• ginnifer goodwin is awful

    May 12th, 2011quarrygirlrants

    it’s sad that we live in a society that actually cares what such vacuous actors have to say. in the following clip, the once vocal animal rights activist ginnifer goodwin does her best to shit all over veganism on national television.

    i get it: celebs are fickle. they go vegan and then give up, they pretend to be vegan and then get drunk and eat cheese, whatever. what ginnifer goodwin did was far worse. not only did neglect her cruelty-free lifestyle, but she sat by and chuckled as the host made fun of veganism in general.

    here ya go. it gets going at around 35 seconds in, and remains vile right until the end.

    in case you don’t want to watch the whole clip, here are the highlights:

    -ginnifer gave up veganism due to her “boring health issues,” which caused her to need animal products.
    -she broke her veganism with eggs…in her own words, “The first thing I ate was an egg that I found from a humane farm… and I scrambled it up. It was the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten. I felt like a hypocrite and I cried and then I scrambled up another one.” poor thing!
    -she eats salmon and unami burger.
    -she recently cooked a bacon meatloaf. (can’t tell if this was supposed to be a joke or not. if it was, how hilarious!)
    -she makes fun of her family members who are still vegan.

    what a piece of work. not to mention, she giggles like an idiot the entire time. if this is the kind of role model people are looking up to, we’re all doomed!


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  • Good lord…. I hope these people come back as factory farmed chickens…this makes me so sad

  • I don’t even know who she is…

  • I don’t take this stuff personally, people can do whatever they want, but it’s too bad it makes the news whenever some celeb falls off the wagon and never when they get on it.

  • Is there anything more obnoxious than an “ex-vegan?” *HUGE eyeroll*

  • so bummed

  • awful. absolutely terrible. i hate her now – not because of what she’s eating but because of this damaging and pathetic television appearance.

  • that was disgusting

  • Her attitude about everything is what makes this so disgusting. You summed it up. Any respect I had for her is gone.

  • Gina Leemhuis

    I understand people will do what they want but she didn’t need to ridicule us with Jimmy and his stupid ass comment about having teeth. Not mad at her changing her mind just upset she was such a stupid ass garbage pail kid faced bitch.

  • Bummer. I really liked her – I loved “Big Love” and her (now former) animal rights ways.

  • She’s gross.

  • Thanks, a lot Ginnifer. First Natalie Portman, now her. I lost respect for Ginnifer not because she gave up veganism, but because she sat there and made jokes about it. After all the interviews in VegNews, Vegetarian Times, etc., touting her veganism, I have zero respect for the way she conducted herself during this show.

  • asdlskfjowepdfslkff

    unbelievable. 🙁

  • Okay, now I feel seriously stabby.

    I was vegetarian for about 20 years before I went vegan, but there was a 3-year gap in between when I was a total omnivore. It was a weird time in my life and I guess I needed to go through it in order to understand why (as a thoughtful adult and not just a teenage Morrissey fan) animal rights matter to me, but I NEVER, EVER mocked the fact that I had formerly been a vegetarian or ridiculed those who stuck by their beliefs while I lapsed. No; I was embarrassed, ashamed, and apologetic.

    I don’t understand how you can go from actively caring about and speaking in support of something as important to your character as veganism to making fun of it. How out of touch are you with your beliefs are you if you act that way?


  • Hmmm she may have some not so boring health issues in the future if she keeps at it. She might want to watch Forks Over Knives.

  • It’s ok to eat meat because other people do it. Drooling over bacon is perfectly fine and socially acceptable, so why be one of those animal rights weirdos?

    There’s a big difference between “learning and growing and changing” and laughing off cruelty because it’s easy and tasty.

    Also I love how she started with “humane eggs” and it was so important for her to clarify that the eggs came from a pet chicken who was treated well and then suddenly she’s describing her bacon covered meatloaf. I’m sure the animal(s?) in that dish were beloved pets too, right?

  • “it’s sad that we live in a society that actually cares what such vacuous actors have to say.” = the most ironic way to start your blog. Props!

    People will do what they will. The saddest part about this is the moral outrage you and other vegans feel over this. I’m not quite sure I understand where she is lambasting veganism so harshly in this clip…but perhaps i just don’t feel as strongly about this issue as others.

    How is it conceivably impacting your life? Live and let live…it’s a simple philosophy, really, and one that will induce much less anger.

  • Gina Leemhuis

    You don’t get Jimmy welcoming her to the “normal side”? I’m all for live and let live but they were ridiculing our chosen lifestyle.

