• quick bite: major league vegan options in philly


    a couple years ago, we blogged about the surprisingly vegan-friendly food at LA’s very own dodger stadium. now in 2011, we’re happy to report that ball parks across the country are stocking more and more meatless options. today kevin of vegan brew sent us some pix of his vegan visit to a phillies game, and we were just blown away by the amount of options! we’ll show ’em to you in this edition of quick bites.

    vegan hot dogs at a phillies game

    kevin sent us some snaps of his vegan hot dog and hummus with pita, both of which looked phenomenal. he also noted that the stadium has a crankable machine that dispenses fresh diced onions (I WANT THAT IN MY KITCHEN!).

    hummus and pita at a phillies game

    kevin added that there were loads of other goodies available including “vegan burgers, vegan steak sandwiches, vegan chicken sandwiches, and craft beer!” DUDE, i fucking HATE sports…but now i wanna go to a phillies game.

    i took it upon myself to look up the vegan options at the philies stadium on soyhappy.org (an awesome site for tracking animal-free ballpark food) and the results were insane! here is the breakdown, according to the site:

    Vegan items (rolls are also vegan)
    Mon Cuisine chicken sandwich on a roll; vegan hot dogs; vegan black bean burgers; vegedelphia cheese steak sandwich on a roll, vegan chicken cheese steak sandwich on a roll; veggie hoagie sandwich on an Italian roll; gluten-free and casein-free chocolate chip cookie; veggie sandwich on a wrap, gourmet veggie salad; hot soups; juices and fruit snacks; pretzels; nuts; hummus and pita chips; frozen lemon juice; potato chips, popcorn. The vanilla sorbet at the Yogen Fruze stand is also vegan and gluten-free.

    what year is this!??!!? so many vegan options at a fucking sporting event? i must be dreaming. check out soy happy for all the vegan options at a ballpark near you. i reckon you’ll be amazed.

    thanks for the tip and photos, kevin!


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