your husband’s birthday is really close to mine. Wish him a happy for me, please.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Happy Birthday to Mr. QG!!
    And the tiramisu looks very good.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Oh shucks, Happy Birthday to Mr. Meaner, I mean, not Mr. QG.
    (I need another latte this evening, my one remaining brain cell is not functioning properly here.)

  • Happy Birthday, Dude! And thanks for the tiramisu tip!

  • i just saw tiramisu at zephyr!

  • Cafe Gratitude has phenomenal vegan Tiramisu! However, it is usually a special, and they often run out towards the end of the day, so I strongly recommend calling ahead to check if they have it on a given day, and also reserving a piece (seems crazy, but trust me, it’s necessary)

    Also, Suncafe in studio city has a lot of vegan desserts, I can’t remember if Tiramisu was one of them, but it’s worth a trip either way because their desserts are to die for!!

  • Cafe Gratitude has the BEST raw tiramisu! SOOOOO good 🙂

  • Happy birthday Mr. Meaner!

  • Where’s the massive WorldFest post?????

  • Agreed on Cafe Gratitude’s raw tiramisu. By far the best vegan tiramisu I’ve ever had. It totally brings back memories when I used to have the real thing, but it tastes even BETTER!

  • Happy Family in Monterey Park has a vegan tiramisu. It’s usually kind of frozen, so you should let it thaw for a while.

  • best tiramisu i’ve had so far was at loving hut. the one at m cafe is a close second.

  • That looks incredible! I love the tiramisu at M Cafe. It comes in a cup which makes it extra adorable.

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