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    November 25th, 2010quarrygirlvegan events

    this is just crazy. earlier today i tweeted and urged readers to send me their vegan thanksgiving pictures to post on the blog, and the results were staggering. i mean, just look at the epic dishes vegans were eating today! we have pictures from all around the country, home-cooked meals, store-bought meals, and meals in restaurants. if i am missing your pix, email them to me and i will add them to the post. let’s make this the BIGGEST vegan thanksgiving post EVER. check it…

    vegan thanksgiving by jody: Hazelnut Cranberry Field Roast with cranberry-raspberry sauce, stuffing, gravy, yams, and roasted root vegetables.

    vegan pumpkin cheesecake by jody

    nabil's annual vegan pumpkin walnuts cream cheese pie

    vegan thanksgiving by mollie 🙂

    thanksgiving table by mollie

    noelle from an opera singer in the kitchen was kind enough to send us these:

    vegan seitan roast by noelle

    vegan gingery orange cranberry sauce by noelle

    vegan green beans with cherry vinaigrette by noelle

    vegan savory bread stuffing by noelle

    lindsay's vegan thanksgiving spread

    sad sad for @randyclemensesq! Vegan Butternut Squash Risotto. Roasted the squash, homemade broth. It *WAS* delicious...

    kevin from vegan brew all the way over in philly sent us these appetizing snaps. DAMN:

    the dining room table by kevin

    garlic mashed potatoes from the candle cafe cookbook by kevin

    classic sage & onion stuffing from elizavegan by kevin

    soy and seitan roast from mac & cheese by kevin

    mushroom miso gravy from may all be fed by kevin

    spinach with roasted garlic dressing by kevin

    sauteed swiss chard and zucchini with garlic by kevin

    vegan thanksgiving plate with roast, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and yuba skin by kevin

    lauren's non-traditional vegan thanksgiving

    chris switches it up at thanksgiving! Vegan shrimp by Vegetarian Plus, Vegan cream cheese by Tofutti, Basic shrimp cocktail sauce..

    christina's vegan thanksgiving table

    vegan apple mini-pies by @kristyduh

    vegan shepherd's pie by @byoboobs

    vegan thanksgiving by jenny in connecticut: Roasted brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes, tofurky roast, sweet potato casserole, spinach salad, green beans and stuffing!

    vegan deep dish pumpkin apple crumb pie by sarah

    vegan thanksgiving by amanda: salisbury tempeh, mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, stuffiing, roasted brussels sprouts, cranberry orange relish, dinner roll

    vegan thanksgiving dessert by amanda: pumpkin roll!

    ceci's plate at native foods: buffet with Native Foods Wellington, green bean casserole, butternut squash polenta terrine, mashed potatoes, cranberry stuffing, mushroom gravy, and cornbread

    vegan thanksgiving by gail

    vegan thanksgiving plate by gail

    vegan thanksgiving dessert by gail

    vegan strawberry chai cobbler at the bold native potluck

    bold native on DVD!

    vegan thanksgiving by aj of queerveganrunner.wordpress.com

    vegan thanksgiving by aj

    vegan thanksgiving by aj

    vegan thanksgiving by aj

    vegan thanksgiving by aj

    thanksgiving by alex: Seitan "glazed ham" cooked up with the works. This is going into biscuits with stuffing and cranberry sauce as "thanksgiving sliders"

    by alex: plate 1 . vegan wellington with cran-apple relish, turkey slider with fried mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans with quinoa stuffing, pasta and company. stoked.

    thanksgiving at native foods by jackie: This is the Native Foods Wellington, stuffing, polenta, mashed potatoes and gravy, and green bean casserole. Not on my plate was: green salad, cranberry sauce (i missed it), some kind of apple waldorf salad, chocolate love pie, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake and my Pinot Noir!

