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    February 7th, 2011quarrygirlbangers and smashed, LA restaurants

    i LOVE mashed potatoes. love, love, love. so naturally i was super excited when i heard about bangers and smashed, a company that specializes in gourmet mashed potatoes and always has at least one vegan flavor on hand. they don’t have a storefront at the moment, but they are currently taking orders for pickup in west hollywood, and also cater special events.

    the menu at bangers and smashed is changing constantly, and their current vegan offering is moroccan spiced squash: a medley of sweet potato, winter squash, root vegetables, and a touch of african spice. i tried a pint of it and was absolutely blown away by the silky deliciousness…

    this stuff clocks in at 12 bucks per container, which is a pretty good deal, considering you get 4 servings. often times, sweet potatoes can be a little TOO sweet for me, but this mash was just perfect.

    the flavorful blend of butternut squash, sweet potato, parsnip and shallots was rounded off nicely with plenty of non-dairy margarine and soy milk for creaminess. seriously, so good! the whole thing had a hint of a curry taste, which i’m a huge fan of. we are talking high-quality, delicious, and interesting potatoes.

    i spoke with jill, the mastermind behind bangers and smashed, and she alluded to several more interesting vegan flavors in the future…even one containing fake bacon. now that would just be awesome!

    the moroccan spiced squash flavor won’t be available much longer, so be sure to place your orders now. like, today! you won’t be sorry.

    i’m looking forward to eating many more mashed potatoes from bangers and smashed in the future.


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