• heads up! compassionate cuisine event in long beach!

    September 25th, 2010quarrygirlvegan events

    just a heads up, readers, that an event of epic vegan proportions is taking place this week…and we wish we could attend!

    it’s the 5th annual compassionate cuisine event in long beach to benefit animal acres! not only is it for a good cause, but all kinds of crazy delicious food vendors are gonna be there including seabirds truck, follow your heart, c’est la v bakeshop and more. be sure to check this out if you can. for more info and tickets, hit up the compassionate cuisine website.


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  • $35/45 seems kinda steep…..

  • गौरी राधा

    Good cause, I wish I wasn’t so broke 🙁

  • I will attend because i’m not financially strapped, However i have to agree with Screwdriver $35 sounds unrealistic. One must consider the entire vegan community, so who ever set this price should have used some common sense.

  • Thanks for posting! 😀

    I’m a volunteer/coordinator for the event and will pass along your concerns to the chairperson. But please do keep in mind that this is a fundraiser, and the cost is relatively low compared to other organization fundraiser dinners that are typically $75-$100.

    It’s a very fun event, and a unique opportunity to be at the Japanese Garden at night 🙂

  • I too am a volunteer and prior to volunteering I attended this event often. Although it does seem steep think of all the places you get to try without buying a lunch/dinner AND you don’t have to drive everywhere to find vegan food. Plus it really is a great event – it’s a lot of fun and you get to meet some really cool speakers and taste YUMMY food. Hope to see you all there!!!

    Lisa, although we are all strapped for cash – it’s like visiting 20 different restaurants in one night -think of all the cash you”re saving not driving around. From this event we got to try cobblermania and now buy their pies for all our holiday events. We would’ve never driven all the way to LA for our pies (we’re in LB) but now we do because we know the quality is great.

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