    vegan beet bundt cake by @kattykyt

    vegan thanksgiving plate by @kattykyt

    vegan thanksgiving from soundlyvegan.com

    vegan thanksgiving from soundlyvegan.com

    vegan thanksgiving dessert by simone

    vegan thanksgiving at green restaurant in arizona by caleb

    vegan thanksgiving by lindsey: "Thanks to Spork Foods southern thanksgiving class! Mini pumpkin spice bundt cakes with chocolate ganache, cranberry cornbread with lemon butter, maple glazed yams with marshmallow topping, bourbon glazed tempeh with roasted carrots. Cranberry sauce (recipe from Oh She Glows). And my own mashed potatoes and gravy."

    gravy by lindsay: Roasted garlic, olive oil, Chickpea flour, soy sauce, Chenin Blanc, walnuts, parsley and sea salt.

    stuffed heirloom fairytale pumpkin by lindsay

    vegan thanksgiving by whitney from ecovegangal.com

    vegan thanksgiving at madeleine bistro by @awrymag

    vegan thanksgiving at madeleine bistro by @awrymag

    vegan thanksgiving by rachelle in norfolk

    vegan spread from whole foods el segundo by allison

    vegan thankgiving potluck by claudia

    allison's thanksgiving: I'm a native Los Angeles vegan living in Mississippi for a few months. I made spicy sweet potato casserole, stuffing, and sauteed some Field Roast for a bunch of meat eating southerners!

    vegan thanksgiving by i dream of greenie

    vegan thanksgiving by i dream of greenie

    tofurky day by polly at veggywood.com

    vegan thanksgiving at native foods in culver city by galen

    felicia's plate: gardein turkey, vegetables, mashed potatoes and quinoa

    vegan thanksgiving at native foods in culver city by galen

    vegan thanksgiving at native foods in culver city by galen

    tamara's thanksgiving pizza from whole foods: marinated garlic, quiona stuffing and dayia cheese

    tamara's plate: celebration field roast, vegan corn casserole, fri-chik,chick'n & rice casserole, potato salad, deep fried vegan shrimp cajun style, and a roll.

    broccoli casserole by christina: Super delicious broccoli casserole...The traditional recipe has about one and a half cups of mayo and lots of swiss and American cheese (pretty gross!)...I veganized it using Follow your heart vegenaise, cheddar daiya, and earth balance for the bread crumbs. Super yummy (and about half the amount of cheese and mayo as the original!)

    christina's "Hamburger" Stuffing...I veganized it for the first time last year...came out better than the original...using Yves ground round and no-chicken broth. YUM!

    christina's Chocolate Orange Mousse...recipe from Spork Online! No one suspected there was any tofu in it and it's crazy good!!!

    lowfat vegan pumpkin cheesecake by nicole

    jackie g's plate: Tofurky with olive oil and soy sauce baste, baked w/ grilled onions and cloves... Grilled veggies with pepper and garlic and cranberry orange relish.

    annete's plate at native foods: Seriously the best Thanksgiving I’ve had in ages

    cupcakes by jessika: pumpkin chocolate chip & orange cranberry

    Porcini and Pecan Pate and Sourdough Bread Rounds by nichole

    Chickpea tart with Yeast Gravy, Green Bean Casserole, and Cranberry Orange Salad (w/ wine and roasted chestnuts in the background) by nichole

    Cinnamon Chocolate Babka by nichole

    Our rockin' vegan thanksgiving plates with Tofurky, roasted veggies, candied yams, garlic mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and more. by jc

    emily's plate: stuffed pumpkin, collards, field roast, stuffing, apple cider

    vegan thanksgiving by aliza: Chickpea cutlet with Mushroom Gravy, roasted carrots, String beans, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and sweet potato mash

    candace's thanksgiving: Sweet potato buttermilk biscuits with agave earth balance, roasted root veggies, tofurkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, seitan/soy roast, baked sweet potatoes, rutabega, dressing, green bean casserole and plenty of gravy!

    healthy vegan thanksgiving at stuff i eat by kristin and lex

    vegan doomie's thanksgiving by amanda

    sarah's Bodacious bars: bottom layer is vanilla chocolate chip cookie, middle layer is fudge brownie, top layer is crumbled oreos coated in homemade fudge. By far, the most unhealthy thing on my menu but everyone loves them.

