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    May 6th, 2011quarrygirlvegan events

    well my friends, vegan cinco de mayo has come and gone. the event was held last night at the other door in north hollywood, and it was a blast. tons of quality beer on tap, vegan fried food overload, and a great turnout of friendly peeps.

    there was even a girl dressed up as a taco. vegans know how to party!

    check out the pictures…

    i started the evening off with a pint of raging bitch ipa, one of my favorite beers.

    raging bitch belgian-style ipa by flying dog

    there was no beer allowed outside, so we drank up and made our way out to the food. first stop, mandoline grill! the taquitos were awesome…

    vegan taquitos by mandoline grill

    and as you know, their banh mi is one of the best sandwiches in town

    vegan banh mi by mandoline grill

    doomie’s was rockin’ an all vegan mexican-inspired menu to honor the holiday…

    doomie's cinco de mayo menu

    doomie's servin' it up

    doomie's vegan meats!

    vegan pollo, asada, and carnitas tacos by doomie's

    and as usual, doomie’s managed to steal the show. this time it was with their chimichanga.

    deep fry that burrito

    doomie's chimichanga: a beautiful sight

    mama’s hot tamales was also there representing…

    mama's hot tamales crew

    they had a truckload of all vegan tamales…

    vegan tamales!

    the frankenstand was there as well, serving up the usual assortment of gourmet vegan franks…

    the frankenstand!

    and fresh fries had an all vegan menu that looked amazing…

    i wanna try the yee haw fries!

    chica vegan (who organized the event) was selling cupcakes to raise money for a peruvian restaurant she plans to open

    and amanda from the newly opened amanda’s bakery was handing out samples. i got a cinnamon roll that blew my mind…


    btw, get over to amanda’s bakery when you can! on saturdays they even make the donuts we’ve raved about in the past.

    because i was one of the first 50 people to arrive the event, i received a gift bag of cool goodies…

    free vegan treats!

    overall, it was an incredible night! i sure hope they do this again next year. thanks to all the vendors, the other door bar, and the organizers of the event!


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  • joel bartlett

    i should have arrived earlier – the goodie bag looks amazing! soy jerky AND vegan condoms. What more do you need in life?!

  • I love you. I’m the taco the town!

  • Wish I could have gone last night, but next year for sure!! There is now a tongue-smudge on my screen where the chimichanga used to be…

  • does frankenstand have a twitter or a site to know where they can be located at?

  • Someone to share the vegan condom with?

  • yay!


    Don’t forget to enter your CODE for Nachos Mom Cheese PRIZES!!!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Oh that looks fantastic!!!!!!!!!!

  • A lot of people thought that Doomies was serving real meat because of the way their menu read.

  • I got there around 9 and was sad to see that so much was sold out already, with no baked goods in sight! Ah well, I split a delicious banh mi and sweet potato hummus fries. Now I know to come earlier!

  • How are those cocomels? I’ve been meaning to try them.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    That vegan cinnamon roll looks really good by the way.

  • Man, I missed it! Dang it!

  • sorry i missed it. Tamales sound good today i need to hit up Mama’s this weekend

  • I’m sure glad that Ralphs carries Amy’s Tamale Verde, because 4-5 times a year (the number of times we go to Whole Foods) just isn’t enough to enjoy good tamales!

  • The food was good and I stuffed myself with 2 cupcakes, a vegan cheese tamale with a side of rice and beans, 3 tacos and finally a large order of fresh fries.

    However, I think they should have had some Cinco de Mayo music.

    Maybe next year they can hire this gringo:

    Here is “Gringo de Mayo” singing at a restaurante in North Hollywood:

  • I wish everything I read hadn’t said “7pm-2am” because I was unaware the food was only till 10pm. It’s really not of interest to me when the BAR is open when it’s an advertised food truck event. ahhh well…next time!

  • But then again, clearly I need to pay better attention!

  • Vegans in LA have it made

  • More girls should dress like tacos. New trend!!!!!

  • No worries!
    I’m cooking up a vegan food trucks late night at Verdugo Bar… just for you!
    I’ll let you know the details soon…

  • I can’t believe I missed you guy! I didn’t get there until about 9pm! doh!

  • I wish I wasn’t always late to these things I keep missing Doomies which is all I really wanted! The taquitos from mandoline grill were yummy but it should of had a side of guac…

  • That reminds me of a saying I once heard…

    “If God didn’t want men to eat *****, then why did he shape it like a taco?”

  • that even was so much fun! i hope they decide to do it again soon. I got there an hour after the event started and already there were no more cupcakes, cinammon rolls, and doomies was sold out of everything but taquitos. wow! What i did manage to eat was great though. Vodka first, then doomies taquitos, a frankenstand frank with kraut, hot sauce, vegenaise, salsa and bacon bits, then nachos from mandoline grill (which i couldnt finish cause they were way too spicy), and I got some tamales (they only had black bean, or zuchini left and they were both great!) and the bahn mi to go. Honestly the only thing that left me unsatisfied was the bahn mi. Needed more sauce, or veganiase or something. It was really dry. 🙁

  • wow thats dumb. their loss.

  • Dear Quarrygirl,
    I wish I knew to look for you at the Vegan Cinco de Mayo. Since we don’t know what you look like I had no idea you were there. Is there a picture of you so we can look out for you at another vegan event???

  • That event looks really really good, I wish I could have gone to it!

  • I get the impression QG wants to be incognito.

    There was a girl there with a big camera and I asked her if she was Quarrygirl and she shook her head no and quickly moved away from me, lol.

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