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    August 1st, 2010quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), seattle

    there’s no place quite like cyber dogs. the small and quirky seattle internet cafe has been around since 2002, and sells an entirely vegetarian menu of hot dogs—all of which can be made vegan! we stopped by recently and were huge fans of the funky atmosphere and delicious food.

    Vegan Mama Tatianaon: Tomatoes, artichoke hearts, fresh basil & garlic with Vegan Cheese… Baked to perfection! $7.80

    we split the vegan version of the “mama tatianaon” (the original comes with parmasean cheese), which was an italian sausage smothered in sauce, tomatoes, green onions, artichoke hearts, fresh basil, garlic, and vegan cheese. the picture isn’t much to look at, but i can promise you this thing was freaking amazing. cyber dog’s homemade vegan cheese is incredible, and the whole thing was just oozing with awesome flavor. it was pretty messy, as you can see, so we had to eat it with a knife and fork. good times!

    inside, cyber dogs is pretty crazy. there are a few small tables, and even a pacman game that has been converted into a table! this is definitely the coolest place to sit…

    there are movie posters and pictures of celebrities everywhere, and when we were there they were even playing dazed and confused on the television. haha, the perfect 90s movie to watch in an internet cafe.

    cyber dogs is definitely worth checking out if you are in seattle. i know i’ll be back!

    cyber dogs
    909 Pike St.
    Seattle , WA.
    (on the corner of 9th and Pike).
    11am – Midnight Every Day
    (206) 405 – DOGS.

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  • what a cool looking place. I’ll check it out.

  • That Pac-Man wasn’t “converted” into a table. It’s a cocktail cabinet. Lots of games could be gotten like that originally. Just a minor nitpick. 😛

  • That looks so fun and colorful!!

  • I went here a couple of years ago, and I thought my food was the grossest thing I’d eaten in some time. My expectations were low – it was late at night, we couldn’t find anything else, and we were starving. Yet, my food was disgusting.

    Maybe they’ve changed.

  • That Pac Man game looks awesome! I would tear up that tatianaon too.

  • On the other hand, we were pleasantly surprised by Georgetown Liquor Company: http://georgetownliquorcompany.com/menu.html

    It’s hard as hell to find, but we weren’t expecting much – again, it was late at night, we were starving, it was the only vegan-option place open. And it was super good.

  • Gregalor beat me to it… many cocktail arcade games exist from the 80’s. I have a Pac-Man and Millipede cocktail at home. 🙂 …however – that Pac-Man cocktail HAS been converted to a Ms. Pac-Man! 🙂

  • I’d love to have a cocktail cabinet at home, but… SO expensive. Four figures, no joke.

  • @both Gregs: i am confused! there were no cocktails!

  • Looks like the Gregs fell for your naïveté.

    Did you see that they have a Kubrick poster? Those Japanese toy figures are everywhere now. And even a poster for Cherry Garcia. Who knew there was a band named after the ice cream?

    I’m not sure who would want to cyber with dogs though. That sounds unsanitary.

  • @Quarrygirl – “Table arcade games” are called “Cocktails” …they used to put them in bars, and people would put their drinks on them

    @Gregalor – Where the crap are you shopping for games? My Pac-Man cocktail was $75! I got it an an arcade auction…those are great for cheap classics …or, check Craigslist every so often…you shouldn’t have to pay more than $300 or $400 for one.

  • @QG – Yeah, that’s if you buy a new one…no one buys new ones 😉 …even if you did, you can find them for less than $2500.

    You can find a solid, nicely working Pac cocktail from the 80’s for $500 or less…like I said, mine was $75.

    There are also a lot of new/refurbished cocktails w/ multi-boards. These games have up to 60 classic games in one machine! You can find these for about $800-1000

  • Man that Vegan Mama Tatianaon looks like you don’t even have to chew it, just cut off bite sized pieces and smoosh around in your mouth and swallow it. Meals like that shouldn’t be measured in calories but seconds…as in how many seconds it would take you to finish it.

    I look forward, for so many reasons to my next trip to Seattle.

    Marty’s Flying Vegetarian Review

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