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    April 26th, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, mendocino farms

    recently i’ve been freelancing in downtown los angeles, and one of the best things about it is my office’s close proximity to mendocino farms.

    my vegan trip through india: housemade indian spiced chickpea and spinach patty with tamarind chutney, vegan cucumber mint raita, vegan crispy onions and baby spinach on ciabatta. $9.25

    the specialty sandwich shop has three locations around LA and has long been one of our favorite spots in town, as they always offer at least two stellar vegan sandwich options and a plethora of vegan sides ranging from potato salad, vegetables, and greens to hearty soups and chili. i hit up the flower location yesterday armed with just my cell phone camera (sorry!) and tried out one of their spring specials, “my vegan trip through india”

    wowie, this sandwich was a flavor explosion! i mean just look at the description—a housemade indian spiced chickpea and spinach patty with tamarind chutney, vegan cucumber mint raita, crispy onions and baby spinach. it was a full on bollywood movie up in my mouth.

    i have been hesitant to try this sandwich on previous visits, because i wasn’t sure how well all these tastes would go together. even when i ordered it, i got the chutney and raita on the side (just incase). well, i ended up using both the sauces anyways, just as though i had ordered it normally, and it was fantastic. the best part of the whole thing had to be the chickpea and spinach patty. filled with aromatic spices and both smashed and whole garbanzo beans, it was soft, moist, and juicy…not hard and crisp like i was expecting. the flavors went especially nicely with the sweet tamarind and cool, creamy cucumber. the fried onions added a really nice touch and texture as well, not to mention the generous amount of fresh spinach leaves.

    please note: i got this sandwich on a ciabatta roll, but it’s also available in a honey tortilla (which isn’t vegan). sadly, mendocino farms is phasing out their vegan tortillas, so pretty soon a vegan wrap won’t be an option. luckily, their ciabatta is vegan…so i hope you like sandwiches!

    if you haven’t been to mendocino farms yet, you really need to make it happen. they probably offer the best vegan sandwiches in LA, and their ingredients are always the fancy organic kind.

    check out their website for locations
    follow them on twitter
    like them on facebook (sometimes they leak special vegan sandwiches on here, so it’s worth checking out!)

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  • The ingredients inside the gluten-bread sound very good (I love chickpeas, spinach, etc.), but even if I ate gluten I wouldn’t want to pay quite that much. BUT… if I were trapped in dowtown L.A., I MIGHT have to, LOL.

  • Bummer they are phasing out the vegan tortillas since their wraps are so great.

  • The husband had jury duty a few weeks ago and brought home that sandwich for me! It was SO good.

  • in the same complex is starry kitchen – not a vegan restaurant by any means, but amazing food with some options. talk to my friend wyn and thi who own the place and they should hook you up – they are very knowledgable!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Haven’t tried this place yet, I keep hearing good things.

  • I go to the one in the Marina. I love that place. It’s such a fresh healthy fast option.

  • That looks incredible. Spinach and chickpeas sounds like a great combo.

  • This… sammich… looks… INCREDIBLE. I must try to make it for myself!! I’m on a freakin’ mission now.

  • Oh Mendocino Farms, my bf & I found them on St. Pat’s after the free concert in Pershing Square-boy did their sandwich save my full of gross beer belly! I love their vegan potato salad too! So so so tasty 😀

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