    vegan thanksgiving by chris

    Vegan Green Bean Casserole by julie

    The best yams ever, garnished with Dandies marshmallows by julie

    A plate of cruelty-free yumminess! by julie

    vegan thanksgiving by grace

    Acorn Squash and Apple Soup by grace

    Walnut and Date Spinach Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette by grace

    Italian Layered Vegetable Casserole by grace

    Lemony Quinoa with Butternut Squash by grace

    Almond and Orange Cranberry Sauce by grace

    Mini Sweet Potato Pie by grace

    tiffany's field roast and roasted veggies!

    i was especially touched by these awesome pix from cierra in mckinney, TX! this was her first vegan thanksgiving, and it looks like a great one:

    cherry pie by cierra

    OMG green bean casserole with homemade gluten-free onion rings by cierra!!!

    salad by cierra

    potato and bread stuffing by cierra

    vegan pueblo corn pie by cierra

    by megan: The Spread! With my new tablecloth and "fancy plates" I got for my wedding.

    from megan: My plate! Clockwise from top right -- Seitan & Gravy, stuffed mushroom, sweet potato cornbread, sweet potatoes and apples, green bean casserole, broccoli and cauliflower, cranberry sauce, and stuffing in the middle. (No mashed potatoes because they're gross -- not these mashed potatoes in particular -- all mashed potatoes. I hate mashed potatoes.)

    pumpkin cheesecake by megan from blog.fatfreevegan.com!

    apple pie by megan!

    pecan bars by megan

    vegan rosemary mashed potatoes by TofuAndWhiskey

    cookies! by sherri

    vegan cheeseball by sherri

    thanksgiving feast by shelly: stuffing with nuts, pasta primavera, mushroom strudel, maple roasted brussels sprouts, yams, garlic mashed potatoes, fresh mixed greens.

    andi's plate: Here's our homemade vegan dinner that featured Chef Tanya's Native Welly with our stuffed acorn squash, roasted brussels sprouts, mashed yukons, mushroom gravy and cranberry sauce:)

    emma's first vegan thanksgiving!

    thanksgiving table by izzy of izzyizvegan.com

    butternut squash soup by izzy. recipe from the vegan table.

    delightful date truffles by izzy. recipe from the vegan table.

    golden mushroom gravy by izzy

    mashed yukon gold and sweet potatoes by izzy

    brussels sprouts with caramelized onions and toasted pistachios by izzy

    sensational stuffing with nuts by izzy

    Pumpkin Pie with Pecan Topping, Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing, recipe from The Joy Of Vegan Baking

    Lentil Pecan Pate from SporkFoods, Holiday Cranberry Relish from the Vegan Table

    vegan thanksgiving at stuff i eat by greg

    vegan thanksgiving at stuff i eat by greg

    vegan thanksgiving at stuff i eat by greg

    vegan pumpkin crumb cake with pecan streudel by beth

    From the Santa Monica Farmer's Market - Heirloom grape tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. by gregalor

    Fruit tart: Shortbread crust, coconut milk pastry cream, farmer's market strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. by gregalor

    Farmer's market yellow wax beans and chanterelle mushroom by gregalor

    Stuffing with bread grab bag from Whole Foods, green pepper, yellow onion, crimini and chanterelle mushrooms, farmer's market celery, fresh rosemary, thyme and sage, Bell's seasoning, rainbow pepper, pink salt and homemade vegetable stock. by gregalor

    Salad: red lettuce, Japanese mustard greens, spinach, variety of cherry tomatoes, purple carrots, and radishes. Dressings: Tahini Tomato and Shiitake Sesame. by gregalor

    Rutabagas with Earth Balance, brown sugar and rainbow pepper. by gregalor

    Homemade potato rolls with poppy seeds. by gregalor

    Mashed potatoes with roasted garlic, carmelized shallots and rosemary. by gregalor