  • Why anyone cares what celebrities say about any subject is beyond me.
    Especially politics. It’s seems if you acted in a movie or tv show your opinion matters more.
    Soon she’ll have a childrens book!

  • @Gina Leemhuis – Yeah, i got that…i just don’t get how it matters…

  • she is terrible.

    you can’t expect much from celebrities. that is why i get mad at peta for having celebs who are so new to veganism that it’s barely set in yet and force them to be the face of it. then they quit and we all look dumb.

  • Gina Leemhuis

    Well, you probably never will.

  • Such idiotic behavior. There was no need for her to ridicule veganism, she could have just said “it wasn’t for me” and left it at that. I’m glad that she got her family to be vegan and that they have continued to be- that’s a positive.

  • You’re probably right….i wouldn’t know what it’s like to be ridiculed for being different at all! nope…you’re 100% right there! 😉

  • I didn’t hear a single offensive thing in that video. She made a life choice that matters to her & apparently discovered she’d been missing cheese more than she realized ;). Jimmy is just like so many others that doesn’t understand why we do what we do & is prob scared that if he did he’d want to give up animal products too. If we aren’t going to respect the decisions that other people make on their own behalf then I can’t imagine why they would respect ours.

  • Shannon – You are the awesome!

  • Jose,

    You are spot on. I can’t figure out why everyone seems so sensitive about the point. I didn’t become a vegan to prove anything to anyone, therefore the decisions other people make for themselves has zero impact on me.

    Thanks for adding a little light to the topic.

  • gross. I’m nauseous.

  • Shannon, honestly, you are too kind. thank you!

  • yeah moi aussi, makes me wonder how many posters are growing their own food – it’s so easy to do so how many vegans have actually thoughtfully taken this initiative…

  • Well said, Jay!

  • What else is new? It certainly won’t be the last time vegans were made fun of (even if they don’t verbalize it, I assure you that people around you are constantly thinking of you as some kind of cultish weirdo).

    This is what people constantly think of us. Once you realize this, you won’t be so shocked when you overhear a conversation about vegans.

  • Don’t know who she is, but I guess she’s one of the starlets. Anyway, too bad she didn’t get some ‘eggs’ from Green Leaves or Truly, as they taste so much better than animal eggs! Had she done so, perhaps she never would have gone back to eating animal eggs. Hope she wasn’t turned off to veganism/vegetarianism by some of the vegan purists, etc. Heaven knows those types probably turn MANY people off, thereby making it easy for them to return to an omni diet.

  • I just wish she didn’t have that heartwarming spread in VegNews and then announce so casually her decision to incorporate animal products back into her diet. She seemed so aware and sweet in the VegNews interview; but this Jimmy Kimmel interview it is a whole different person. I think she can do whatever she wants; but there is obviously a difference in her meat-eating self to her vegan self.

  • Geez it wasn’t that bad. What do you people do when you go to family gatherings and someone cracks a vegan joke? I agree with Shannon. I still love Kimmel and my other non-vegan friends/family.

  • I didn’t even know who she was until vegnews put her in every issue and ecorazzi started mentioning her every other day. What a cunt of colossal proportions.

  • Jose, both you and Shannon can and should eat a bag of dicks.

  • Why? Because our opinion differs from yours? Because we see this as not the big deal it really is?

    You should probably not talk or post as you do your lifestyle choice a great disservice with your astounding boorishness.

  • Careful, WTF, dickie thon might ask you to eat something untoward. 😀

  • I saw her at the Genesis Awards last year…guess she won’t be going this year. 😉

  • you got it spot on.

    she obviously doesn’t having anything substantive to speak about, brainless twat. it isn’t just hollywood, in general people have no backbone and if someone shows them any attention at all – positive or negative they just run with it because they think they are important.

    mike tyson isn’t a good guy, but so far at least he knows what staying true is.

    i’ve been vegan 16 years now. it isn’t a big deal, nor is it difficult – unless you’re an airhead!

  • at the record company meeting, on their hands a dead star……

  • What a fucking cunt.

  • At roughly 1:38 she says something along the lines of “I got the eggs from a humane farm. They treat all their animals like pets. They do their own butchering.” WHO THE FUCK BUTCHERS THEIR OWN PETS?!?

  • i think it seems she’s giggly because she feels awkward and guilty. still annoying.

