• vegan frozen tofurky pizzas have landed in los angeles!

    July 21st, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, locali

    YES! THEY ARE HERE! i blogged about these babies last month and told you they would be available at ralphs soon. well we waited and waited through delay after delay, and the vegan frozen pizzas never hit the grocery store shelves. but today we can finally say, “ralphs?! fuck that shit! these pizzas are AVAILABLE AT LOCALI!”

    locali may be a bit overpriced and not entirely vegan, but they always get the cool vegan products before anyone else. they were the first in LA to carry amy’s vegan mac and cheese, and now they have the brand new tofurky pizzas with daiya cheese! GO GET SOME NOW. they are really good. read my old review if you wanna know more of my thoughts on these pizzas.

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  • overpriced? I’ll say.

  • good tip, Q, thanks!!

  • YES! Never been to Locali though… 🙁
    I want one now! I need to go now, but I have no ride. Guess it is time for another hot air balloon ride.

  • Great!!

  • So, what ever happened to the Ralphs situation? I keep popping in occasionally and they never got them. On the bright side, they had a ton of various frozen Gardein products on sale – 2/$7 🙂

    …and wtf doesn’t Whole Foods have them!?

  • glad you posted this, i’ve been looking around for these!

  • This looks like the vegan pepperoni from the whole foods pizza, and if it is the same then definitely it is hands down the best vegan pepperoni and probably best meat-like topping available.

    Can’t wait to try this pizza, I just hope it is somewhat affordable.

  • rock on for Locali, they are too cool!

  • Why doesnt Whole Foods carry these yet? It doesnt make sense that i hear about a whole bunch of other Whole Foods having them but no Southern California locations. SO wack

  • Maybe WF will start to stock them eventually, the WF near me has been steadily increasing its vegan offerings every few months. (And I hope that continues, it’s so convenient!)

  • woo! I got the last one!

  • Very cool, Locali!

    Now, Ralphs’, get on the ball you tossers. Or at least, yanno, Henry’s or something.

  • Fuck buying Tofurkey products at Ralph’s anyway. They charge $3.99 for a pack of deli fucking slices.

    And Locali has to charge extra for groceries so they can sell me 9 pound retardedly-good vegan Reubens for $10. Don’t fuck with the system.

  • I went to Locali after work and bought the pepperoni. $10 is steep, but I will go get another to keep in the freezer for a lazy day!

    Who determined that it was 3 servings, I just ate half of the pizza and I’m going for another slice!

  • I am up near Seattle right now, and just bought one of these at Marlene’s Market & Deli in Federal Way. To be honest, when I opened the box, I was like, “Where’s all the cheese?!” It looked very sparse! But I threw it in the oven, because I’d paid $9 for it and wanted to give it a fair chance. When it was done cookin’, I took it out of the oven and thought… “this is gonna suck and I may go get my money back”… but then I took a bite and it was good! I mean, relative to other frozen pizzas like it. Great flavor, all around (sause, meat, cheese)… and, yes, in the final analysis, there was enough cheese, the perfect amount, I think. My omnivore father even thought it was pretty good and, while he’s always been fairly open-minded about my vegan offerings, I really didn’t expect him to go for this one. So I was very pleasantly surprised. Btw, we had the pepperoni, so I’d be willing to try the other ones at some point.

  • They have some of these bad boys at the Whole Foods on 3rd and Fairfax!

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