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    December 12th, 2010quarrygirlhard times pizza co, LA restaurants

    UPDATE 12/21: we have found that hard times pizza uses follow your heart as their vegan cheese. also, we tried it and it was AWESOME.

    it’s time for another quick bite! this one comes to us from trishells, who recently hit up hard times in silverlake. the pizzeria has recently started serving vegan pizza, and according to some tweeps, it’s available by the SLICE. whoa. we aren’t sure what vegan cheese they are using, but people who have eaten it are saying it seems like the new teese. we are gonna try to get to the bottom of the cheese brand issue and report back. as we know, it’s a pretty important thing to find out. meanwhile, here’s trishells’ review!

    my new favorite pizza is at Hard Times! on a lazy saturday night i ordered vegan pizza for pick up with garlic, jalapenos, mushrooms, and olives…

    what made this pizza amazing was a combo of just the right amount of vegan cheese with abundant toppings.

    after eating the pizza i called them back to find out what kind of cheese they use and ended up on the phone with the manager. she was flustered that she didn’t have the answer but assured me that the ingredients were vegan. she also said she would find out asap and i should call back soon.

    this is going to be my regular pizza joint from now on without a doubt! also, the lot that they are in, which normally is a cluster fluck, was full of empty spaces this saturday night. the only thing i will do different next time is get my pizza for dine in instead of carry out as now i know that they have many decent beer options.

    hard times pizza
    2664 Griffith Park Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90039
    (323) 661-5656

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  • Shock horror. There be beer in them there pictures..

  • Whoa, it’s on! I go to Silverlake all the time and my friend lives just around the corner from there on Rowena.

    How is the crust there?

  • This was my childhood pizza place, I loved their pizza as a kid. Haven’t had it in over 11 years now since going vegan. When I first went vegan, I tried to get a cheeseless pizza from them but the sauce had cheese in it, so it wasn’t vegan. I guess that has changed now.

    However, I went in there a couple weeks ago and woman couldn’t have been ruder to me. I asked her if they had vegan pizza and she mumbled yes. I asked her which cheese they use and she got flustered and had me talk to the other woman. She was super rude and said “what are you trying to ask, I just don’t get it.” I asked her what brand the cheese is. She asked the cooks, they said some random word (I don’t think they spoke English), she said it to me, I told her there’s no vegan cheese with that name. She said “I just don’t understand what you’re trying to find out.”

    Anyways, I walked right out. Not only was she less than helpful, she had a shitty attitude.

    If restaurants can’t answer a simple question, I say no thanks and walk away.


  • the crust was pretty good. nothing amazing but also not at all bad. they offer a thin crust (which i usually love) but I forgot to ask if that’s vegan and just got the regular.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    That vegan pizza looks good!

  • i need this pizza RIGHT NOW.

  • hahahahaha they suck

  • Definitely sounds like a place to avoid!

  • seriously, i can’t wait to try this place. i tried to order pizza last night, and they were out of vegan cheese!

  • UGH. that sucks. i am gonna go there and try to get some questions answered. hopefully i don’t get the rude employee. :/

  • I can’t wait to check this out. Hard Times was my favorite pizza place as a kid. I’ll be back in L.A. for the holidays and this is definitely on my todo list.

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