  • Shannon and Jose (and anyone else not getting why this is appalling),

    The reason this matters is that young people look up to celebrities as role models. The value of someone who the youth actually listen to, advocating for animal rights, is invaluable. Apparently this particular celebrity was so convincing that she managed to communicate the truth about nonhuman suffering to her own family effectively enough to impact their lifestyle choices. According to her, they chose veganism as a result of seeing her example.

    Choosing to suddenly change her tune to a message that what tastes good is more important than pain, suffering, rape, murder, etc is irresponsible and heartless.

    It’s simple: When public figures trivialize what nonhuman beings are subjected to, after publicly demanding its importance, it confuses the public and undermines their initial message.

  • I can’t wait until our society gives up on actors as our primary role models… Being able to portray a character does not make someone a role model, it means they are good at fooling people and pretending to be someone they are not. We need to highlight REAL PEOPLE not anyone who ends on on the cover of PEOPLE magazine…

  • To all of those who don’t think this is offensive… It’s not really about the exact words she used or the specific tone of the conversation, or even that she went from vegan animal rights advocate to total omnivore… It’s all about the portrayal of veganism in the media. I want everyone to be vegan and I think society would be better off if that were the case. If we publicize influential people (yes, as much as none of us want to acknowledge it, hollywood stars *do* have a big influence on our culture) talking about how they tried veganism and decided against it, then it makes veganism look like a less attractive option. And that hurts society. See?

  • One other thing… For all of you who are vegan and live by the mantra “live and let live”… how does that fit with your belief that we should let non-human animals live?

  • Avistrange,

    I feel like everyone is pissed off that she chose to deliver a different message. A message different than her own in the past and a message different than everyone else’s here.

    I hear your point, I do, however she is a person and people have a right to change their mind, and be “irresponsible” about it and “heartless”, no matter what their job or social status. If we aren’t going to allow people to make decisions which serve them in their highest and best @ any point in time then I think there is more disgust in that behavior.

    I deliver my message to whomever is asking or listening. This isn’t a war being waged. It seems like the underlying value here is respect; respect for animals, the environment, & our own bodies. If we get to pull respect out of the equation every time someone disagrees w/ us or behaves in ways we don’t approve of then it seems like the more pressing value is about right vs wrong, and I’m sorry but I couldn’t give a crap about being right or wrong. I simply want to live in a way that honors me and what I value in the best way possible.

  • Ah, the health issue excuse! Aka I just-wanted-to-eat-at-InNOut-like-all-my-friends-and-feel-like-Im-normal-whatever-that-means-giggle-giggle.

    I will never fucking understand why people stop being vegan, and go back to being full-fledged carnivores. I could care less what your lifestyle choice is, but quit saying it’s because of health issues, that you just can’t POSSIBLY be vegan. Our teeth – please! It’s such a load of b.s. Like any diet, if you’re missing shit, you eat the right shit that has it, end of story. It’s not that difficult. And that shit doesn’t need to be meat. Research people, research.

    The health excuse is almost as good as the the-doctor-said-Im-running-out-of-B12-and-if-I dont-eat-meat-I-will-die excuse. Dear LORD, if I had a tofutti cutie for every ex-vegan/vegetarian who told me they just had to eat meat again because they were running out of B12 like it’s oxygen or something, and the doctor said this was the only way! Research people, research.

    And to think I liked her haircut!

  • Shannon,

    thank you for putting it so politely and so respectfully.

    I’m curious to know how everyone feels about the abuse your poor high horses are going through now. 😀

  • Avistrange and Jocelyn, she states she didn’t change because it tastes better, but for health reasons. Regardless of what your high handed opinion is, it’s Ms. Goodwin’s right to choose what she will or will not eat. Period.

    You all seem to be of the opinion that everyone who doesn’t choose to stay with your lifestyle is wrong. And that is my problem with this. I have no problem with vegans or vegetarians, or anyone for that matter. I do however have a problem with the sheer hypocrisy involved here.

    First, the post’s author states “it’s sad that we live in a society that actually cares what such vacuous actors have to say,” then proceeds to expound on everything this ‘vacuous actor’ has to say. Second, how everyone talks about how horrible it is that she recanted her veganism and how horrible an example she is. Thirdly, how everyone is disgusted and hates her and thinks she’s gross…none of you know her, and hate is a wretched word. I’m curious to know how many of you have peace symbols stuck to your car or a coexist bumper sticker…

    My opinion is simply this…and where Shannon and I agree wholeheartedly…this should make no difference to you. Live your life the way you choose. Be at peace with others’ choices, because at the end of the day, it really doesn’t impact your life…

  • Tyson still races pigeons, so I’d doubt any attempts to define him as vegan…

  • “Be at peace with others’ choices, because at the end of the day, it really doesn’t impact your life…”

    But it impacts the lives of the animals she’s eating and it impacts the lives of the animals she’s no longer advocating for.

