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    April 18th, 2011quarrygirlvegan bakers

    you don’t celebrate easter? neither do i, but that’s no reason not to stock up on some amazing treats before the holiday. i know you’ve probably already ordered the chicago soydairy tweets (a vegan version of peeps), but today i’m here to tell you about some local goodies from jam vegan bakery and half baked co. for those of you who live in los angeles.

    first up, jam is offering a full on vegan easter basket stuffed with handmade chocolates, cakes, cookies, and more! it’s huge and would be perfect if you have little vegan kids that you wanna surprise on easter morning. they’re $50 a pop, and the deadline to get your order in is 4/21, with pick up on 4/22 or 4/23. check out their website for more info. i haven’t personally tried jam yet, but people have been raving about them! they are also having a pop up event on 4/22 with $15 grab n go bags in honor of CA veg week, and you can read more about that here.

    if you want some vegan easter-inspired cupcakes, half baked co. has come up with a new flavor in honor of the holiday.

    this is a vegan version of their flavor “jelly bean nest,” and it looks pretty tasty. i’ve had half bake’s reduced sugar, reduced fat goodies before and they are unbelievable. they taste just as decadent as “normal” dessert. PLUS if you happen to live in valencia (aka awesometown), they are offering free delivery in that area!!! get on it.

    that’s all the local easter goodies i have for now. if i’m missing anything good, leave it in the comments and i’ll update the post.

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