• happy thanksgiving!

    November 25th, 2010quarrygirlother

    please don’t eat any turkey today.

    the luckiest turkey on earth

    so what are you guys doing for thanksgiving? lemme know!

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  • Painting the kitchen! Strange, but true!

  • Making a Soy & Seitan Roast from http://macandcheesereview.blogspot.com/2010/02/soy-and-seitan-roast.html (but will wrap in yuba “skin”)

    Making stuffing from http://elizaveganpage.blogspot.com/2010/11/classic-sage-and-onion-stuffing.html

    Making roasted garlic dressing (from candle cafe cookbook) for a spinach salad

    Making sauteed shredded zucchini + swiss chard

    Possibly will make daiya stuffed focaccia

    Eating cupcakes from whole foods.

    And lots of coffee.

  • I’m driving up to Cambria to visit relatives who are having the traditional turkey.

  • Oh and might try kombucha for the 2nd time today.

  • Finishing up the rest of the cooking today. Serving an all vegan feast to my parents and boyfriend. Last year I made all the sides vegan (even mac n cheez) and they didn’t suspect a thing. This year’s menu: Homemade seitan & soy “turkey” roast, mushroom & leek gravy, mashed potatoes, sage cornbread stuffing, sweet roasted yams, garlicky asparagus with mixed mushrooms, carrot zucchini medley and homemade flaky biscuits. Also lemon berry cheezcake & 2 pumpkin pies. woo! I’m tired.

  • Making roasted root veggies and sweet potato “buttermilk” biscuits for the traditional all vegan t-day at the in-laws. Mother-in-law is making a soy/seitan “turkey”, green bean casserole, mashed rutabagas.. and some other stuff I can’t remember. Sister-in-law usually brings the pies.

    Tomorrow is leftover Doomies!!

  • Same thing we do every year – feast at Millennium! And, yes, for that we are VERY thankful. 🙂

  • my MEAT EATING boyfriend and i are having the real food daily vegan thansgiving feast!!! aren’t you proud of my man? i am:):):)

  • Vegan potluck! Wooohoooo!!!

  • making both the roasted seitan with sage mushroom gravy & the pumpkin cheesecake from the Spork foods website!! 🙂

  • I’m making a small Tofurky and sides (vegan stuffing, salad, bread), and taking a brown-bag lunch to my aunt’s house for the big family dinner. I didn’t want to impose on her by cooking at her house; I know from experience nobody will eat my food if I brought enough for everyone; and if I just went and hoped to find a salad somewhere, I’d regret it. So this year: brown bag and a desperate search for an excuse to leave early.

  • Don’t worry. Kombucha’s great! But you can’t approach it like it’s just any ol’ drink. Don’t shake it too much, of course, or the bottle will explode. There are all sorts of flavors and varieties, so experiment.

    It’s a sipping drink, not a gulping drink. It’s made for those times when you’re really taking your time, thinking about life, and every once in a while, boop! A sip!

    And, like direct-contact style coffee, there’s gonna be some sediment at the bottom of the bottle. Just don’t disturb it so it doesn’t float above the bottom, and drink all the way up to it.

  • We trying out the Hazelnut Field Roast covered in puff pastry.

    Stuffing made with homemade stock and a monster of a chanterelle mushroom that I got at the SM Farmer’s market yesterday. And this really small, concentrated, somewhat spicy celery that’s unlike any celery you’ve had.

    Mashed yukon gold potatoes with two bulbs of roasted garlic and plenty of caramelized shallots in it.

    Potato rolls (making for the first time)

    Brussel sprouts roasted in balsamic vinegar.

    Yellow wax beans sauteed with what’s left of the chanterelle.

    A big salad with red lettuce, Japanese mustard greens and spinach, three colors of cherry tomatoes, purple carrots, and whatever else I find.

    Fruit tart with strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries.

    Pumpkin cake with orange glaze, and chocolate cake with cacao nibs on top.

    Pinot Noir and Gurwitztraminer grape juice from Navarro vineyards.

    And leftover Halloween candy, because why not?

  • Oh, and single-serve apple pie blossom things.

  • cat lady realness

    making a an all vegan feast at home (tofurky, brussel sprouts cockaigne, mashed potatoes, candied yams, rollz) which my meat eating mom and brother are coming over to eat!! 🙂

    thanks so much for everything you do here, quarrygirl! you’ve really helped me through my transition from carnivore to veganism this year.

  • I also just remembered we’re making hot apple cider.

    Hee hee!

  • Making the vegan pizza by Tofurky for the first time!

  • you guys are all making me hungry! thanks for the great responses. 🙂

  • I’m trying out that new cranberry-hazelnut Field Roast en croute! It’s in the oven right now with some purple potatoes, garlic, and rosemary.

    Last night I made a pecan pie (this recipe), and it looks awesome…I can’t wait to dive in.

  • Here’s tip: toss a tablespoon of ground cumin into your vat of mashed potatoes.

  • Oh, how could I forget?

    Mashed rutabagas, and sauce of whole cranberries.

    Yeah, you’d think this was for a massive family or something, but it’s really for two people and a cat.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    All these menus sound so elaborate and delicious.

    Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone!!

  • Don’t celebrate the holiday but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for amazing food at so many good places. So a friend and I have reservations at shojin. 5 courses for $35! Bring it on!
    Then off to sleep early. Bastards making me do a 12 hour shift at work tomorow. If I didn’t have to work I’d be getting sloshed tonight. 🙂

  • Important update! (lol)

    The decision has been made to roast the purple carrots with ginger.

  • Going to an awesome vegan potluck! I’m bringing stuffing and a chocolate-pumpkin pie. Happy Thanksgiving, Miss Anthrope and Mr. Meaner!

  • we’re having falafel and mezzes! not even joking. i’m so stoked 🙂

  • please send me pix of your vegan thanksgiving, and i will post them on the blog!

  • Small Tofurkey with the gravy, homemade cranberry sauce, which I used as a baste mixed with some Earth Balance (because I was being lazy & it was just for me … usually I do a more complicated plum baste), corn, rolls, mashed potatoes, sage bread stuffing with vegan sausage, a broccoli dish. Pumpkin pie and chocolate pecan pie for desert.

    I’ll head over to a friend’s later and we’re going to do some work. It’s been a very good Thanksgiving.

    Hope yours is lovely as well!

  • vegan thanksgiving feast with friends. I am bringing the One World vegan turkey and bread pudding, from the recipe by Chloe Coscarelli, posted in NYT. I tried a bite so far and pretty good!

  • went to shojin
    have a food baby now

  • You’re totally cracking me up. Plus, I’m trying to figure out how to angle for an invite to the next holiday dinner you have.

  • I cooked and baked all day, it was awesome. I am still stuffed and we finished dinner a good 5 hours ago… My family is omni so there was a turkey but other than that and the mashed potatoes everything was vegan. I made green bean casserole, stuffing, corn spoon bread, mashed pumpkin, gravy, sweet potato cheddar bay pull-apart bread, sweet potato rolls, apple crisp, sugar cookies, pumpkin oat bites, cranberry sauce, and candied nuts.

    My photos and recipes can be found here: http://extraordinarymoments.wordpress.com/

  • Morrissey’s message on Thanksgiving (or “Thankskilling”)


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