    And from your wording: “your lifestyle”, “I have no problems with vegans and vegetarians”… I’m assuming you’re an omnivore.

    So how about you quit telling vegans how we ought to feel about this when it really, truly doesn’t impact YOUR life at all?

    For those of us who advocate for animals losing an outspoken, publical pro-vegan, pro-animal voice really sucks. As a non-vegan, you won’t get that. Especially since you can boil this all down to about how her diet is just a personal choice – it’s more than a choice when it affects untold numbers of sentient beings. Sure, at its most basic level it’s a choice (if we’re going to argue semantics and you seem like the sort who would) but it’s not one we have to respect.

    She knows better, she’s done loads of interviews where she mentions her reasons for being vegan and she’s choosing to ignore the cruelty and eat this stuff anyway. That’s really upsetting.

  • When you have a triple bypass from your bacon meatloaf, that will be a REALLY boring health issue!

  • Random Vegan Guy

    Dear vegan community,

    In the unlikely event that I ever stop being vegan for whatever reason I hereby promise not to be a douche about it.

  • So a celebrity said some dumb things on a talk show; isn’t that what they all do?

    I don’t think she did the ex-vegan side any favors here with the empty headed repartee, it’s almost its own parody.

    Relax, kids. Veganism is safe.

  • What does growing one’s own food have to do with how we treat animals?

  • “Dry omni” vegan police alert.

  • Let’s clear this up, shall we:
    “vegan” != “animal rights advocate”

    I may feel that animal rights is the only indisputable reason to go vegan, but it doesn’t mean the definition of vegan necessarily includes a strict view on animal rights. It certainly does not mean you have to be an abolitionist. Tyson may believe he’s treating the pigeons well. He certainly seems to have a great fondness for them, based on his recent interview.

    I’m not defending racing pigeons. I’m simply saying the definition of vegan, both as defined by Donald Watson, and the popular understanding of the term as documented by Merriam-Webster, does not fit what you are saying. We don’t do veganism any favors when we force people out of our “club” because they make different choices than us, beyond what the word “vegan” means.

  • I agree. It gives people a path to mock the vegan lifestyle if even a former vegan finds it to be ridiculous.

    It also impacts us personally because people try to get us to eat “just a little cake – I know other vegans cheat!” Kind of like “vegetarians” who eat fish and then people make their “vegetarian option” salmon. *eyeroll*

    It’s also disappointing more than anything because she KNOWS the impact of farming. She can’t claim ignorance.

  • Well CONGRATULATIONS for Ginnie’s return to the “normal” side of society. We don’t want her lame, fickle ass over here anymore. They can have her.

    I wish Jimmy had mentioned what happened to his vegan friend who ate a burger at Mel’s. I love the stories about “lifelong” vegans falling off the wagon and eating meat. They NEVER talk about how SICK it makes them. I’m sure Jimmy’s date was in the bathroom all weekend vomiting and shitting all over the place.

    I’ve been vegan about 6 or 7 years, and last week I attended a lunch in a restaurant where the only vegetarian option was a chickenless Cesar salad. I ate it. The egg and cheese in that small amount of dressing made me sick for the next 10 hours. I would imagine Ginnie got sick from her eggs, too, and just didn’t say anything lest anyone start picturing her with explosive diarrhea.

  • I liked her haircut, too.

    The health thing is such total bullshit. Even if there was NO B-12 at all to be found anywhere, not in our fortified cereals, milks, yogurts, etc., and we had to take sublingual B-12 supplements, it would still be worth it to avoid all the “old age” diseases omnivores have.

    And it’s sad they are programmed to think high cholesterol and heart issues are just part of getting old.

  • Because she’s an ASS and making veganism look unhealthy, difficult, and foolish.

    If she could have gone on his show and not spoken about it, that would have been fine, but she had to be all 8th grade about the whole matter.

    This is one of the dangers of our society placing so much importance on famous people. the ONLY words we should EVER hear coming out of their mouths are the words from their movie and TV show scripts. We don’t need to know what they eat, who they fuck, or what labels they wear on their bodies.

  • When public figures make veganism look difficult, foolish, or unhealthful, it makes living this lifestyle that much more difficult for the rest of us, not because it IS hard, because it isn’t, but because she singlehandedly threw down MORE problems for us to jump over.

