• olivia munn takes her clothes off for animal rights…and burgers

    April 29th, 2011quarrygirlrants

    i know it’s no surprise that celebrities can be super lame and fickle when it comes to animal rights, but this is just ridiculous.

    olivia munn, who PETA has been obsessed with lately (they even gave her an award at their recent gala!) is now sporting a bikini in a carl’s junior burger commercial.

    i guess she’ll take off her clothes for anything. animal rights? burgers? whateves, as long as there’s a camera there.

    gotta admit, i think this makes the whole olivia munn PETA campaign kinda meaningless.


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  • Absolutely grotesque, as are ALL such PETA ads!

  • I don’t get her appeal!

  • but she took off more clothes for the PETA ad – so i think that’s saying something.

  • You don’t already think PETA makes PETA kind of meaningless?

  • Awards to dead cow pimps!

    Ha ha PETA, what a silly joke you’ve turned out to be.

  • Another knock at the credibility of PETA as a leading animal rights organization. They’re more interested in celebrity photo-ops than putting in the work required to make sustainable change on the ground.

  • no, in general i <3 PETA!

  • That PETA ad is ridiculous anyway. I read it as “Boycott the circus, let elephants be free, and oh hey, here’s a nice picture of a pretty naked lady pretending to care”.

  • Yes, so completely TYPICAL of PETA!

  • I liked this site more when it focused on the incredible vegan options that are out there. Posts like this make me want to stop checking this site.

  • oh well, we usually post on incredible vegan options at least once a day. sorry if that’s not enough! i suggest checking out happycow.net.

    and hey, the internet is a big place…i’m sure you can find a blog that better suits you.

  • oh wait, now i get it. i see you work at PETA… i wasn’t trying to offend you. i like PETA.

  • All good, I just like the food content better. 🙂

  • I don’t think anyone assumed that the PETA models actually believe in the causes they strip for. So this is a non-issue for me. The attempt by PETA to make animal rights sexy or something has always fallen flat, and it’s surprising to me that they’re still at it. They should go back to throwing paint on celebs wearing fur; at least that made a difference.

  • joe (vegan)donut

    you can’t blame a girl for working. when work comes in you have to take it. which makes me wonder, how exactly do you keep your head above water quarrygirl? I certainly appreciate there not being ads on your site (which i love and read religiously), but i’m sure that if you’re not a sponge, you have a day job that might not be the most militant vegan environment you’d like it to be. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and realize that your most ideal world doesn’t always mesh with the rest of society. and that’s alright. if everyone was a carbon copy of each other what a boring world this would be. even if it was vegan. cheers.

  • i do have a day job! and it’s very vegan-friendly. <3

  • Is she even vegetarian? On Attack of the Show she ate whale and other meaty things… so, maybe she’s just anti-circus animals? I don’t think you have to agree with all aspects of PETA to support them, do you?

  • Hey now, she’s GOTS to get paid. Actually, this doesn’t surprise me at all. I’m sure every vegan knows that person who’s like “OMG save the dolphins! Save the whales! Mmmm, this tuna sub is awesome!” *facepalm*

  • Yep! And how totally unsurprising that PETA would select such a person for one of their ads!

  • Really? Despite their misogyny, fatphobia, racism, ableism, ageism, transphobia, etc. etc. etc?

  • Keep doing what you’re doing QuarryGirl! You do an awesome job, and many many many people really appreciate it!

  • I so agree with you on this. How does her word mean anything if she’ll sell her integrity? Ugh. Bad move on PETA’s part. One in a recent series of bad decisions, IMO…

  • My thoughts exactly.

  • this post is stupid. her ad is about circus animals, not veganism. she’s never claimed to be vegan and heaven forbid someone who doesnt meet your incredibly high standards of vegan perfectionism try to speak out against animal abuse. stop making vegans and animal rights activist look like assholes.
    ps nice typo in your headline.

  • Where is the typo? Am I missing it?

  • “olivian munn”

  • Ouch. How embarrassing. I bet PETA didn’t know she was gonna start selling burgers when they gave her that dumb award.

  • shite! thanks for catching that typo. fixing now. i’m not trying to diss her for speaking out against the circus. i just question her motives and don’t think she cares about animals. sorry, it’s how i feel! doing a peta ad and a burger commercial is hypocritical.

  • I doubt Peta paid her to do this ad. I think the celebs probably donate their time and face/body to the Peta campaigns.

  • Now there’s another typo in the headline. Says, “olivia munn takes her clothes for animal rights…and burgers” should say “takes her clothes OFF”. Love you QG, but you need a proofreader. 🙂

  • its just really lame that youre attacking someone who has been incredibly outspoken about this issue. not everyone is vegan and when they see vegans react like this it doesnt encourage them to listen to anything we might say. everyone can help animals, not just card carrying vegans.

  • “Love you QG, but you need a proofreader.”

    seriously. :/

  • i think when celebs like olivia munn are so fickle and hypocritical, it makes the cause look silly. it also makes it look like she’s just doing the ad for attention, not animals.

