• we’ve got a new theme!

    November 13th, 2010quarrygirlnews, other

    VEGAN PIZZA! just because

    Let us know what you think!


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  • eww…switch back please. me no likey

  • Oh cool you can reply to comments!

  • I think I like it… going to take some getting used to, though.

  • oooh! I can reply to myself!!

  • I like the theme… I think!!

  • Yeah, kinda in yerface, but nice.

  • Love the blog, but I really don’t like the new layout – sorry! The black and red highlighting reminds me of the errors I get when I’m missing a font in a design program. But overall, the new theme looks more amateurish to me than the old one.

    Do you have any designer pals/fans who could help you with a new layout? (I know I said I use design programs, but I just edit copy in layout – pros take care of the actual design work, otherwise I’d offer.)

  • I like the old one!

    the old layout was much more unique–this looks a little too generic, and your blog is too special for that!

  • LOVE your blog, but the new theme is TOO PINK!! I will continue to read, regardless… 😛

  • Don’t like the colors at all…..kinda making me nauseous.

  • The comments are predictable and hilarious. Most people hate redesigns at first. I think it’s a really fun change, and in a few weeks no one will even remember the design of the old site.

    I like it!!!

  • :/ it was great the way it was! this looks kinda cheap…

  • Yikes Quarrygirl, those colors are horrendous. Perhaps you can keep the layout but just change the colors? The colors are little too bright. Perhaps just the color change would improve the overall look.

    By the way our awesome vegan community, please contact Quarrygirl if you are a web developer/designer. I know you guys are out there and god knows she has provided so much help for us so we should also offer her a hand too. 🙂

  • I think the old one looked better, this new one is very “clashy”. Also, there is a downside to threaded comment replies: when I revisit a post, I have to re-read *all* the comments to look for new ones instead of just scrolling down to where I left off.

    Just my two cents.

  • I like it, I just don’t like the heavy black lines above and below your signature image…
    also, maybe remove the quarrygirl.com from the image and just go with it on the top. both spots so close together seems a tad redundant.
    just a few thoughts, but overall, seems like a fresh new change!

  • I love the blog but hate the new look. And I don’t always hate new things!

  • Sorry, but I hate it. The pink is way too bright–it burns my eyes!
    And it just looks cheap and amateurish. Your old layout looked more professional. I still love your site but ughhh please go back!

  • Hey, I work on WordPress themes, plugins, and code a lot so there are a couple things I noticed.

    Normally, with nested comments the comment form is supposed to jump up to where you click the “Reply” button. This theme is missing one line in the head section that supplies the right JavaScript.

    There are a few different widgets that you can use for featured posts that might work easier and prevent creating broken links.

    I liked the old design because it was playful, colorful, not too busy, and on the feminine side. This theme hits most of those points but the contrasting colors are pretty distracting, especially the hot pink. If anything I would tone down the colors so the contrast isn’t so sharp and jarring.

    Anyway, it’s easy to criticize someone’s design but it’s a lot of work to actually create a good design. And good design is very subjective! Let me know if you need any help fixing or changing your theme/code.

  • I like that you are playful and open to change. I may be a bit closed and not as open to change. If you get where I might be going then you can guess….. I really find this new theme less pleasing. That said, I will visit you daily (sometimes more).

  • I miss the old layout

  • I think it looks radical!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Looks cool!!

    (I love every shade of rose/pink kind of colors though, so I am biased.)

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    By the way, I am such an idiot, I thought all the comments were gone! I was like “Noooooo! Where did they go?”

    I didn’t realize you had to click the fuschia header on each blog entry to access the comment section. I’m glad they’re all still here!!

  • Hey, I’m into change. I just think change should be for the better. I can adjust to this one or the old one. however, this layout i would define as dirty trailer park trash look and the old one is on a classy Santa Barbara vibe.

  • I think it’s much better than the old peach-coloured theme. Don’t listen to the jerks trying to drag it down. Some people have productive criticisms, but most of the negative comments are just from assholes. Keep the new theme. It’s great!

  • I like a change but this one honestly hurts my eyes. Obviously, it’s your (great) blog and you should style it according to your tastes (aka fuck whether the majority likes it or not), but the pink is kind of painful to read.

  • sorry, but I really don’t like the new colors… at all. Too many bright colors are hard on the eyes, and unprofessional. I liked it fine before…

  • Jake’s on us??? I agree that the colors may be too in your face for how hip I consider this blog and the right column links outlined in black keeps making me think that I high-lighted them by accident. lol if that was your goal then you win! Also, the pink scissors and pink title text background need to go. Can I suggest a little tuning up? For example, on your home page as you scroll down through the posts; the text, lines, pictures, etc don’t all have the same “stop” or “wrap” point on the right margin. Turning off work mode now, I need it for the week…initiating foodie mode….mmmmm pizza.

  • I still heart you and your blog though

  • @ Gina

    Just CHILLAX, are you really a vegan because your language is extremely violent which is associated with meat eaters. People are just giving their opinion of the layout of a vegan blog. It is sooooo not that serious to call them ” Assholes or Jerks.” (Q to the G ) asked for their opinion. So articulate your positive perspective and shut the fuck up. An opinion is just like an asshole, every one has one.

  • thanks for the feedback, everyone! the old theme was super buggy and we had to get rid of it.

    we will continue to tweak this new theme, and try to tone down the colors etc.

    for those of you who don’t like the change, i’m sorry! i hope you keep reading. 🙂

  • yep. I agree. it sucks. go back before it becomes permanent.

  • I love this blog no matter what you do! I might be a bit bright, but I could probably get used to it. I agree with what Gregalor has to say: “Also, there is a downside to threaded comment replies: when I revisit a post, I have to re-read *all* the comments to look for new ones instead of just scrolling down to where I left off.”
    But I do love that now when I click on one of the older categories to the right it displays the full content of those posts related to that tag and not just the title of each post (if that even makes sense).

  • Hate. Sorry!

  • But at least I still have a monocle, so thanks for that!

  • I like how you’ve toned it down. I’m starting to get use to it. I’m not the best at change but I’ll deal with whatever as long as you don’t go invisible!!

  • Aw man! I really liked the way it looked before, sorry to hear it was buggy! This one is kinda harsh on the eyes. I’m not digging how there is so much going on.

    But anyway still love the blog! Thanks for being awesome and allowing people to eat amazing stuff vicariously, through your site 🙂

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