    Our families don’t understand, our friends, new acquaintances, waiters in restaurants, neighbors, etc. all think we’re unhealthy. Or, they outwardly try to sabotage our choices by secretly trying to give our kids meat. Or they try to give it to us. Or, they offer fish as the “vegetarian” option at weddings and family dinners. The list is endless.

    When we get pregnant, we get asked things like, “Are you sure this is good for the baby?”

    Doctors don’t even understand and any and all health issues from poison ivy exposure to ulcers get blamed on the lack of meat and eggs in our diets.

    Ginnifer didn’t do anyone any favors. She should have kept her mouth shut.

  • At many family gatherings for vegans there is no time for “vegan jokes” because everyone is too busy trying to lie about what’s really in the food, or too busy trying to get us to eat animal products, or sneak it onto our kids’ dinner plates. In short—there is no respect whatsoever, and Ginnifer has ensured the lack of respect and understanding will continue.

    Thanks for nothing, Ginnie.

  • Hm. I am curious to know about these “health issues” that people give as their reason for choosing an omnivorous diet over a plant based one. Like…do they mean vitamin deficiencies or what? I really do have a genuine interest and curiosity, so it would be nice if one of these people would actually explain what health issues arose from their diet and why eating meat and dairy was the only alternative for good health. I’m not trying to pry into their private lives, but when someone decides to live their life in the public eye by being some kind of celebrity (whether it be actor, musician, blogger even) I feel it’s probably okay to let us know a little bit about what went wrong, healthwise, especially when you are announcing publicly that you are no longer vegan….when you were previously a very strong advocate for vegan issues.

    It almost seems like they don’t want to explain, because perhaps the problem could have been solved by eating a healthier plant based diet, with more whole foods or just getting some supplements, but it was easier to just start eating cheese again?

    Personally, I have a B12 deficiency. My doctor explained to me (he’s an omnivore) that it isn’t really necessarily from being vegan. He said he sees lots of people that just have issues absorbing certain vitamins from the food they eat. Could be from eating so many chemical laden, processed foods (which I ate in abundance growing up and before going vegan) So they supplement. I just get an injection every other month and then I’m fine. Some people argue that I shouldn’t have to do this, but the fact of the matter is that tons of people who eat meat and dairy get the SAME injection I do. Anyhow, I don’t even think I would call these “health issues”. I’ve had the same doc for almost 7 years and he agrees that I’m healthier than I’ve ever been. I have more energy, I’m more fit and weigh a healthier weight, aside from the B12, my blood work is outstanding, I only get sick like every 2 years. Furthermore, my own omnivorous doctor never once has suggested that I give up a vegan diet because of my B12 issue.

    And one more point, why is it that a lot of these people don’t just go back to being vegetarians? I’m no fan of dairy and eggs, but it seems like a logical step for people who are choosing to no longer be vegan. Why the full fledged bacon meatloaf?

  • I think the worst part about this is she KNOWS the horrors animals go through on a farm, she KNOWS how terrible for her health it is, and she KNOWS how bad for the environment factory farming is.

    I don’t judge people who are life-long omnivores because most of them haven’t been given the information on how shitty their food choices are. Once those omnivores watch Earthlings, read Eating Animals or China Study, etc. and STILL eat meat/dairy/etc., then I lose respect for them.

    So imagine the atrocity when a VEGAN with full knowledge of factory farming abuses, environmental abuses, and health implications decides to eat animals again. I don’t think those people have a soul.

    There. I said it. Ginnifer Goodwin has no soul.

    On a lighter note, my parents have been vegan for 2 months now! It’s taken a long time, but I am so happy for them!

  • It’s ironic that I just watched an extremely moving video of a calf rescue from a dairy farm in Texas, then read this post.

    I’m a working actress, and I’m a vegan. For reals. No going back. Because it is who I am, not some crazy sacrifice. It would be as if I were transgender, then decided meh, not for me, build me back my penis. Celebrities are just like everyone else, just magnified. There are morons, followers, weak people, and there are a few considerate, conscientious ones. I’ve never understood people who’ve said, “yeah, I used to be vegetarian or vegan…”

    Btw, Quarrygirl, you’re site was responsible for my becoming fully vegan. Your posts about Daiya years ago, coupled with what I learned about dairy farms made me choose the animal free option. And I’ve never been healthier or happier.

    Here’s the video from the rescue:

  • You are correct, I am an omnivore.

