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    December 1st, 2010quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), NYC

    hey everyone, we have a new segment on the blog called quick bites! basically if you are ever dining out anywhere and you eat an epic vegan meal (good or bad), snap a pic (with your cell or whateves) and email it to me here…and it may end up on the blog. no promises, but it’s a possibility. if you could send a little description as well, that’ll score points. the first quickbite comes to us from none other than mr. meaner, who is traveling in NYC and hit up one of our favorite spots, franchia, for dinner. here are his quick bites (i am paraphrasing!):

    kimchi tofu patties. $8.95

    the kimchi was awesome. even omnivore business associates loved it.

    tofu stone bowl rice. $16.95

    this stone rice bowl was so hot, it couldn’t even be eaten! it arrived at the table with the vegetables and rice still cooking in the stone. with worky-type people waiting, and the meal still too hot to eat, the only thing to do was to request a cup of ice and poor it into the bowl to make it edible. is that a REALLY good thing, or a REALLY bad thing? i can’t decide. either way, it tasted great.

    inside, franchia is as warm and cozy and fancy as ever.

    well that’ll do for this quick bite! send me your stories and pictures, and they may just end up here on the blog. and be sure to check out franchia if and when you visit nyc!

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