• deep dish pizza at masa: still tops.

    August 31st, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, masa of echo park

    guys, i cannot get enough of the vegan deep dish pizza at masa of echo park.

    vegan chicago deep dish pizza with teese, spinach, and mushrooms.

    since they first started serving up vegan chicago-style deep dish with the new teese a couple months ago, i’ve been addicted. and it seems like the pizza just keeps getting better and better. i went recently with a friend and we got a build-your-own large with spinach and mushrooms that was to die for. i couldn’t believe how big it was—enough to feed 4 people probably—but that’s the way to go at masa, because then you have tons of leftovers.

    i’ve never had a “real,” dairy-filled chicago deep dish, but people i know who have swear that masa’s vegan version tastes authentic…and better than all the others. the delicate crispy cornmeal crust is topped with a layer of stretchy teese and thick sauce filled with garlic and whole tomatoes. you have to eat it with a fork and knife, like a piece of pie, and one or two slices is enough to fill you up.

    one fun tip, since the pizza takes 50 minutes to bake (it’s worth the wait!), is to start your evening off across the street at el prado. the small bar always has good stuff on tap, and it opens daily at 6pm. so you can pop in, have a few beers, order your deep dish over the phone, then arrive at masa to eat shortly before it comes out of the oven. good times!

    beer at el prado

    if you haven’t been to masa yet for a vegan deep dish, stop messing around, and get over there! honestly, it’s by far the best vegan pizza in LA, and one the most special vegan dishes i’ve ever eaten. there’s no excuse not to try it!

    masa of echo park
    1800 West Sunset Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90026
    (213) 989-1558

    oh and here is the el prado info, should you take my advice!

    el prado
    1805 West Sunset Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90026-3226
    (213) 484-6079

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  • That looks so good, I don’t think I’ve tried vegan deep-dish pizza yet.

  • i can promise that this is the best pizza you will ever eat as a vegan. nothing even comes close.

  • i’ve had the deep dish pizza twice in the last two weeks and it is AMAZZZZZZZZZING!

    and i fucking love el prado!!

  • I went last Friday with my heart set on it and they were out of Teese ๐Ÿ™ talk about heartbreak! Luckily, the Desert Rose satisfied that pizza craving. BBQ gardein chicken, mmmmmm.

  • Why are there marshmallows on top? Were you dining with Ninja Turtles?

  • @rr i think i took the last of the teese on thursday. sowwy ๐Ÿ™

  • Great Gregs think alike. I thought it looked like Chicago Soydairy Marshmallows, too. Which doesn’t sound like the worst idea.

  • Can someone please ship one of these to me? I live in Texas. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • “I thought it looked like Chicago Soydairy Marshmallows, too. Which doesnโ€™t sound like the worst idea.”

    Oh, yea, what are those little white fluffy things? I’ve never heard of a marshmallows pizza!! Haha. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • glad they are finally doing this. about a year ago i inquired about their vegan cheese option and the server told me it wasn’t so good and i should just order regular cheeses. sadface. glad they are on board with a vegan point of view. OH and el prado is yummy.

  • i forgot to say…the cheesiness in the photos immediately reminded me of mini marshmallows … not sure if that is good or bad. from a aesthetic foodie point of view…it is worth noting. cheerio.

  • I’m guessing those would be chopped up mushrooms. Not marshmallows. Though marshmallow pizza WOULD rule.

  • i actually think they were little chunks of teese! yeah dude, let’s make a marshmallow pizza with teese AND dandies!

  • my boyfriend and i went to masa to try this vegan deep dish on sunday, and my high hopes were squandered. this was my first time trying teese and it just doesn’t agree with my tastebuds! not only is the cheese bland, requiring a generous scattering of salt across each pizza slice, but as the pizza cooled, the cheese became chewy instead of gooey. we ordered our pizza with sundried tomatoes, garlic, and spinach. although the ingredients were fresh and delicious, i believe the addition of the sundried tomatoes to the already overpowering tomato sauce (due to the bland teese) was a mistake. aside from the disappointing cheese option, the crust was delicious and reminiscent of authentic chicago deep dish, which i eat on a yearly basis, at least. i would go back for some deep dish at masa and simply leave out the teese.

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