• it’s baaaaaaaack.

    August 4th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, veggie grill

    good news, everyone! the chickin’ caesar wrap that was recently removed from veggie grill’s menu IS BACK starting today!

    this wrap is amazing, and there was an outcry when veggie grill stopped selling it. i am so glad they have come to their senses and decided to offer it again. please go eat this thing ASAP, i really don’t want to see it go away again!!

    thanks veggie grill, for bring back the chickin’ casesar wrap! we love you. is it too much to ask to bring the caesar salad back as well? ๐Ÿ˜‰


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  • IMO their caesar pales in comparison to both Pure Luck and Real Food Daily. I prefer RFD’s caesar wrap (aside from the price). I’m surprised you were so into the one at VG, but I’m glad it’s back for you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • That looks amazing, I’m always so jealous of the awesome food you post about!

  • i enjoyed the caesar wrap when i was in the mood for something ‘lighter’

  • That looks great!

  • if the wrap is back, doesn’t it mean that the salad is back as well? i mean.. it’s basically the salad inside the wrap.. nonetheless. i am going to be eating this today. i was so lost at veggie grill without.

  • I had it once, it was filling, as far as salads go.

  • Woooo hooooo!!!! This and the nachos are really the only things I order. When I eat this for lunch I’m always so full I don’t get hungry for dinner. So if this is one of the lighter items….

  • I go to the West Hollywood Veggie Grill often (the boyfriend now works there part time, but we went quite a bit before he started working there) and had the chickinโ€™ caesar wrap for the first time on Saturday. At first I thought it looked a little on the small side – I’m so used to the huge sandwiches – but with the sweetheart fries it was perfect. Plus it’s not too spicy, which is sometimes what I’m in the mood for (all the food is good, but occasionally the spice can be a little overwhelming for me).

  • I’m glad to hear about this. I liked to get the caesar wrap with tempeh instead of chicken. Great flavors! I tried the Thai chicken salad that they replaced the caesar with and I didn’t like it at all ๐Ÿ™ I’m not a huge fan of vegan meats in the first place, but I wasn’t too impressed with the dressing either. One of the servers came by and asked me how everything was, and I said, “Honestly, I’ve never had this chicken here before and I don’t really like it… too chewy…” So she brought me a side of tempeh instead! Excellent customer service, in any case ๐Ÿ™‚ I do love VG!

  • Great, I’m glad it’s back on the menu but they kinda never really took it away. I went there a while ago and didn’t see it on the menu so I asked about it and they said they still had all of the ingredients but it just wasn’t officially on their menu. So, the very kind employee offered to make the Caesar Wrap for me…I believe he rang it up as Bayou Chickin’ minus this and add that.

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