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    May 9th, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, the spot

    there’s something for everybody at the spot in hermosa beach. whether you are looking for insanely decadent fare, or something light and healthy, the entirely vegetarian cozy beach cafe has got you covered. breakfast, lunch, dinner, beer, wine, you name it…the spot’s got it! we hit them up over the weekend, and as usual, absolutely loved our meal. plus, the spot is just a short walk away from naja’s place, one of our favorite beach area bars. nothing like a good old fashioned pub and grub.

    soup of the day: lima bean! $4.95

    we started our meal off with the soup of the day, which was lima bean, and it was excellent. super chunky and filled right up with chopped vegetables and hearty beans. all of the soups at the spot are extra healthy and oil-free, so i really should have gotten a full bowl of it instead of just a cup. when my spoon hit the bottom, i was still wanting more.

    dear john: brown rice, pinto beans and sauce. $6.95

    for my main course, i kept it simple with one of the “inflation busters,” a plate of beans and rice called the “dear john”. this dish normally comes covered in the spot’s famous savory sauce, but i opted for the red sauce instead as a lighter option. if you haven’t tried the savory sauce at the spot yet, definitely order it. it’s an incredible blend of tofu, bragg’s, and seasoning that makes for one of the creamiest and most delicious sauces out there. the red sauce at the spot is just as good though, with a nice amount of spice. it went down perfectly on the huge plate of beans and rice.

    savory spud: baked potato stuffed with seasonal organic vegetables and covered in sauce. $11.95

    my husband ordered the savory spud, with mushroom gravy instead of savory sauce, and it was incredible as well. an absolutely giant fluffy baked potato stuffed with organic vegetables including mushrooms, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage. baked potatoes are probably one of the best foods known to man, and they’re available in almost every single english pub….yet they’re pretty much impossible to find in los angeles. WHY?! restaurants need to take note and start offering baked potatoes, i promise that people will order them! anyways, the one at the spot is damn good…kinda steep at almost 12 bucks, but i’m not gonna lie, i’d order it again.

    even though on this trip we ordered very basic dishes, everything was high quality and quite delicious. next time, i think i’ll branch out a bit and try some of the mexican fare—the tostadas, tacos, and tamales all look amazing, and i can already vouch for the gigantic burritos.

    my only complaint about the spot is that the place is so damn expensive. oh well, i guess that just means they don’t cut any corners when it comes to ingredients. i’m willing to pay a little extra for good food, and to support an all vegetarian business.

    the spot
    110 second street
    hermosa beach CA 90254
    Open everyday from 10am-10pm daily.

    PS: this place is vegetarian, and lots of the dishes come with real dairy by default. so specify that you’re vegan!

    PPS: cash only.


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  • i grew up in hermosa beach, so when i became vegetarian, i was very glad to have the spot nearby. but the menu is so limited! they disguise it well with different “combinations”, but it’s all just sandwiches, mexican food, and plates i could make myself! and so overpriced! i went with my brother once, who ordered an avocado sandwich that contained avocado and sprouts all for what i believe was a whopping 10 dollars. hurrah to the spot for catering to humane eaters, but boo to the terrible service i’ve always gotten from the seemingly stoned staff and boo to the crazy high prices for simple food.

  • My partner and I lived in Hermosa Beach for 10 years and ate at the Spot fairly frequently for much of that time, given that it was the only vegetarian restaurant in the city. I remember that the food was exceptionally good when it was served steaming hot, but sometimes it came out lukewarm and we had to ask for it to be reheated. Service was hit-or-miss, and unfortunately we had at least a couple of experiences that were SO bad, we felt we had to stop going there regularly. When the food was served hot and the service was good, the Spot couldn’t be beat. Sad that it couldn’t always have been that way.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Looks good, will stop by when I’m in the area.

  • Damn, that IS pricy. $7 for what’s literally a plate of beans and rice? $12 baked potato?

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    ^ Yea, seems a bit much. I wonder if the vegan tostadas and tamales might be more moderately priced? I’m guessing probably not though.

  • I agree with the first comment. The employees always seemed stoned, and very slow mentally and physically. I have not been there in a couple of years, but the food was always good, and literally across the street from the beach. But the prices never seemed worth it. I would go again if i were in the area. I’m used to driving far for good vegan food, but this place isnt work the trek.

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