    And you are right , I probably should not have attempted to engage here, because I am not vegan or even vegetarian.

    I understand many of you advocate for animals. I understand your passion. I also respect your choice. It is commendable and takes a discipline I lack, and therefore I choose to stay omnivorous.

    I am however, not apologetic for my opinion. I find the hateful rhetoric that has been presented here appalling. The fact that many here blithely decry her as soulless or horrible or gross…I’m sorry but to me, THAT is unacceptable, and pretty inhumane.

    But, I guess as an omnivore I would never understand how horrible it is to be in a group perceived as different. oh wait…

  • Comparing veganism to trangenderism is at best ignorant and repellent. There isn’t even the most remote analogy there, miss.

  • I realize everyone is going to jump on me. And I’ll turn down any offered sexual advances prophylactic, so thanks anyway.

    I’ll say I’ve been vegetarian for decades and am heading toward veganism. Which, I already know from the comments in this section, noone wants the details as to why.

    I have two things to say.

    First, it would be wonderful to have a supportive vegan community that actually helped people go vegan rather than make one scared to even pop one’s head out of cover.

    Second, love it or hate it, we all have freewill and freedom of speech here in the US. Not wanting that means dictatorship and then we wouldn’t be having this discussion in the first place. People do all sorts of things I don’t agree with all the time. For instance, attacking someone rather than calmly trying to get them to understand the whys and hows behind the decision to be vegan.

    I went vegetarian because of animal rights. I’m also including people in that. Berating and swearing and threatening someone who doesn’t agree with you is not in line with my values. And I’ll leave it at that.

  • Urgh. Typo. Prophylacticly.

  • How the heck is she?? I have never heard of her.

  • Oh, and my I add that I’m thinking of VegNews magazine now?

    First, they put fake meat on the pages (and cover) of their magazine, and now they’re putting fake vegans in there, too!

  • Reading the posts by Gina Guillotine, it sounds like she has issues of her own to work out. Numerous rants about people sneaking meat into “vegan” food? That came out of nowhere…

  • I remember seeing her in VegNews and being pissed that she’d been vegan for barely a year and she was being praised in this magazine like some animal rights leader, just because she’s in movies.

    When you stop eating meat, over time it begins to look grosser and bloodier and carcassyer, like a hacked up animal rather than food. This just shows she was a fake and never really “got it” in the first place. I’m glad you were able to use all that publicity you needed you WHORE!!!!

  • Definitely…I noticed the same thing…she seemed really uncomfortable…

  • my goodness, this shouldn’t be a surprise. actors act. their lives are scripts and are just constantly renewing themselves. hypocrisy is the norm. people shouldn’t be outraged when they turn their backs on what they once felt so strong about. i understand that celebrities are a means to reach out to he masses about veganism but regardless of their ever changing status the vegan struggle is still on and it will get it’s message through!

  • this is disgustinggggggggg. what effing health problems did she have? i agree with josh, she is gonna have worse health problems now, she should watch “forks over knives.” no wonder she’s getting chubby. what an evil girl. & jimmy, wow, lost the little respect i had for you.

  • im with jose and shannon on this one.

    i love this site and i love what it promotes (it was instrumental in my choice to go vegan) but reading the feedback from other readers here is disappointing to say the least. some of you really are reinforcing stereotypes attached to the vegan lifestyle just like gennifer goodwin and jimmy kimmel are reinforcing stereotypes of the carnivore lifestyle. i chose veganism after 6 years of vegetarianism for myself and myself alone and if i were to ever decide to get drunk and eat cheese or eat an egg or a meatloaf with bacon on it, what business is it of yours? if you expect tolerance towards vegans, than show some tolerance of carnivores, even if some actress and a boring comedian are making mindless conversation.

  • my apologies, i was referring to omnivores.

  • I will see your youtube and raise you one better.

    Mmm…human(e) meat.

    “That’s for all the ex-vegans out there. I’m coming to fucking eat you.”

    (please just to 1:45, unless you like hearing some odd post-colonial Canadian ribbing of Sydney that I don’t understand)


  • Well said, sir…and thanks. 🙂

  • Nicely put, Em!

  • She’s an actress. She was acting like a vegan. Obviously she is a horrible actress.

  • Well said! @Gregalor

  • Here’s what I don’t get about all these ex-animal-rights-vegans who went back to corpse-eating “for health reasons”:

    If you experienced health issues that required you to eat some measurable amount of animal products, why wasn’t it enough to simply address the health issue by eating the required amount and staying vegan in all other ways? What is it about needing, say, some fish oil now and then that requires you to start wearing leather again and drooling over bacon meatloaf?

