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  • Wow, what a super douchey response to a bummed customer. As if her one message to them resulted directly in them shutting down?



  • Ugh, glad they are closed. How rude.

  • wow! that is a super douchey response! lame!!!

  • Eleahoo Joobavich

    LOL at a bahn mi on a hamburger bun.

  • good riddance to bad rubbish. Greenleaves next?

  • Ironic that the response came from “customerservice@…” More like customerdisservice.

  • I never liked Manis anyway. I’m glad they’re gone.

  • LOL!! Good fuckin riddance!! Fuck these non-vegan establishments!!! Let them die!!

  • FAIL Lolsss.

  • These guys deserved to go under even though people like Gregalor were constant apologists for them.

  • I’m sure glad the fantastic restaurants in Hollywood & West Hollywood (Green Leaves, Truly, Sante La Brea, Bulan, Pizza Fusion (now that they have a pizza crust that is both vegan AND gluten-free), and Veggie Grill seem to be going strong! Also happy that Pure Luck and Native Foods, although they aren’t real close to us, appear to be doing fine. : )

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Sounds like they were not a fan of their vegan customers? Though, maybe they’d have replied like that to anyone who wrote in at this point, who knows.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    In either case though, what an odd way to respond to consumer inquiries! Gosh. A little kindness goes a long way.

  • Uh, what? Pretty sure I’ve never said anything good about Mani’s. I only ever went there twice and was disappointed both times. Please don’t put words in my mouth, thanks.

  • I know, right? It’s supposed to be on a baguette, which is almost always “accidentally vegan” by default. Not only do they put it on non-vegan bread, but it’s not even the PROPER kind of bread. lol

  • I haven’t given Mani’s a second thought since they closed the Fairfax location and then served QG non-vegan food in the new location.

    Thankfully, there are tons of great vegan options in LA!

  • LOL they are such fucking assholes. Good riddance! I unfortunately worked there back in the day on Fairfax and can say I am very happy they closed down.

  • Wow! That’s the cuntiest customer service ever….but hey, they’re closed so wtf do they care.

    Whatevs….plenty of other places to eat.

  • It makes me sad that they fell so far. I used to work there when they actually knew what vegan meant (maybe it was because there were a few vegans that worked there.)

    I really appreciated what QG did by asking for support for a struggling restaurant. It made me very happy when people were asking me what’s vegan, and there were a lot of them after QG’s post.

    I left because I did not like how the place was being managed so I am not surprised that they forgot about vegan foods and customer service

  • Good riddance! Don’t let the lease hit you in the ass on the way out.

  • somewhat deserves a spot on passiveaggressivenotes.com

  • By the way, wonder why it is that Beverly Hills has NO vegan or vegetarian restaurants. Seems kinda pitiful.

  • There is a good one in beverly hills: M Cafe on Brighton Way, between Beverly Drive and Canon. Very casual though.

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