    Cranberry sauce (just cranberries, water and sugar boiled together). by gregalor

    Rainbow carrots with ginger. by gregalor

    Stuffed Hazelnut Cranberry Roast by Field Roast Grain Meat Co. by gregalor

    Dark chocolate heart shells with homemade peanut butter filling. by gregalor

    Thawed out a few pieces of wedding cake (pumpkin spice with orange glaze and dark chocolate with ganache). by gregalor

    vegan thanksgiving from whole foods by jennifer

    Gardein savory stuffed turk'y by jennifer

    pretzilla pretzel rolls by jennifer

    vegan pumpkin pie, apple pie, tempt ice cream and soyatoo whip by jennifer

    vinh loi turkey with homemade sage and cornbread stuffing from RFD cookbook by alyssa

    vegan thanksgiving pie with alyssa of cavewomanbars.com

    chocolate chestnut pie with mimiccreme topping by alyssa

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  • Oh my god. This really is EPIC! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a collection of vegan thanksgiving photos in one place before. Good job, ms. QG!

  • We JUST wrapped up, will send pics in tomorrow.

  • Glad to see mine up there 😀

  • Does anyone just giver away free vegan desserts?? I’ve been vegan for 8 years now and I cannot bake any sort of vegan dessert if my life depended on it 🙁 I’d kill for that pumpkin swirl rool piece.. everything looks fabulous!!

    Seriously, anyone want to be uber thankful and send me dessert?? 😉

  • Gosh! These photos are getting me hungry all over again… And it’s not even noon! Yummy stuff! 🙂

  • Wish all the people who think we eat salad for Thanksgiving could see this post. 🙂

  • This post makes me want to heat up a plate of vegan Thanksgiving leftovers for breakfast! Yummy!

  • I posted this to my FB and have had comments from people saying with food like this, they would have eaten a vegan Thanksgiving. QG epic vegan thanksgiving FTW!

  • All food looks great. Thank you quarry girl for these post. I wish non vegans can see all these great food and learn that you can enjoy the holidays with out harming any other living beings. I’m blessed and thankful to have almost all vegan family members to enjoy our 17th vegan Thanksgiving all together. I hope every one had a wonderful Holiday.

  • To whoever made the Spork Southern Thanksgiving: Can you please, please, please send me the recipe for the yams and mini-pumpkin bundt cakes??? Please????? The class was full and I couldn’t get in!!!!! Happy Vegan Thanksgiving!!!!!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Those are some glorious and dazzling vegan photos!!

  • Great pictures all around!! Good stuff, thanks for posting these! 😀

  • Salivated all the way through this fantastic buffet of goodness….great shares.

    @Nabil-wow ,super yummy looking pie!

  • This was the best post EVER!! It was totally cool to see everyone’s stuff. I got tons of ideas for next Thanksgiving! Gorgeous….

  • These pictures all look yummy ….. next will be xmas , how about putting all xmas dinner
    pics that we have cooked on here . Just goes to show we dont need to eat dead turkeys to have a tasty feast !

  • no doubt about it – vegans rock the thanksgiving table! love all the photos.

  • Thank you for posting pictures from our Thanksgiving meal!

  • every single photo looks so rad, i’d eat all of them!!!

    even the risotto that was on the pavement, give me a spoon!

  • Everything looks SO delicious! Thanks for posting our pics… glad you liked them!!!! : )

  • Hell yeah! That’s what I call a feast! Vegans are not deprived, I tell you that!

  • Went to Madeleine bistro for brunch! I had the tofu benedict w/ protobello mushrooms, caesar salad and pie. My companions had butternut squash soup and the thanksgiving sandwich. I got a bigger macque to take home and boy was that good!

    Then later, I made stuffed tofurkey, yams and soyrizo-cornbread stuffing.

  • Quarrygirl, you have outdone yourself!


  • Good job posting all of this!! This is really awesome. I am sure this post will be visited for many thanksgiving to come!!

  • holy shit all of that looks amazing! makes me sad that im terrible at cooking. i dont celebrate xmas, but anyone wanna invite me over for xmas dinner?! Hahaha!!

  • I am drooling over here! This is possibly the best post ever.

    I love the glazed ‘ham’! It looks so good. 😀 I wished I had taken pics of my food. Maybe next year you’ll do another post like this? *hopes*

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