    I don’t think such vegans were ever serious in the first place. I’m not sure when or why pretending to be a vegan, or hijacking the label itself by being a “beegan” or a “seagan” or “mostly vegan” or whatever, started earning people cultural hipness points, but I wish it would stop and keep the focus on animal rights, where it belongs.

  • Hi Em!

    I think most people are more irritated at how GG felt the need to belittle, mock, and trivialize an ethical position that she once wholeheartedly endorsed. It would be one thing if she had said “I was having health issues, and made a choice that was right for me” instead of “ZOMG, can you believe those silly vegans? I was so SILLY”.

  • I don’t remember who mentioned live and let live, but i don’t agree with that what so ever.
    I think one should live and let live in the sense of not killing a human being or other animals, but not it this sense
    If one should live and let live one shouldn’t intervene when one sees someone meeting a dog to death on the street, or than we shouldn’t punish murders etc… But that is not a society where I want to live in. So we sould people live their lifes as long as their choices or personal one’s !!! but not being vegan is not a personal choice because it contribute to so much suffering.

    secondly she has put it on herself (can you say that ? sorry i am not a native speaker). first speaking out against animal abuse and than contributing to it herself … how absurd
    most vegans just get annoyed by this because, vegans are ridiculed all the time for doing the right thing it is sooo frustating. and she just gives us an even worse reputation. she makes veganism look unhealthy and not that tasty and hard to do, which is not the case. the only thing which is hard when being a vegan is to live in a world that you think is immoral.

    veganism is not a choice, it is a moral imperative

  • i mean beating not meeting 🙂

  • @ gent – I think you probably saw my post mentioning “live and let live” and I was asking all the vegans here who like to say that to challenge their thinking. I was basically saying that it is contradictory to be “okay” with stuff like ginnifer goodwin’s decision being on national television, yet NOT be okay with harming animals.

    In short, I was already agreeing with you. 🙂

  • what about Jimmy’s comment about a woman he dated that was vegan all her life and ate a burger with bacon and loved it.
    I think he’s a liar.
    We all know what happens to a vegan that randomly devours a bacon burger. Puke and/or shits.

    This actress only looks vaguely familiar. She sounds as ditsy as Natalie Portman though.

  • Dolores Zapata

    Loved your comment! Cracked me up- thanks for saying it best.

  • OH, yes, the “issues” comment. Never change.

    BTW, I was thinking too quickly, and my hands couldn’t keep up.

    What I meant to say about VegNews is that they were putting pictures of fake vegan food on the cover of the mag, and now they’re putting pictures of fake vegans on the cover, too.

  • Stumbled across this article and I have to say… holy crap. This thread reads like an exaggerated parody of vegans. I dare say that no decent human being who was considering a vegan lifestyle would want to be associated with veganism AT ALL knowing this was the behavior of its adherents. Who would want to be around a bunch of vile, profane, inhumane, hate-filled hypocrites?

    The post and comments above made me physically ill. Nothing justifies the language and venom used against this young woman. Nothing justifies calling another human being a “bitch” and a “cunt”, most certainly not the consumption of free range organic eggs. The sheer level of drooling, seething HATE against this woman comes across as unhinged and completely sociopathic. I seriously want to cry. How could anyone claim to have empathy for the smallest of animals, yet possess nothing but contempt and hate for humans? It is unreal.

  • I had a similar experience to the one this actress had. I was vegetarian for 5 years and started to develop some health issues with my digestive and immune system. I did years of research that led me to adding grass fed meat, fish, raw milk, and raw cheese into my diet. Within a few weeks I started to notice my health improving and by about 3 months I felt strong and vibrant like I did years back. Trust me when I tell you I was ill and felt awful after a few years of being vegetarian. It just might not work for some people. I really did want to be vegetarian for the sake of animals!

  • No, Dan, you didn’t. You were never a vegan or a vegetarian, and it never caused you any health issues, ever.

    I’m getting sick of all you liars with your paint-by-numbers anti-vegan talking points coming into our little community and making false claims about your “health.”

    What motivates you people? Seriously…

  • all this hate and judging that all you earth and animal loving people have just shown makes me ashamed to be in the same eating category as you. no wonder people think the worst of vegans. condemnation and shame never works. i get being passionate about this and feeling it is the best for you and frustrated with the injustices of it all and wanting to share that knowledge but at the end of the day everyone has a right to choose what is right for them. whether you agree with them or not, and they should not be subjected to such crap. and tearing down her acting abilities because she is no longer a vegan?! really?! really?!! the whole principle of veganism is to live a cruel free life… well way to be hypocrites! you’ve just flipped to a different kind.

