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    it may be just one state over, but i’ve never been to arizona (airport layovers don’t count!). the grand canyon doesn’t interest me much and i’m not a fan of road trips, but after reading this field report by JL goes vegan about an amazing little vegan restaurant in tucson, i think i need to book a trip. a food field trip! see if you agree with me…

    I’ve just returned from a work-related trip to Tucson, Arizona where I visited one of the few (only?) vegan spots in town, Lovin’ Spoonfuls. I left in love.

    True confession #1: I have a friend who lives in Tucson. When I suggested meeting at Lovin’ Spoonfuls he suggested otherwise. He, an omnivore, had been and wasn’t impressed with the “it tastes just like ham” sale he felt he experienced. So, on my own, I checked the place out.

    Lovin’ Spoonfuls is a cute, storefront restaurant in a shopping plaza. You order at the counter and your food is brought to you.

    As I do, I said to the server “I’ve never been here, and probably will not be back again, what should I have?” Turns out, that sort of freaks staff out. With no definitive answer I then said “I don’t want tofu” and she then guided me toward the Santa Fe Platter, which came with a green salad. Since I had a refrigerator in my hotel room, I decided to try an appetizer, the Cashew Mushroom Pate, too.

    I placed my order and then ordered a glass of wine. The server said “Wine by the glass is our house wine, in a box.” And you know what I thought? You don’t scare me. I got the wine. When I said that I would sit outside I was told they don’t have a license that allows for alcohol outside. So I sat inside.

    First up, the house salad, which came with the entree…

    House Salad with Sesame Dijon dressing

    Next up, the appetizer…

    Cashew Mushroom Pâté $5.75 This award winning paté is a savory blend of mushrooms and cashews, served with toast points.

    I could have made a meal out of this appetizer. The pate is flavorful, yet light. I allowed myself only half (and packed up the other half to go).

    And then it was time for the entree…

    No seriously, look at this.

    Sante Fe Platter $10.25 Herbed green chili polenta loaf with topped with cheddar and tomato basil sauce, surrounded with tasty black beans.

    This entree was huge. It could easily serve two. But it’s so good that I had to stop myself from eating the whole thing. It’s smothered in tomatoes and “cheeze” (And because I know quarrygirl.com readers want to know what kind of cheese, I asked. It’s Daiya)

    I thoroughly enjoyed this meal and walked out with leftovers that I enjoyed over the next several days.

    True confession #2: On Saturday night, exhausted from a long week, I drove to Lovin’ Spoonfuls for some carry out. I got the Stroganoff Supreme ($10.75: Cubes of tender vegan beef chunks braised in a rich and creamy stroganoff sauce, served over pasta.) It rocked my world.

    If you find yourself in Tucson, go to Lovin’ Spoonfuls. A couple of times, if you can.

    Lovin’ Spoonfuls
    2990 N. Campbell Avenue
    Suite 120
    Tucson, AZ 85719
    (520) 325-SPOON (7766)

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  • Applause for this restaurant for having a separate gluten-free menu with many delicious-sounding dishes! Wish L.A. had more restaurants like this!

  • Oh, and more applause for the restaurant for not being an Overpriced!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    That looks delicious!!

  • I live in Tucson (it’s a dry heat) and usually visit Lovin’ Spoonfuls every Friday for lunch. Peggy, the woman who owns/runs Lovin’ is a total delight and the menu is wonderful. I’ve tried just about everything on it! I can’t get enough of their Homemade Adzuki Burger. (My cats love their French fries.) Oh, and if you stop by, be sure to try one of the shakes from their extensive shake menu. (My personal favorite is Vanilla-Pineapple. But, my special gentleman friend prefers Mexican Chocolate.)

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    ^ A vegan vanilla-pineapple shake sounds fantastic.

  • wow, i am dying to have that “sante fe platter” right now!! Glad to see more of JL’s reviews on here, SUCH a great blog!:):)

  • haha nice review.

    santa fe platter looks so tasty.

  • I got to Tucson frequently for work, and I always schedule a trip to Lovin’ Spoonfuls. (Sometimes I schedule the work meeting there – bonus!)

    Everything I’ve had on the menu is tasty. The staff has always been very friendly and the service has been great.

    My true confession: I almost always get extra dessert for the trip back to LA. 🙂

  • My mom and I recently took a road trip out there and ate every meal at Lovin Spoonfuls while in Tucson. It was so good! The breakfast menu is especially amazing – one that I wish we had as an option in LA. The super nice woman that started the restaurant had a previous job in Southern California and she said she’d love to open another restaurant out here – hopefully franchises in the future!

  • Glad to see on Happy Cow that Tucson does at least have 3 vegetarian restaurants: 2 others besides Lovin’ Spoonfuls, although the other two are not vegan.

  • I stopped and had lunch there a few months ago while in Tucson and loved it. Peggy brought my order to the table and before she even put it down said that she didn’t think the fries looked hot enough, so I touched them and she swept it off the table and returned quickly with a fresh heaping basket of fries! Now that is an owner who cares about the quality of the food served.
    I look forward to returning.

  • I cannot wait to try Lovin Spoonfuls….I am thinking Sunday if they are open…And i am gonna bring my husband (Not vegetarian) and he will try something with me….Yummy, cannot wait….

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