  • In defense of PETA, their ads are not for those of us who already care about and support animal rights, but rather they are directed at those who don’t. It’s actually media savvy to put up a picture of a pretty naked girl to get the attention of people who would otherwise ignore the ad. The fact that her career and personal choices might appear hypocritical to us is a point that will be lost on the rest of the world because they probably won’t be aware of it.

  • You know what’s lamer than this post? A woman who advertises murdered cow in a bikini.

  • I’m sorry, “if you’re not a sponge”? I’m like so confused. but that’s about the only thing i’m not understanding.You CAN blame a girl for working, what kind of a piss are you taking here? I refuse to believe that you support the animal rights movement.this retort isn’t coming from any mindset of some unbiased philosophical perspective.rather, you’ve convinced yourself that your time will be best spent being a voice for this chick that i’ve never heard of who creates nothing.I know I make no sense either, but dod dern. This just struck me as so ridiculous and shouldn’t even be dignified with a response. Pretentious, moi?

  • PETA is not only anti-meat-eating, but anti-meat industry and anti-animal cruelty. Munn has presented herself as against animal cruelty, including appearing at events for Farm Sanctuary, another anti-meat-eating, but anti-meat industry and anti-animal cruelty organization. I don’t think it’s right to be a poster woman for those causes, then go shill hamburgers.

  • PETA is not only anti-meat-eating, but anti-meat industry and anti-animal cruelty. Munn has presented herself as against animal cruelty, including appearing at events for Farm Sanctuary, another anti-meat-eating, anti-meat industry and anti-animal cruelty organization. I don’t think it’s right to be a poster woman for those causes, then go shill hamburgers.

  • As much as I love PETA for their anti-cruelty stance and their resistance to non-human animal exploitation, I also question their positioning of women as advertisements. A certain ideal of women are objectified by PETA and countless organisations and I think this needs to be challenged.

  • Olivia munn is selling torture, garbage food literally covered in feces. She isn’t exactly hurting for money. Stupid cunt.

  • Hey Quarry Girl;

    I know you took a ton of undeserved shit for shining the light on VegNews. Now you are going to get even more.

    I want you to know I appreciate your work.

    If you and your SO are ever in Washington D.C., shoot me an email. I’m taking you out to dinner.

  • Dude, in both posters, she is staring blankly to a space off camera. Then there’s the goofball on the back of the motorcycle with a thumbs up and a missing tooth. These look more like an Onion News article than real life.

  • What a dumb bitch. I’m just disgusted, I can’t help myself.

  • Throwing paint on celebrities wearing fur actually serves TWO purposes, not just one. It makes animal rights activists look like jackasses to most moderates (i.e. the people not really “on our side” but potentially persuadable), and it creates a demand for more fur (the celebrity’s replacement fur).

  • You are so right QG.

    BTW, have you seen this website?


  • Lovely comment. Shows what some vegans are like.

  • FYI, PETA’s detractors are keeping tabs on PETA’s “hypocrite” celebrity spokespeople:


  • Same. I guess she’s good looking, but when she opens her mouth she’s incredibly annoying.

  • Well, not eating animals is a pretty big PETA platform. However, they used Khloe Kardashian in an “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” campaign and she certainly eats meat. Too bad they ran out of actual vegan celebrities after about 3 photo shoots.

  • Hopefully, the others’ self-esteem would not permit them to do a nudie ad for PETA.

  • I understand that people are upset. But who cares if she is eating a burger. I think that we could spend our time talk about the good things that are happening in the movement. When put people on the spot for something they have done like this they just begin to think all vegans are crazy.

    Can we have some kind of respect for this woman ? I think we can. Why don’t we just make sure we don’t let her do another PETA ad and make sure that we do our best to promote veganism. I think to bash other people for what they are doing instead of educating them is wrong. As a person a African American I’m upset that this movement continues often times to be so hateful to humans in the name of Animal Rights.

    I think animals are amazing and I love them. At the same time I believe compassion works both ways be compassionate to people and animals. We don’t have to have one or the other. We should think about how we want to be seen and what is our purpose.

    How about be do some affective outreach and send her some vegan chickin patties and other vegan foods to show her compassionate ways of eating. I think we have other ways we could go about making sure our change is working.

  • Brilliant comments! Well said!

  • Agree! I hate how they can be so insulting to almost every group on the planet as long as they are fighting for animals. I don’t think that one group should be subjugated at the expense of another. The “State of the Union Undress” is absolutely ridiculous, just to name one of thousands of examples. Also, all the fat shaming is getting old.

  • By the way, is she a starlet? Never heard of this particular one until now.

  • I’d say it’s pretty common knowledge around hollywood that being a vegetarian…or more likely, saying you’re a vegetarian, is beneficial for your celebrity image. it’s encouraged at the agencies!

  • ‘Outspoken’ or just getting her kit off? I don’t have any intrinsic objection to PETA, in fact I spent some time there as an intern and count it as one of the more positive life experiences I’ve had (I am by the way overweight and fairly into keeping my clothes *on*), but I do find celebrities in general a bit wearing. Yes many of them will do anything for attention and maybe it is better that they channel that somewhere positive. On the other hand when they do a complete arse-about-face turn like this it is totally embarassing!

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