• UPDATED: cru in silverlake changes chefs, shuts temporarily

    February 15th, 2011quarrygirlcru, LA restaurants

    WTF?! this can’t be good! cru, one of our favorite vegetarian restaurants, has shut down temporarily and is changing chefs?! the news comes to us via eater.com:

    “Rachel Carr executive chef of raw/vegan eatery, Cru, in Silver Lake has departed the restaurant for greener pastures. In her wake Cru has temporarily shuttered and will reopen on Thursday with a new chef (Vincent Krimmel), refreshed menu, slight interior revamp, but the same uncooked, dairy-free eats. [eater]

    sad! we are glad to hear the restaurant will remain vegetarian…but we really loved it the way it was. let’s hope nothing changes. :/

    UPDATE: just got this anonymous tip with an update on the situation. i inaccurately reported earlier that cru was changing owners…apparently, they are just changing chefs. WHEW!

    It is worth noting that the restaurant is not undergoing a change of ownership, but a change of chef. The gentleman taking up the role of head chef, Vincent Krimmel, has worked at Cru for over three years. The ownership, the staff, and the overall concept of the restaurant will remain the same, featuring locally sourced organic, vegan, and raw ingredients. Naturally the current menu will be revised to reflect chef Vincent’s culinary direction.

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  • We just took my boyfriend’s mother here, it was her first raw food foray and she greatly enjoyed it. Another pro of Cru – no corkage fee! I hope the quality and lightness of the food doesn’t change ALONG with that damn sweet BYOB policy.

  • they better keep that damn brownie dessert! and the chard fritters!!!!

  • Glad to know there is fresh leadership at Cru. I have always loved the food here, but recently have been avoiding the place because I have noticed tension among the staff, even witnessing what I think was a fight between a waitress and the manager.

  • I just hope they keep the ravioli dish! It’s so awesome.

  • I vowed never to go back when they treated me like a dick for using a Restaurant.com coupon.

  • I swear to Dog, I had one of the BEST vegan meals of my entire vegan life there – some kind of mushroom risotto. And a coconut sorbet thingy.

    Great food. Hope it doesn’t change.

  • i love Cru! I hope they don’t change it too much 🙁
    everyone that works there is so sweet, i never noticed any tension.
    i just hope they still have the mac-n-cheese. dang i love that thing, just thinking about it makes me hungry.

  • I love Cru and the people who work there!!

    Anyone know why they’re *cash only*?

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Must stop by this place one of these days.

  • !!! If they get rid of the sweet potato/chickpea curry dish I will be very upset! A few of my friends work there so I’ll have to ask them what’s going on with the menu.

  • They changed the entire menu and it is not close to the quality it was before. I am hope they listen to their customers complaints and change it back! Everything I had was less than mediocre

  • HEAR HEAR! Likewise! Such a pain in the ass.

  • I had Cru as my last meal before embarking on a long trip to a third world country with nothing for vegans to eat but rice and beans – after the trip the only thing I wanted was dinner at Cru. Seriously, it was all I thought about. And then I went last Friday and the whole menu was different! Nothing was as good as it was before, and we tried 6 different things. The Mezze platter used to be the best, but the antipasto platter they have now isn’t even close. The flax crackers are diff too – much chalkier. Very disappointing. I hope they change it back, or I won’t be going back…so sad

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