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  • What’s the flavor?

  • Uhh.. Flavor, please?

  • Call me crazy, but I’m guessing that since the cupcake is called a “cinniminnie,” it’s probably cinnamon flavor.

  • Thanks for the update!!

    It’s a lazy weekend afternoon. A vegan cupcake would be so lovely right now!! 😀

  • Have you tried Lark’s (in Silver Lake) vegan cupcakes?

  • The cupcake may be vegan, but the American Cancer Society spends millions every year on horrific animal research. I’d rather buy my vegan cupcakes elsewhere and donate my money to a cancer organization that does not torture animals. Clara’s Cakes…..yummmoooo!!!

  • i happened upon the truck the other week and got the red velvet (their only vegan offering) cupcake. it tasted ok but it was way too small for the 2 dollar price tag. i doubt i’ll ever search out this truck.

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