• vegan chix pot pieee at larkin’s!

    May 11th, 2011brittanyLA restaurants, larkin's

    UPDATE: larkin’s has discontinued their vegan menu! sad, sad.

    couple-o-months ago, QG and i hit up larkin’s in eagle rock. one thing i reeeally wanted to try was the pot pie, but they were OUT. i was heartbroken. the meal i ended up getting (mac and cheese) was delicious, but fresh veggies and faux chicken sandwiched between two flaky biscuits would have warmed my little soul. i thought about pot pie for weeks – months, even – and then like some birthday miracle, i found myself at larkin’s recovering from one of my birthday parties. and this time they had pot pie!

    vegan chix pot pie: soy and rice based sauce with peas, onions, garlic, potatoes, and soy chicken with vegan biscuit. $10

    i ate this thing in record time, it was sooooo good! i could probably eat 1,000,000 of those biscuits. MAYBE i will!

    1496 colorado blvd.
    eagle rock CA 90041
    wednesday – sunday 11:30am – 10pm
    saturday and sunday brunch 11am – 3pm


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  • Looks yummy! I wish all these places weren’t so far from the westside. 🙁

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    That looks so appetizing! Okay, I will have to try coasting over and ordering this, I’m in Pasadena so I’m right next door to Eagle Rock. Thanks for the review and photo!!

  • Ooh can’t wait til I’m back home in Eagle Rock.

  • FYI-
    I tried to go there today for lunch and their hours are cut. I don’t remember exactly what the sign said, but I think it was Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only. 🙁 I hope they’re doing okay.

  • I’m sure glad our favorite call-out-to-for-delivery restaurants—Truly, Green Leaves, Bulan, Veggie Grill, and Gate of India—are all doing okay! Sad we’re losing Sante La Brea, though. : (

  • green leaves is garbage. you could probably find something better in a dumpster.

  • let’s be fair. at least what you find in a dumpster is probably more vegan than the food at green leaves!

  • Why the fuck would anyone eat at Green Leaves? That place isn’t even vegan. Please don’t tell me you are one of those people who turns a blind eye at casein cheese. Disgusting, there are way too many vegan restaurants in this town to patronize a lying restaurant like Green Leaves.

  • Seriously, green leaves is fucking shit. They intentionally lie to people about their food being vegan. Outback steakhouse has more vegan food.

  • Fritz – maybe if you ask nicely they will add some cream and butter to the pot pie? Yu could call it pot pie dal?

  • Truly and Green Leaves are probably the worst vegan restaurants in town. Veggie Grill and Bulan are bland at best. Why are you even bringing these places up under a review of a restsurant on the other side of town? Broken record.

  • Fritz isn’t vegan.

  • I think Veggie Grill is awesome! Their stack is my favorite sandwich.

  • That’s not even Fritz.. just a stock photo of him. Be nice.

  • A little while ago I hit up Eagle Rock Brewery for a couple of delicious beers…and a growler, haha, and then had the yummy potpie at Larkin’s. It really was super delicious and sat well with the beer I had. My friend had the mac n’ cheeze, which was really good too, although had a slight bit of tang to it. Still a great experience though, eat at Larkin’s!

  • I brought them up because of the possibility mentioned above by another commenter that Larkin’s might be cutting back on the number of days they are open. This, along with the closings of Pure Luck, Madeleine Bistro, Sante La Brea, etc., just makes me happy that the fantastic restaurants I mentioned show NO SIGNS of going out of business! Indeed, it seems that Green Leaves is actually EXPANDING, with the recent opening of Green Loves restaurant!

  • Green Leaves has the best vegan ‘eggs’ around, IMO. I LOVE the Classic Hash Browns dish! Also love their vegan cole slaw, vegan veggie soup, etc.! And they, along with the other excellent restaurants I mentioned, DELIVER, whereas so many other restaurants don’t.

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