• another vegan beer dinner in san diego!

    April 28th, 2011quarrygirlvegan events

    well, i’ve got some bad news and some good news. the bad news is, stone’s vegan pairing dinner is already SOLD OUT! wow, that was quick. good job, vegans! hopefully the interest will convince stone to hold another one asap. the good news is, there’s gonna be another vegan beer dinner in san diego that very week hosted by the folks at LOVELIKEBEER!

    the menu for this event hasn’t been finalized yet, but they know they will be serving alesmith’s speedway stout…and stone is making them a special batch of ddh ruination with citra hops. there will be 3 other beers on tap as well, and the menu details should be finalized soon. when we get ’em, we’ll post ’em!

    unlike the stone event, this event has no set time, no reservations, and no menu. there will be several pairings to chose from, and you can order whatever you want. kinda like a choose your own vegan food/craft beer adventure!

    this event is on a thursday night, so you may wanna take off friday and make it a long san diego weekend. you can eat at pokez while you’re there!

    what is up with SD having all these awesome vegan beer dinners? step it up, los angeles.

    vegan beer night
    thursday may 12th 6-10pm
    sea rocket bistro
    3382 30th street
    san diego ca 92104

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  • Hopefully they can now serve Avery – VEGAN Friendly now. Check out the below company email:

    Company Email: April 2011
    “I am proud to announce with the addition of a centrifuge we no longer have to fine our beers. As you probably know, finings are used to promote the flocculation and sedimentation of yeast in fermentation vessel prior to filtering. Well, centrifuges actually like the yeast very homogenized throughout the vessel.

    So, please feel free to drink all of our beers without worry…outside of The Beast…it has honey in it.”


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