• update: cru changes menu, rachel carr joins suncafe

    February 22nd, 2011quarrygirlcru, LA restaurants, sunpower natural cafe

    raw vegan lasagna at cru is no more!

    hey everyone, just a quick update on the cru silverlake situation…

    we recently blogged that cru and their executive chef rachel carr were parting ways, and apparently she’s already found a new home at suncafe (formerly sunpower natural)! sun’s general manager sent me the following email:

    “Just wanted to let you know of a wonderful development in the world of yummy veganism!

    Rachel Carr, former executive chef of CRU in Silverlake, is joining SunCafe (formerly SunPower Natural) in Studio City. In the coming weeks, we will be revamping the menu and in doing so, will be having lots of daily specials to “try out” possible menu ideas before we finalize on a brand new menu. We are also shortening our name from SunPower Natural Cafe to just SunCafe. The next month will be full of new and exciting things over here at SunCafe. Please let your loyal followers know!”


    in other news, cru has reopened with a new menu. many of our favorite items are gone, including the raw lasagna (pictured above) and the chard fritters. we haven’t checked out the new cru yet, but we did receive this comment from a disappointed reader.

    here’s to hoping the new cru improves quickly and that rachel carr works wonders at suncafe. this whole situation could just mean more awesome raw vegan food for all of this! i can dream.

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  • So yes, went to Cru yesterday. The only changes I noticed were chalkboard paint added to the walls and the removal of my favorite items. No brownie a la mode, no chard fritters, no tostada, no gluten free mac n cheese…

    The menu was much smaller and just as expensive. I’m not interested in going back until this changes.

  • Ps. I’m glad Rachel is joining SunCafe, their raw selection is pretty weak. I liked their desserts but the rest of the options really didn’t have much allure from a raw perspective.

  • BeauteousBohemia

    I hope and pray that during the menu revamp, Sun Power Natural does not get rid of their Raw Tacos or their Cacao Superfood shake. Those are two of my favorite foods in all of Los Angeles, and numerous omnivores whom I’ve introduced them to agree with me!

  • BeauteousBohemia

    Lettuce tacos…

  • My husband and I went to Cru on Sunday to check out the changes. I would say overall it’s a 3 out of 5 stars. The food is fine. That’s it, just fine. I had the cooked tostada with white bean puree, cucumbers, avocado and tomatoes and my husband had the raw eggplant parmesan. They both were lacking in the great pop of flavor from the original menu items. I think the new chef needs to find his way and hopefully is open to constructive criticism and will take comments to heart. In his defense he had to turn around an entire menu and restaurant in 4-5 days. Not an easy feat. So I’m hoping with time Cru will become the place we all love again!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Haven’t been to this place yet, will be trying it one day though.

  • No gluten-free mac & cheese???!!!! Happily, I don’t think this will ever be the case at Veggie Grill! : )

  • Although I liked SunPower, the majority of their items are filled with more nuts/seeds then one should consume in a day. Perhaps this will change. I notice Cru has replaced my fave curry with a new curry that appears to be Jamaican influenced…I’ll have to see if its as good. They still have the quinoa mac’n’cheese ya’ll!

  • Oh, this could be a great partnership! I love Cru and I’m really curious what Rachel will bring to Suncafe.

  • We just came back from Cru completely disappointed. The sweet potato starter made us hope that the next course would be better but the succatash was bland and the veggie curry was boring. The quality of the menu seems to have moved far far away from Rachel Carr’s exciting dishes!
    We’re not going back as it felt like tossing $51 bucks on the street.

  • New Cru: Mostly rice noodle dishes with gloppy sauces. Former Cru was outstanding.

  • I don’t live close to Cru, but whenever I was in the area I would try to have a meal there. I have been becoming more and more disenchanted with their menu offerings, gone are the body ecology options and the vegan lasagna I had last time was so gloppy and not at all satisfying as a meal. Will have to investigate SunCafe!

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