  • Yes, how dare we vegans stick up for ourselves? Shame on us.

    We didn’t pick this fight, whitney.

  • I agree with Whitney and the others who have expressed the same opinion. A large majority of this page is going off the deep end, real pitchforks-and-torches type stuff.

    I think these comments do more harm to vegan reputation than anything Ginnifer Goodwin said. It’s embarrassing.

    People can say whatever they want about vegans, you know why? Because I’m not insecure about my diet. I’m stronger than that.

  • sticking up for yourself?! really? it just looks like a lot of bullying to me. i mean you love her one day because she is supporting your cause and then bash on her acting abilities because she no longer adheres to the lifestyle. yes it is sad that she is eating meat again but to rip her a new one?! is that really what you want vegans to look like? “we didn’t pick this fight” what are you 5? that is totally not how all this is supposed to go down. veganism is not for everyone but you can educate people (respectfully) about the issues and to help them live as cruelty free as they can. let them know that if they slip up thats okay but get back on the wagon again. i mean people sometimes fail at things – that is life. one should be able to do so without the vegan police on them.

  • Look, whitney, I don’t know if you’re in the club or not, but it’s pretty clear you haven’t been paying attention to the comments on this thread.

    The issue isn’t that she quit and/or failed veganism. It’s that she went on national TV to trash it and make fun of it.

    How about some approbation at her for being childish?

    Personally, I had no idea who she was before I saw this article, so I could care less about her “acting abilities.”

    If celebrities go on national TV to make fun of a group of people, they should expect a reaction that insults them back. So should their fans.

  • I couldn’t agree more, some of the comments on this page, including the blog itself, is extremely ignorant and hate-filled. I mean, come on people… how are you helping animals by attacking your fellow humans? What a waste of time, all you get from this kind of behavior is a continual argument and stream of ignorance.

    Sad, very sad.

  • Humane, yes, you DID pick the fight. Ginnifer was just being a typical actress. She isn’t the one attacking her fellow human beings with hate-filled words.

  • Well, as a “typical actress,” her words will be heard by a far broader audience than the comments thread of this blog ever will. Our comments here have, I guarantee, absolutely zero impact on public perception of veganism. You and the others here who criticize us for “hate” already saw us in a negative light anyway and simply brought that preconception here. Our comments did not suddenly make you think we’re all a bunch of snarky nits.

    What you guys are saying is, essentially, that pretty celebrities should be allowed to say whatever they want without criticism. But sorry, free speech cuts both ways. If we’re offended, we can insult them right back if we want to, and probably will. This doesn’t make us any more “hateful” than Ginnifer Goodwin or you or any other person.

  • Natalie Portman is no longer vegan either! She says she went off it because she’s pregnant, isn’t that MORE of a reason to stick to being vegan?

  • If you “WERE” a vegan you WEREN’T a vegan.

    Fuck celebrities.

  • 🙂

  • What’s so annoying about this, as others have stated, is not that she stopped being a vegan. Who the fuck cares about that? I didn’t even know who this girl was before Jimmy Kimmel introduced her, and why do I care about the lifestyle of somebody I don’t know about?

    What’s annoying is that she lambasted veganism in front of the nation. She may not have said much directly negatively about veganism, but the way they chuckled about it, like “oh, veganism. Silly crazy veganism” is totally bad PR. I can just imagine all the people sitting on their couches at home, chowing down on their KFC (okay maybe not that late at night haha, but you get the idea), and instead of being made to think about what they’re eating, this girl just comes giggling along completely validating their lifestyles, making the rest of us sound like weirdos. “Ha-ha-ha, I’m not going to think about what these animals went through to make my food! Only silly crazy vegans do that!” And they keep eating, even further removed from the cause and the ideas than they were before the program aired.

    I don’t care if people think I’m a weirdo, but if being thought of as a weirdo is going to be a roadblock for somebody else who might considering a vegan lifestyle, I care about that. And that’s what Jimmy Kimmel and this bitch just reinforced.


  • Wow… I never realised vegans could be so bitchy and so cruel. Before criticising the media’s perception of the vegan lifestyle you need to turn that critical eye back on yourselves. If anything is bad press for the vegan lifestyle it’s the bitterness, hatred and anger that’s espoused here.

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