• Vegan Field Report: Mother’s Cafe and Garden in Austin

    February 5th, 2011quarrygirlaustin, more restaurants (not LA)

    hey everyone, time for another field report by bess from i dream of greenie! today she reviews vegetarian restaurant mother’s cafe and garden in austin, texas…and all i know is now i’m absolutely dying to go there and grub up on burgers and mexican food. seriously looking into texas flights. check it out:

    While on a recent trip to Austin, I had the pleasure of eating some of the best vegan meals I have ever had. In fact, I am still riding on a food high from the meal I ate at Mother’s Café and Garden.

    This fully vegetarian spot (with almost everything veganize-able) was almost not on our meal itinerary (yes I plan out the restaurants before we arrive), but the place we were planning to eat at was closed on Monday (Beets Café, I’ll hit you up next time). However, our omni host was quick tor recommend Mother’s and all I can say is that I am forever grateful to her for this recommendation…

    While I was happy to see there was a bit of a line for a table, even during the kind of odd eating time of 2:30pm, I was even happier that we were seated within 10 minutes and given a basket of complimentary chips and salsa.

    With my belly temporarily sated by the chips and salsa, I sat down to tackle the giant and daunting menu. While I vacillated between everything from the BBQ tofu with sage mashed potatoes and black-eyed peas to spinach lasagna and their riff on a sloppy joe, I kept coming back to one item and as strange as it might sound to order in a restaurant, I knew that the BUENO BURGER was mine. I was in the mood for a sandwich, saw that the bueno burger had been voted the best veggie burger in Austin PLUS could be topped with Daiya. I made that order and never looked back.

    Bueno Burger: Voted best veggie burger in Austin! Our recipe of seeds, grains, fresh veggies, and non-GMO tofu served on our vegan whole wheat bun with lettuce, sprouts, tomato, pickle, and purple onion $6.75 with jack cheese or vegan cheese add $0.35 with guacamole add $0.75 with both add $1.00

    The burger arrived on a giant wheat sesame seed bun, lightly toasted and “buttered”. Now it needs to be said that bread is my favorite carbohydrate and I have high standards for the glue that holds the sandwich together. This bun was an absolutely fantastic receptacle for the burger. Oh the burger. Topped with Daiya cheese, lettuce tomato and onion, along with a tofu Dijon sauce I ordered, this burger was so good, I managed to forget that the waitress forget to bring me the ketchup I requested (my only qualm is that the service was a bit spotty). It was crispy, flavorful and dare I say the best veggie burger I have ever eaten?

    Spicy Tempeh Enchiladas: Filled with sautéed crumbled organic tempeh, purple onion, corn and fresh cilantro. Topped with a spicy nutty chipotle sauce $8.95

    My companions could not stop raving about their food either: one of them got the spicy tempeh enchiladas topped with Daiya and served with rice and beans and the other got a Chili Melt, basically a deconstructed burrito bowl.

    Despite being full to the brim, I reminded myself that there is another stomach for dessert. While there was a very extensive and mostly vegan friendly menu for dessert, I knew at first glance that I must have the chocolate peanut butter pie.

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie: Creamy vegan chocolate custard with organic peanut butter topping in a roasted peanut/whole wheat crust - yum

    This picture does not do it justice but let’s just say I allowed my friend 2 bites and single handedly devoured the rest. The filling was luscious, creamy and the perfect ratio of chocolate to peanut butter (am I the only one who finds some chocolate PB desserts to be too much of one, not enough of another?), the crust was firm and tasty and the crushed peanuts on top enhanced the flavor and brought a new texture to the table.

    Anybody who lives within a 100, I mean 300 mile radius of Austin should make the trip to Mother’s…I wish I could go back tomorrow!

    Mother’s Cafe and Garden
    4215 Duval Street (not Road – that’s way-out off of 183!!)
    Austin, Texas 78751
    Hyde Park
    512-451-0015 (fax)
    Monday through Friday 11:15 to 10
    Saturday & Sunday 10 to 10
    Brunch Saturday & Sunday 10-3

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